What is the Best Way to get Rid of Stretch Marks?

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Stretch marks, or striae, are deep scars that appear as stripes on the skin. There is no known non-surgical treatment to completely remove them, though there are many products and treatments available that can help lighten marks and improve the overall look of the skin. The best way to minimize the appearance of stretch marks is to keep the skin exfoliated and moisturized. Skin peels or laser treatments may be used to resurface the skin, which can make them less noticeable for some people.

Prevention and Fading

Although there is little that can be done to prevent stretch marks in some cases, such as those that develop due to an illness or genetic factors, avoiding rapid weight gain whenever possible can stop them from developing. A healthy diet and regular exercise can usually stop a person from becoming obese or gaining a lot of weight. Building muscle mass more slowly can help prevent bodybuilders from getting striae. During a period of weight gain, moisturizer should be applied to keep the skin soft and hydrated so that it stays at its most elastic.

Stretch marks typically start out as red streaks, but usually fade to pink or white over time. Although it is unlikely that they will ever go away without surgery, for most people they become much less noticeable after a few months to a year. The texture of the scar usually remains, however.


Depending on the severity and location of the scar tissue, removing the layers of dead skin can help minimize their appearance. Manual exfoliation of the affected areas may be helpful, particularly with newer stretch marks. Homemade exfoliation treatments using ingredients, such as oatmeal亚洲aV 日韩AV 欧美在a线观看V|日韩亚洲欧美Av精品 or baking soda, or commercially prepared products may be effective for gentle exfoliation of the skin.


亚洲aV 日韩AV 欧美在a线观看V|日韩亚洲欧美Av精品If exfoliating the skin by hand does not improve the appearance of striae, a more intensive treatment called microdermabrasion may help. This treatment involves using a device that shoots tiny, rough particles at the skin to remove the top layers. As new skin grows, the appearance of scars may be improved. Some studies suggest that, if repeated regularly, microderabrasion may allow the body to repair scars — such as stretch marks — that are deeper in the skin. This is not a good option for everyone, however, especially those with sensitive skin.

Creams and Lotions

Many different creams and lotions claim to improve the texture of the skin and make scarring less noticeable. Some will provide limited results, but most preparations are effective only on newer scars, if at all. Topical treatments, including those that contain vitamin E and vitamin C, may help to moisturize and promote healthy skin, but are unlikely to completely remove the marks. Studies on pregnant women using creams that contained a combination of ingredients — including Gotu Kola, vitamin E, panthenol, elastin亚洲aV 日韩AV 欧美在a线观看V|日韩亚洲欧美Av精品, hyaluronic acid, and menthol — did show results in reducing the occurrence and severity of stretch marks. Despite its popularity as a treatment, many studies show that creams containing cocoa butter have little effect other than moisturizing the skin.

There are prescriptions creams available from a dermatologist or other medical professional that can improve the appearance of stretch marks. Prescription strength glycolic acid and tretinoin cream, which contains the acid form of vitamin A, can increase the production of collagen亚洲aV 日韩AV 欧美在a线观看V|日韩亚洲欧美Av精品, which is what makes the skin flexible. These creams can damage the skin if not used correctly, however, and tretinoin should not be used by pregnant women because it can cause birth defects.

Chemical Peels

亚洲aV 日韩AV 欧美在a线观看V|日韩亚洲欧美Av精品A chemical peel uses acid to remove the top layers of skin. In most cases, a surface peel using alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid may even out the skin tone, but is unlikely to do much to get rid of stretch marks. A peel using phenol, also called carbolic or phenic acid, may be more effective, as it penetrates very deep into the skin. Phenol peels can be painful, however, although an anesthetic is usually used. In addition, this type of peel may cause scarring or infection, and should only be performed by a qualified medical professional.

Laser Resurfacing

Several types of laser treatments have shown some success with getting rid of stretch marks or at least improving their appearance, although these methods are often quite expensive. Pulsed dye laser therapy penetrates the top layer of the skin to stimulate the growth of new tissue directly in the dermis亚洲aV 日韩AV 欧美在a线观看V|日韩亚洲欧美Av精品 layer, where the marks are found. This method may cause bruising and change the color of the skin, and may need to be repeated for best results.

Fractional laser resurfacing, also called fractional photothermolysis, works by causing microscopically small wounds in the skin, prompting the body to make new collagen. Studies have found that this method is effective in reducing the appearance and texture of stretch marks in the majority of patients. Side effects include some redness and swelling, and it usually takes several months for improvements to be seen.


The only guaranteed option to completely remove stretch marks is through surgery, although this is not always practical, depending on where the marks are. Those on the lower stomach can be removed with a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, in which a portion of the skin on the abdomen is cut away. If the person has striae from gaining weight quickly and has since lost weight, stretch marks may be removed along with loose skin with body-contouring surgery. Surgery is often the most expensive of treatments, and will require a fairly extensive recovery time. Before resorting to cosmetic surgery, patients should discuss all appropriate treatments with a dermatologist.

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Discussion Comments

Post 702

I'm 15 and have had them on my boobs since i was like, 12. I've tried Bio oil, and it works to an extent but not completely, but you just have to realize that no one notices them, or cares, as much as you.

Also, i found mine tanned with the rest of my chest recently and it helped the appearance.

Post 700

I'm a volleyball player and I just got stretch marks on my inner thighs so I am extremely embarrassed to wear spandex to play, help?

Post 699

I am 16 years old. and just recently started getting stretch marks on my butt and upper thigh. I can't wear a bathing suit or shorts because of this. All my life I have been underweight.

I have been gaining weight slowly for the past five years and in the past few months gained over 20 lbs. I am now 96 lbs and 5'3". Do you think that the weight gain could be the reason for the stretch marks? Any suggestions?

Post 698

I have stretch marks on my hips, inner thighs and they go al the way down to past my knees.

I can't go swimming and I'm so embarrassed!

Nothing works! I need help -- please give me tips.

And I'm not overweight but i heard that it can be genetics and my mom has stretch marks too! But how can i get rid of them! I'm so upset! I need help!

Post 697

I am 27 years old, 5'4 and weigh 110. I have never been above 124 pounds even as a college athlete.

I was a competitive swimmer in college and had stretch marks all over my hips and butt since the age of 12. I noticed stretch marks appear on my lower back and thighs due to weight lifting. I am a vegetarian, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

I am trying to figure out why some women don't have any, and some have them all over their body. My twin brother has them all over his back and on his arms from lifting weight and his growth spurt.

I am more concerned with my

health than the stretch marks. I am wondering if I am deficient in some vital nutrients. I will admit, that sometimes I get sad that I can't wear dresses, because the stretchmarks are now all over my calf. And I have skinny calves. Whatever the reason, I am trying to accept my fate.

I am thinking of getting a tattoo over some saying, "The body is temporary" or "I am the soul." So that every time I look at them, I remember, my true nature is the soul.

My stretch marks are not going anywhere. And I am not going to let them control my life. The only thing I can do is begin to accept them. We are not this physical body, we are the soul. The physical body is merely a vehicle for your spiritual evolution.

I know it may be hard for many of you, who can't wear shorts and show off your legs. But, use these scars, as marks from God, to get on the spiritual path.

Your happiness is based on your reality. Change your reality by changing your thoughts. It's as simple as that.

Some tips:

Stay hydrated with plenty of water to ensure your skin stays supple. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Beauty starts from the inside out. Take vitamin C and E for skin health.

God bless you all. May you all find your path to inner health and strength. May you all find happiness.

Post 696

i am only 13 years old and most of my friends have stretch marks but they are not as noticeable as mine. they have theirs on their legs and places where you can hardly see them. i have them on my arms and hips and it is so embarrassing. i can't wear short sleeve shirts or anything.

Post 695

I have stretch marks all around my hips, thighs, boobs, and arms. The only ones that really bother me are the ones on my arms. My thighs and boobs mostly happened when I was twelve so they are a lot better now. My arms are very recent and I am so self conscious of my arms. I have tried palmers and it doesn't work.

Post 694

OK. so i am 14 years old and i lost about 10 pounds quickly last year and i have had stretch marks ever since. i hate them. i am a competitive swimmer and i am embarrassed to wear a swimsuit. i am not as thin as i could be but i am more muscular than fat. i do weigh 179 pounds but i do not look that heavy. i have the marks on my hips, inner thighs and breasts. if you could help me that would be great.

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The wiseGEEK Team

Post 693

i got stretch marks on my legs and spots on my face from pimples. how do i get rid of them?

Post 692

Shawna: What did you use to get rid of your white/silver stretch marks? Also, how does the vapor rub work? Can someone explain it to me?

And how does it work?

Post 691

I am 13 and weigh around 135 pounds and i am 5'3ish. i have stretch marks on my breasts, inner thighs, backs of my knees and hips.

I got them when i started puberty (i was about 10) and you can't get rid of stretch marks completely, but vicks vapour rub makes them much less noticeable.

Since i got my stretch marks i have grown to love them as part of my body because all body shapes sizes and colors with all different types of marks are beautiful!

Post 690

try vicks salve.

Post 689

Please i need tips and a way to remove my stretch marks! i am 16 and have had minor stretch marks since the age of 14 on my breasts and inner thighs, i haven't lost or gained weight, i am an average of 110 pounds and don't know how these stretch marks are appearing. Since the age of 14 these marks have been getting worse.

I am currently using a stretch mark control cream during the day and an oil like substance at night. This has shown minor results but it's still pretty bad. my breast area is worse then my thighs, and I'm really getting frustrated. i can't wear a bikini because my stretch marks will show.

I love to swim but haven't gone in two years. I avoid it and i get emotional just thinking about it. I hate it! Please help. Thank you.

Post 688

O.K., so what I've found with a lot of people is the vita-k option. I am 19 years old. I am 5'0 and 98 pounds, but when I hit puberty i grew a little on my hips and thighs. This caused really gross stretch marks that eventually faded to white slavery scars.

I was still not OK with this, because I am a perfectionist and I feel that most people who are saying the Vita-K worked for them, are people who maybe got pregnant and considers "faded" to be fixed.

Me? No. I want the silver white stretch marks gone, so i went and tried vita-k and the hairbrush technique, grape oil seed extract, basically everything you can think

of. Nothing worked and I pretty much gave up hope and just said screw it and decided to live with it. I came across a website by chance a few months ago and decided to give it one last chance without much thought because it sounded like crap, but I have actually had success with it and am extremely surprised.

It almost feels like I've grown new skin that is more taut and healthy and the old skin with the scar tissue has shed itself, if that's more easy to understand?

I don't know, but it helped. Just to give you guys a heads up if you want to check it out. --Shawna

Post 687

I am 13 years old and i have had my stretch marks for four years. they are on the back of my legs,on my butt, the lower back, and they are getting really bad.

My mother told me to us the cocoa butter formula and it is not working at all and i can't go swimming with my boy friend in a bathing suits. And when my friends are wearing short shorts, i feel like crying.

I am a runner so when my friends and I go jogging, i have to wear pants and i am the only girl in my family that has stretch marks on her boobs so i need help like really bad.

Post 686

Response to 685: If you read my post under yours you will find excellent advice on how to treat stretch marks. I was exactly like you the only difference is that I am nine years older and went through all of that. I have stretch marks in all the exact places as yours and mine are in my opinion bad. There are many tricks that you can use to try to be more comfortable.


1. Wear a bikini that covers your stretch marks- like me I wear a bikini that are with little shorts –they do a good amount of covering a good majority of my stretch marks. You can also buy a halter top bikini to go with

the shorts. It will look cute and won’t be as self-conscious.

2. I recently bought Coppertone sunless tan –I already see results –they minimize on how my stretch marks look-sense mine are white and mature it makes them less obvious.

3. You can buy waterproof makeup at Dillard’s that is specifically for stretch marks. You can use the makeup on back of your legs to minimize the stretch marks. (it is a bit expensive though). It is so worth it though. You should put the make up one leg and compare you will be shocked at what a little makeup can do.

I live in Florida and I go to Disney world often. It's hard not wondering what others are thinking. It wasn't until I saw many young girls with stretch marks on back of their legs – I was in shock I wasn't alone. Many of them were wearing short shorts and it didn't seem to bother them one bit. All I can tell you is advice to make you feel more comfortable.

These tips are excellent and can help you have more confidence and feel more comfortable around others. Let me know how it works out. --Elleoxox

Post 685

i am 15 years old and i have really bad stretch marks on my thigh, lower back, my butt and at the back of my legs. I seriously can't bother with them..they are a living nightmare.

i am afraid to wear shorts, short skirts, and bathing suits in the summer. i try to be comfortable with them but i can't. They can't hide and i want to feel comfortable with my body.

I want to be able to wear my bathing suits and not worry about what people are going to say about me.

I am asking please that you recommend something for it because i seriously can't take it any longer.

Post 684


1. Take a multi-vitamin and take vitamin E.

Vitamin E-Helps with elasticity-that's a must –take them please.

2. Drink plenty of water. An average person should drink 64oz a day. Since many of you are going through puberty, drink plenty of water. It will help your skin stay hydrated.

3. Really watch your weight, please. Stay within your BMI. Trust me -- it will prevent weight gain-related stretch marks.

I know many will argue but please watch your weight. You can prevent future stretch marks. Many of you are the age I was when I first got stretch marks. Fast forward to now. They are now at their worst because of the tremendous weight gain throughout college. It’s also hard

because fast-food is now an everyday thing in America. Watch out, please!


Age-24-145 now 124 – I just lost 20 pounds

4. I would also suggest using stretch mark lotion even if you really don’t have any, right after a shower because it absorbs better due to moisture and will retain better. Put the lotion on your

breasts, hips, thighs, backs of legs and stomach.

It's also good just to put it all over your body to hydrate your skin. Please don’t get lazy -- use it. Use anything that has cocoa butter or vitamin e.

You can get lazy after you have gone through puberty and age 23 you can see how your body will shape, but watch your weight please.

5. Dr.Oz suggests using Retin-A Cream for new red (begging) stretch marks. This is crucial to help them. Please use it and don’t ignore them like me. Most older women use this for their face for wrinkles. You don't have to buy an expensive kind -- just anything with Retin-A. Do not use this if you are pregnant, though.

6. Do not tan new stretch marks. They will scar easier –- that's the mistake I made. Sun causes skin to scar so don't think a tan will make the problem away because it will make them worse. You can always use a self-tanner. I just bought one (coppertone).

Please follow these tips. They are very important in preventing stretch marks. Don’t ignore them and remember they can always get worse.

I also have a major thing for everyone: if your siblings have them you are more likely to get them so please prevent, prevent, prevent.

I am going to get a consultation for my stretch marks in the next few months. I will let you guys know. I hope that the laser surgery can do something but as previously mentioned I don’t want to get my hopes up.

Please, please follow my advice. --Elle

Post 683

Where do I even begin? I guess I will just start from the most recent. I am 24 years old and 4’11. I have always fluctuated in my weight my whole life. When I went from middle school to high school that is really where I gained my weight. My parents wouldn’t let me go anywhere so all I did was gain weight due to low activity and food consumption. Anyway, that’s a different story.

To make this aspect of my life short, throughout high school I wasn't fat, but due to my size, the little weight I gained was tremendous on my body. (I was 4’9 throughout high school). I had little, minimal stretch marks on back of my

legs and hips. (The ironic part is, if I would have known how much worse my stretch marks would have gotten later on in life I would have prayed for the ones I had back then now).

I really didn’t pay much attention nor notice much of my stretch marks in high school. I was too busy having fun and worrying about boys and makeup. I would always wear shorts and tiny tops. My senior year I weighed 102 with clothes. I dropped so much weight because I rarely ate.

Fast forward to college my freshman year. I weighed about 102, maybe 95 pounds. My sophomore year of college I rarely ate. I then met my future husband and all he did was take me to restaurants and Wendy’s. I had gained a few pounds and I had to start wearing my sister’s clothes.

Even my future mother-in-law made a comment about my weight. Gosh -- I was not even that big though semi-big I guess. That summer I got sick, didn’t work and ate due to my future husband's habits.

Then I had a tragic event happen in my life and I didn’t pay much attention to my weight. I went to live with my future husband and literally did nothing all day and I didn’t eat healthy whatsoever. My husband would buy me food to make me feel better because he felt guilty.

I will never forget this moment: my junior year of college, I went to go visit him and I was carrying up groceries up stairs and he says, “what is that on back of your legs?” You should have seen his facial expression. The mistake I made was not taking care of the problem when it first happened. I ignored it and try to tan my legs. The tanning was a huge mistake because I scarred the stretch marks.

So I suggest to all of you: don't tan when stretch marks are fresh. I was about 130 and 4’11 -- not a good mixture. I then got my wisdom teeth pulled about a year later and I dropped about 15 pounds because my jaw had locked. That’s when I should have taken control of my weight and watched what I ate.

Then, during college, due to tragic events, all I would do was sleep and had no activity. I ate very unhealthy and I didn't realize what I was doing to my body.

To fast forward time, my family eats very unhealthy. I would eat like them and didn’t really pay attention once again.

Present day I was hitting 145 pounds and that caused me to have stretch marks behind my arms. They are not that bad. They look like stretch marks but without color, but are noticeable. My husband and sister have pointed them out so they are visible.

I now have small to medium stretch marks on my hips and I can’t wear tops that I used to wear. I get so upset about it. I get really upset. They are red and the new ones on top of that. There are other ones from my previous weight gain.

I now have deep, deep stretch marks on my breast but the positive thing about it is you can only notice them if I lift up my arm. I do have them all over my breast, very visible, but lucky by the grace of god, a bra covers them up but if I bend down you can see the deep deep stretch marks in between my breasts.

I can no longer wear a j-lo type dress -- put it that way.

Overall, the ones on the backs of my legs are the ones that get to me. I get so upset when I see girls wearing skirts and shorts. I get in a lot of fights with my husband about it. I recently got new ones on my thighs that are red. I also have stretch marks under my butt and thighs that are highly visible those are from years ago.

But the thing is the ones on back of my legs are the ones that really, really, really bother me. I have tried vitamin e oil and stretch mark lotions.

Putting make-up on helps, but they don’t help the deep ones. I am going to be moving to the Washington d.c area and I am going to opt for laser surgery. I will let you guys know when It happens after the consultation. I don’t want to get my hopes up if nothing can be done.

I finally got a wake up call and I have recently lost about 20 pounds. I went from 145 to 124. The thing is being 124 and 4’11 is still overweight. My goal is to lose another 10 pounds and I will be really happy.

I will leave advice in my next post because some of you may not want to read all of this.

Hopefully many will read this post and my story to prevent others from going through this as I did. I have finished college and try to be positive.

The overall feelings of this are my stretch marks were my fault and they could have been prevented. Being 4’11 and being 145 is not healthy, yet being overweight will cause stretch marks. --Elle

Post 682

Hey guys. Here's an update: Week two of using The Stretch Stops Here Kit and I can already see a difference. My skin is so much smoother and my stretch marks are less visible. I'm also using it on a bad scar on my thigh and it is less noticeable, too.

I'm super excited that I finally found something, but still wondering if anyone here has used the kit long term and what kind of results they got. Let me know!

Post 680

I'm 14 years and old, I'm skinny, well in shape, and used to love to swim.

I can't anymore due to stretch marks about five inches long up my hips. Ii have now found stretch marks on the backs of my knees and inner thighs.

At one point I used Bio Oil, and i must say it did work until i got lazy and stopped using it.

However, scars on my hips are still remaining to be unnoticed for the most part.

Post 679

I'm so glad it's not just me! I'm 14 and I've got them on my upper inner thighs and backs of my knees. Before, the ones on my thighs really annoyed me but they are starting to fade, but the ones on the backs of my knees are so visible and extremely depressing! And I'm starting to get them on my hips.

I know everybody asks for any ideas, and lots of you are saying Vitamins e, k and c, but i don't want to waste money on things that aren't going to work, so seriously what should i use?

Thanks for making me realize I'm not alone!

Post 678

I have got stretch marks and i am 15. They are ruining my life. i am currently using something very similar to bio oil. I've only been using it for a couple of days and there is no difference at all!

Also i have recently grown some more stretch marks on my arms and they are really noticeable and horrible and i also have them on the backs of my legs, boobs, hips, stomach and they're horrible.

I need to get rid of them before i go on holiday in july.

Post 677

I'm 19 and I have stretch marks but I got over them. It's stupid to care about appearances; it's the inside that counts.

Post 676

Well, I've been using Vick's Vapor Rub for a week and I already see a great change in my stretch marks (which i have on my inner thighs and hips).

All you really have to do is get a paper towel and massage it with the Vick's forcefully. Not roughly, just enough so it sort of seeps in.

It's natural for it to sting, so don't worry about it. Oh, and it's best to use it at night and in the morning.

Post 675

I've had stretch marks since I was seven and since then I have never been able to wear shorts, skirts or any low cut clothes. It covers 85 percent of my body and I think I have the worst case documented at the age of 21.

I'm trapped in my own body and yet I feel somewhat content. I wish to get married someday, but I don't want the sorrow of having my husband disgusted with my body. Food has ravished my body and I don't know what to do.

I don't have the money to afford the cost of a dermatologist or surgery. All I can do is suffer in silence!

Post 674

I am 16 and have had stretch marks for a while. I am 5' 6" and weigh 145 lbs. I have tried cocoa butter but it doesn't work.

My mom and grandma would say that with time they would go away but sadly they aren't. Some have just gotten darker. I don't want to buy some expensive cream to make them go away if it doesn't even work. I really want them gone so i can swim without people asking me what happened. Any suggestions?

Post 673

I have been reading a lot of your posts everybody. I have also had them basically everywhere on my body and have not worn shorts since I was eight years old. I am 22 now.

Now I have a little boy so my stomach is tore up. I still feel bad when I see other people that get to dress nice and stuff but I do have a guy who does not care at all about my body. Actually he finds it beautiful.

I always thought I was the only one with self-esteem issues about this, but honestly, reading that I'm not the only one with this problem is good news. lol.

I wish I can lighten them up and

at times I think of spending the money I work so hard for and getting cosmetic surgery, but honestly it's not worth it. I have had issues my whole life about this.

If anybody does find out how to lighten them up, please post something up here. If not, then we all need to focus on the good parts of our bodies and flaunt it. Me I got big booty and a thin waist so I wear tight pants and shirts and everybody thinks I have a good body. If they only knew what was underneath!

Post 672

I'm 13, and have stretch marks on my knees and hip. I'm not super skinny, but do have fat on me. Not a lot, though. I don't really care. I wear shorts and feel fine.

I never wear a two piece though. Just don't worry about it, I would say, unless they are very noticeable. Mine, on my hip are, but no one ever sees those. So, who cares? They're just lines. No big deal!

Post 671

I'm 14 years old. When I was 13 or so I noticed that I had stretch marks on my inner thighs. I may have had them prior but never noticed.

I do wear shorts and bathing suits in the summer but I still feel very insecure and ashamed of my legs. I don't want my girlfriends or boys to see the marks on my legs and I have been asked about them before by friends and family members.

I have been using a lotion that contains cocoa butter but nothing has really happened. Someone recommended to use real cocoa butter but I have not tried it yet.

What would you suggest? I would really like to get rid of these marks for the summer time.

Post 670

Did someone say scrub them off? OK, don't listen to that person. If I didn't scratch my tummy so much when I was pregnant, the marks wouldn't have gotten so bad.

Whatever you do, don't try to "scrub them off" and oils also don't work. The only thing that has ever worked for me is Vita K. You can find it at any local drug store. It's not that expensive but you do have to keep using it every day for about 8-16 weeks to see dramatic results.

There is no overnight solution. I had so many stretch marks starting from 11-15. Vita K pretty much got rid of all of them. It took about a year for them

to be gone completely, but it worked for me. But now that I have horrible big stretch marks all over my tummy that will probably never go away. I just have to deal with it. Learn to wear a one piece and shorts when you go swimming.

Sure I could just say, screw what everyone else thinks, but I just feel more comfortable wearing something that I can walk around the pool in, and not feel like I have to cover up with a towel the whole time.

I plan to get in better shape, after I lose all the baby weight. The marks should lighten up by then. And in time, if I keep using the vita K.. who knows? I'll keep my hopes up.

Post 669

i am 13 years old and i weigh 113 and i have stretch marks on my inner thighs and they are hideous! what do i do to get rid of them fast because summer is around the corner.

Post 668

I'm 30 and i have stretch marks from being a teen and having growth spurts, and now from working out and losing weight as well.

This is my advice to the younger people on this site. Please try to have a positive body image. It doesn't matter if you have stretch marks, most people do!

and it hasn't stopped me from wearing bikinis or being intimate with men. And most men have them as well from being athletic, hitting growth spurts and weight gain/loss. It's called being human and going through stages in life.

So guys, please, don't worry too much about it. Love yourself and realize that they are not uncommon, so you're not weird or abnormal or have something seriously wrong with you.

You're just human, and anyone who judges you for having them, just did you a favor, they weren't worth getting to know anyway!

Post 667

I am 5'3 and 100 pounds. My baby is almost two and I have stretch marks almost everywhere, bum, thigh, calf, and tummy. I feel so self conscious when I where capris, shorts, or skirts. (I avoid wearing them as much as possible, but it's hard since summer is coming). i need something that will help the appearance of my stretch marks.

Post 666

im 11 and i have stretch marks and i'm so tired of people making fun of me about it and they're everywhere: butt, back of my legs and that's pretty much it.

Post 665

im 16 and i was in P.E. once and my friends thought i was getting beaten by my mum and dad because of my stretch marks on my back but i just get on with it. i realized you only live once so why be embarrassed?

Post 664

For the person below me, i'm a 16 year old guy who is an athlete, and i have stretch marks all over my back. I have no fat, and barely any muscle. So I'm not sure how i got mine.

Post 663

I know an ancient fact to prevent stretch marks. It's called not being fat!

Post 662

i'm 15 and have small purple stretchmarks on my breasts and bum.

does anybody have any advice/ideas that i could try?

i would be very grateful.

Post 661

I'm 15 and i have stretch marks and i do hate them. Aside from having acne, it just adds to the millions of things i dislike about myself, but i guess now i realize that I'll probably grow up to be one of those women who are career-minded on the outside. But on the inside I'll know it's because there is no possible man on this earth who could love the way i look so I'll probably not get married and be one of those bitter single people who, every time i see a guy with a girl who looks perfect in her annoying short shorts i get sick.

So, thank you for the help but nothing is working, sadly. - hopeless

Post 660

I just turned 14 in march. i have noticed i have had stretch marks for a while. i stated noticing them when i started maturing and in my family we have very wide hips and big butts. not that I'm complaining -- i like my butt a lot.

I weigh about 140 at 5'6 and a half. i like my body and my shape, just not the stretch marks, and because I'm half arab and liberian they became so dark that i can't wear a swim suit anymore.

the sad part is this summer in august my family and i are going to walt disney world and i want to rock a swim suit without being embarrassed, so please if anyone has any help for me it would much appreciated.

Post 659

I'm 14 and i have a thyroid problem that caused me to lose weight really fast. but once we got it under control, i started gaining it all back -- really fast. i now have stretch marks on my upper inner thighs and on my hips and i don't know what to do. i have tried palmers cream and it doesn't work! help!

Post 658

My bad, guys! It's called 'The Stretch Stops Here'. Whoops! Oh, and it's still working.

Post 657

please help me. i can't do it. i can't lose weight. i try so hard, but when i see that chocolate it takes over me.

i have stretch marks on my tummy and i have never been the skinniest person but not fat. i have to get rid of them. i cry each night. it destroys my life.

Post 655

I am a 15 year old male, and am very athletic, and i started noticing "stretch marks" on my lower back and back. I am 5 11 and grew and matured fast. I was just wondering if there was a way to make them less noticeable because i want to be able to take my shirt off and go for a swim without having people ask me, what happened to your back, ya know?

Post 654

wow. i have noticed i had stretch marks about less then a year to a year ago. i don't know what works, but from reading your comments i have noticed people have it way worse than i do. In my opinion i think stretch marks are from scratching where you are getting them. so don't scratch!

Post 653

I'm 17 and I have stretch marks all over my tummy. what should I use?

Post 652

I was looking for the answer to get rid of stretch marks. Well, I'm not going to lie to you all, I'm 16 and unfortunately a bit overweight. The part of my body i used to love was taken over by stretch marks (my arms) and I'm not talking about just the little visible marks, I'm talking very visible and embarrassing.

I've taken the time to read everyone's comments and advice, taking everything into consideration, and i think the best thing to do is to use cocoa butter and bio-oil.

I've just started using it and it seems to be working. when I'm done in the next two weeks I'll let everyone know if the remedy really works.

Post 651

All those creams never worked for me. I've used cocoa butter, Mederma, StriVectin blah blah blah. My mom bought some microdermabrasion "tool" online with a fluid you put on after and it literally buffs and smooths the skin down.

I've noticed a pretty huge difference in like two weeks and my mom's are almost gone. Has anyone else tried it? I'm wondering how it works long term? It's called The Stretch Stops Now Kit. Thanks!

Post 650

i am 13 and 145 pounds but the pounds don't show. the stretch marks do. it stinks. i was so embarrassed so i went to the doctor and told them and she suggested that i should try to lose weight by using the wii and just doing sit ups and trying to eat healthy(er) and rubbing oatmeal mixed with water on the areas of my marks.

i did and i kept getting in the tanning bed and getting spray tans and they slowly went away and it really did not take that long.

now i am 110 pounds and i look great so just lose weight -- it will help with the marks.

Post 649

Im a 19 year old guy, almost 20 and I've been a little overweight my whole life. I started getting stretch marks on my stomach at 16, and still have some to this day except on my arms and sides as well.

This used to really bother me, and I'd never take my t-shirt off in front of anyone. But these last few months, I kind of realized that it wasn't necessarily my stretch marks that was embarrassing me, but being overweight in general.

I asked myself, if I was a bit slimmer would I be that bothered by the stretch marks? and i honestly don't think I would.

Fast forward three months. I've lost almost 35 pounds and I'm

feeling great for the first time in my life, and I honestly could care less about my stretch marks. If anything, they serve a good reminder of why keeping slim is best.

Don't worry too much about them people, trust me, in regards to relationships and being embarrassed about it, you shouldn't be, if your partner can't accept you imperfections, they aren't the right one for you.

Just enjoy life, and you'll probably laugh at how much this bothered you when you are older.

Post 648

I'm 24 years old, and I have stretch marks on the back of my arms, my knees, inner and outer thighs, buttocks, and breasts. I've had them for a few years now so they are white. I have a medium complexion. Does anyone know if tanning would help lessen the appearance of the marks? Would it help camouflage them?

Post 647

I have stretch marks on my belly because of my pregnancy, though i was using the Palmer's Tummy Butter for stretched marks. How can i get rid of these stretch marks or reduce the appearance?

Post 646

I've had stretch marks since i was 12. I'm overweight and trying really hard to lose it. I've never been able to enjoy life.

I have them everywhere: on my breasts, hips all the way up my stomach until under my breasts, arms back and inner thighs. i have tried bio oil and it doesn't work. i need something to reclaim my life back.

i want the confidence i never had i want to feel beautiful. whenever I'm with my boyfriend i always wear a shirt because i don't want to show him my body.

how can i have a fulfilled life when i myself as a person don't feel fulfilled?

Post 645

i have stretch marks on my back, so you can't really see them unless i wear a bikini in the summer. i got them because im thin and i grew really tall really fast, so my skin obv stretched. unlike a lot of people im not too bothered about them, but maybe they will go over time. i do moisturize a lot so i hope they go, any other suggestions to get them gone?

Post 644

I'm 13 and I have stretch marks on my boobs and people notice them and it bothers me a lot. I want them gone but, I don't know what to do to get rid of them. I want to wear swimsuits and like tank tops but, I don't want people to see them. Also, I don't want to go buy stuff. Are there any home supplies I could use?

Post 643

I am 15 and i noticed my stretch marks when i was about 13. i have them pretty much everywhere from my hips down: -my butt, my hips, inner thighs, the outside of my knees, and lightly around my outer thighs. I've tried so many things to get rid of them and cover them up. i feel really self conscious whenever i wear shorts or a swimsuit. Is there any product that works really well? (possibly a cheap product?) please help me!

Post 642

you young girls out there that are barely getting them try using vitamin E capsules. Break them and spread the oil where you have the stretch marks. I've been using it and it does work. I have two kids who are in elementary school and i just started using the vitamin E capsules! so it helps a lot!

Post 641

Well I'm 18 i am not obese but i am overweight. i exfoliate every night and cream about eight times a day, using creams such as palmers etc. and bio oil included. i am stuck. apart from losing more weight, and getting surgery there's nothing anyone can do. sure?

Post 640

I'm 13, and i have stretch marks on my hips, knees and on my back. i have lost a lot of weight, and i really want to go out in shorts like my friends and wear bikinis and I'm just too self conscious. I'm 5ft 3 and i weigh 8 st 1 and i really want to get rid of them. please help.

Post 639

i hate stretch marks on my inner thighs. I'm 15 and i want them gone because i don't feel comfortable wearing bathing suits and shorts.

Post 638

I'm 5'3 and i weigh 61 kgs and i have stretch marks on my boobs, lower back and the back of my armpits.

i don't know what to do about them so please, can someone help?

Post 637

I'm a 15 year old girl, and i have stretch marks on my hips, butt, inner and outer thighs, boobs and the sides of my stomach and back of my knees.

I've tried bio-oil, cocoa butter, and everything. Nothing works! please help!

Post 636

I am 23 years old. I am 5.4 inches tall and my weight is 53 kgs. I used to be very skinny until my 14th birthday but then suddenly I gained a lot of weight and then when i was 17 I had this ugly stretch marks all over my legs.

I reduced all my weight when i was 19 years old, but now I can't wear short skirts. I am very conscious about my looks. I don't have pink or purple stretch marks. I want to get rid of these stretch marks completely.

I am about to get married but marked with sheer inferiority complex. Kindly help me out.

Post 635

Stretchmarks stink so much. I have them as well. I am almost 14, and I've had them for around six months, but have started to notice them more recently.

I really hope they go away because they're embarrassing. I only really have them on my boobs and inner thighs. I don't really want to talk to people about them, I just hope that maybe I could buy some lotions (as suggested above) to get rid of them.

I'm not skinny, but I wouldn't say I am fat either. None of my friends have them I don't think?

Post 634

I'm 19 years old and when I was 12 I got very moderate stretch marks on my breasts, high inner thigh, and sides. They eventually faded and were hardly visible.

But when I was 18 I found out I had a brain tumor that causes a severe thinning of the skin and now I have about 20 bright red stretch marks on my stomach alone. They go almost down to my knees on my legs, halfway up my sides and now on both sides on my arms around my armpits.

It caused me to gain about 25 pounds in two months but I'm still about normal size, so it's very weird for everyone to see me covered in these things.

There are so many times when I just look at my body and wonder what happened to my nice skin. I have a boyfriend of 2 1/2 years and we had a pretty healthy sex life, and now we don't even have one. How could anyone possibly stand to look at me now with my ugly body?

It's a horrible feeling to know that you may never be able to look good.

Post 633

I'm 17 years old and i have been really skinny my whole entire life. i am a size 3-5 in jeans and I'm a C cup.

i have stretch marks massively. i have them on my boobs, behind my armpits, my hips, behind my knees and between my thighs. i also have darker skin, so i think it shows more.

This is a very sore topic to me. i don't have a boyfriend but i don't want one because i don't want him to see my stretch marks. I'm very self conscious when it comes to my skin. i don't wear shorts or dresses. and i do not wear swimsuits. i just don't, and i love to swim.

is there any treatment? I've tried all the lotion kinds and the moisturizing kinds also.

Is there anything else? Even a surgery? please answer. i just want pretty skin.

Post 632

Oh wow, you guys really need to stop. I've had stretch marks since i was 14. I'm 18 now and i hate them more then ever.

I'm not exactly skinny, but I'm not fat. i think I'm normal. my stomach is small but i've got hips on me. i guess that's why i can just say I'm thick.

i've got stretch marks on my boobs (which is the reason why I'm not happy with my life. i missed prom and didn't have my quince or sweet sixteen because of that. My arms (like behind my armpits), lower back, inner thighs, outer thighs, butt, and on the side of my knees too!

They're freaking everywhere and I've used cocoa butter and it doesn't work at all!

Post 631

I'm almost 17 years old and have these massive stretch marks on my inner thighs and some near my hips and they have been there since i was 11 or 12.

i have no idea on how to get rid of them or why i have them. i was always a really skinny kid growing up. i don't like to wear shorts during the summer because i don't want anyone to see them, so i always wear capris or jeans but sometimes it just gets way too hot.

when i play volleyball i always have to wear spandex shorts under my shorts so no one else will see them.

so please if anyone knows a way to get rid of them, i really need it. I've asked my mom about getting something to get rid of it and all she said was i just have to live with my body the way it is.

Post 630

I'm 14 about to turn 15. I'm actually a very thin girl but the only problem i have with my body is stretch marks.

i have them on my hips, thighs, arms, breasts, lower back and back of my knees by my calves. basically everywhere. all my friends are wearing shorts and bathing suits and I'm just so self conscious about my body.

i haven't told anybody that i have them because I'm too embarrassed to. I'm always trying to hide them. i don't know what to do.

And i haven't worn shorts or dresses without tights or anything. It's so hot outside where i live and I'm still wearing jeans.

i weigh 113 and I'm 5'2. i think I've

got the because I'm going through puberty and developing hips and thighs. i have such a low self esteem about my body. please help me!

i really want them gone and to prevent more from coming. can someone please find a cure.

Post 629

I'm 16 and I have stretch marks on my arms, hips, thighs, knee, back of legs and my bum, so basically everywhere. Mine are extremely bad so people who have a couple please think yourself lucky and stop making me feel majorly ugly.

I got them from steroids for asthma and I've had them for three years and they have become progressively worse and refuse to lighten even though I'm using bio oil.

They are ruining my life. I can't wear the clothes I want and I'm afraid boys will reject me because of it. Help.

Post 628

okay, I'm a average teen girl who loves to wear short shorts and low cut t-shirts to make the boys go crazy.

Recently i have grown two bra sizes in two months, good but bad thing. My boobs have stretch marks on them around the nipples.

i have been planing on having sex with my boyfriend whom i have been with and waited for so long, and now this problem has occurred.

i can't buy much, so i just want some kind of home remedy. i am currently using cocoa butter and it has improved slightly, so please help anyone, and give some other suggestions than the ones above my comment. thank you.

Post 627

I'm 17, I'm tall and skinny and i have always been this way, yet i still have stretch marks on the back of my legs. I don't know how to get rid of them. i have been using cocoa butter for years and they're still there. what can i use to tighten my skin? it's only getting worse with time.

Post 626

use bio-oil. it really works and in about a week you can see the difference and it also gets rid of scars. p.s. you can get bio-oil really cheap from stores.

Post 625

i use bio-oil. It's the best way to get rid of stretch marks and scars. p.s. hope this comment helps.

Post 624

I'm 11, and like i weigh 54. and i find it vexing and all that i have at my waist,

so i technically don't like wearing a bikini. I also have them on my thighs and i don't know what to do because i want to grow up to be a beautiful, good bodied woman.

Post 623

I found that baba de caracol stuff that the person who posted 103 had.

Just look up Baba De Caracol Nourishing and Hydrating Facial Cream. I'm pretty sure that's what they were talking about.

Post 622

Just to inform some of you guys a little further, the red or purple stretch marks are the newer ones and will eventually fade to a pale white color over several months.

Keeping your skin exfoliated and well moisturized is very helpful along with any of the procedures or home cures you use.

I personally break open a vitamin E capsule every night and rub it into my legs wherever there are stretch marks. you'll notice a difference (it may be small) overnight and over time it will differ greatly.

I really hope this works for you and good luck!

Post 621

I am 11, almost 12 years old. I have stretch marks on my legs, and I am really self-conscious about them. I was wondering, how do you get them to go away? I asked my mom about it and she said lotion with cocoa butter would help, and I would just have to put some on my legs every night, and it would take a while.

I don't wear short shorts because of them, I and feel really ugly and fat around girls who have nice legs. I weigh about 130. Please help me!

Post 620

i have stretch marks starting from my bum down to the back of my legs. you can clearly see it in sunlight. i love summer but I'm so embarrassed to show my legs at all.

Post 619

i am 10 and weigh 130. i know its a lot but I'm trying to lose it. i need major help because its on my thighs and arms and i can't wear a tank top or they will show. what do i do?

Post 618

Im 14 and I had stretch marks a couple months ago. They are were hideous, if you ask me, and I needed them to go away so I tried a exfoliating procedure.

First I got some plain oatmeal and warmed it up until it started to steam, then I had someone else massage it in to my skin with a loofah or a rough towel. Then once it was in my skin I started to see dead skin coming up so I peeled as much as I could off.

Once that was done i hopped in the shower and rinsed the oatmeal and other dead skin off then continued to use the loofah in circular motions on my arm. Lastly

once I got out the shower I dried off a little water on my skin so my pores could stay open, then I put some palmers tummy butter on.

I continued this procedure for a month. Even though it's a lot of work it paid off because it actually looks as if I never had them to begin with.

I hope this works for you as well as it did for me.

Post 617

I am 13 and i have severe stretch marks on the sides of my hips and butt. I am 5'5 and 110 pounds and i am aspiring to be a model, and I have been going to auditions for one year and the only thing the judges mark me off is because of my stretch marks.

They are now outside of my bathing suit lines and are starting to show when i am wearing shorts. All i want is for them to go away and stay away. Is there anything I can do?

Post 616

I'm 22, I've been fat all my life, and I've had stretch marks all over my body too. Two months ago i did a surgery on my stomach to lose. actually it's working but my stretch marks are getting more and more visible.

i live in iran, and i wonder if there's any kind of product available in here to remove them.

Post 615

I'm 12 5'4 and weigh 132 pounds. I'm borderline overweight and have stretch marks on my boobs, hips (red ones) my knees and behind my knees. does anyone know how to get rid of them quick?

Post 614

I thought I was the only one who had them! I've only heard of pregnant women getting them. I'm sixteen and have had them for a few years. I'm not overweight and have purple stretch marks all along my inner thighs and butt. Will they ever go away? Would losing more weight help?

Post 613

To the person who posted number 603, I have searched the internet for the cream you were talking about 'baba de caracol' but all I have found is that it's a shampoo! can you please help? I'd really appreciate it.

Post 612

I am so glad I am not the only one with this problem. Ever since I was 12 stretchmarks have appeared slowly to my upper knees all the way to my lower back. how can i fix it?

Post 611

This is what has worked for me: Jean's skin Cure. it's not expensive and you have to be patient (like three to six months depending on your marks).

By the way, it looks like a fraud and I skipped over it a few times before I became desperate and it has really helped, though some claim it hasn't helped them I can't imagine why. Also carboxytherapy, it is a bit expensive and painful for a minute or so, but worth it. More expensive then jean's cure, but If you're young and can convince your parents to pay, I found that coupling the two treatments helps the most.

If you are young though (which a lot of you who have posted are) you should have good results with jean's method because a big part of it relies on your bodies own ability to repair itself, which is remarkable at a young age (don't forget that).

Post 610

an accident happened with me. i fell down from a wall and hit from a bracket. this caused a long scar on my forehead. please tell me how I can gt rid of it.

Post 609

I am 17 years old and i am on shots for birth control and it makes you gain weight a little. i have been on the shots for about two years now and i have began to get stretch marks on my arms and i don't like it at all because i can't wear the shirts i want to wear because of them.

Post 608

i am 13 and i have stretch marks on my legs and on my back. i really don't want to talk to my mum about it because she is really hard to talk to and i find it embarrassing. i just want to find a way to get rid of them so i can go back to not being self-conscious.

Post 607

There are a lot of people posting here about their success (or lack thereof) in removing their stretchmarks.

Lots of people suggest that by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting your health in general under control should be satisfactory enough, and that boyfriends and girlfriends shouldn't care about our marks, only the inner beauty.

While I don't dispute this, take into consideration that for those people like myself, who haven't had any children, haven't gained any weight, and most certainly haven't taken any steroids, they are still there, nonetheless, rearing their ugly red heads all around my belly button, thighs, shoulders and breasts. Not to mention the fabulous scars my eczema left with me.

I maintain a healthy diet, drink

plenty of water, and exercise three to four days a week, but that doesn't detract from the feelings of imperfection. When you're surrounded by small, perfect people constantly, it can become overbearing.

Thanks to those people who added helpful tips, I'll be sure to try them. In the meantime, take a breath, shut your eyes - stretch marks are miserable, but not all there is to life.

Post 606

I am 13 and get stretch marks on my thighs and behind. I hate them and have tried Bio-Oil as a close friend told me that they will get rid of them. And guess what? It didn't work. I want to know a working way of getting rid of them. I am not overweight and my cousin who also has them, is underweight. Is there a way to make sure they go and stay away?

Post 605

i am 16, and i am quite slim but i have severe stretch marks.

i started to notice them when i was 14 and they have grown steadily worse over the years. They started off at the tops of my thighs, just one or two now they have spread down further, and around my bum, all down the inside of my thighs, so both of the whole of the inside of my thighs down to my knees have severe stretch marks, and the backs of my knees and my hips.

i don't go out without thick tights if I'm wearing a skirt and wearing shorts in hot weather makes me feel really uncomfortable even more when I'm in a bikini.

I am sixteen years old and i hate my body. I've tried bio oil and palmers cocoa butter but nothing works. i just want them gone. what can i do?

Post 603

I'm 19 years old and I've had stretchmarks for about three years now. i have tried countless creams and treatments, including cocoa butter and i just hasn't worked. But about a year ago i found a cream called "baba de caracol." it's a mexican product that helps rid of scars.

my friend introduced it to me because i was in a car accident and after surgery was left with scars on my face. it has not only removed my scars but also my stretch marks! they have become so small you can hardly see them! i had them on my thighs all the way down to my knees!

after the cream worked i got a tan and they have become completely invisible! i actually wear shorts when i go to the beach now!

Post 602

I am 16 years old and i am fat, but the only place that i have stretch marks is in my arms.

Post 601

so i am 14. for the most part of what i read, all of you are around my age. i am quite small and have stretch marks (the red ones) on my boobs.

i don't want to tell my mom because I'm scared and she is hard to talk to. they affect me most whenever i wear a bathing suit. because i don't have big boobs, it looks weird when i have my top touching because i don't want anyone to see them. i am really scared they are going to be there forever. help.

Post 600

I'm 13 and a boy. I'm am overweight and have stretch marks all over. I'm scared about later life, like sex. What should I do?

Post 599

I've had stretch marks for the past year or so and i hate them. I usually wear a tank top during gym but when i don't their really red/purple. I use cocoa butter lotion but i haven't seen any improvement.

Post 598

i have just noticed stretch marks on my thighs and i want to get rid of them. I'm 12, 4 feet and 11 inches tall i am 105 pounds and and very muscular. they are just the red kind but they are on my butt and thighs. does anyone know how to get them to go away in four months?

Post 597

I'm 13 years old and weigh 135 pounds. I'm not really fat. i swim a lot but have had stretch marks on my breasts and upper thighs since i was 10-11 and recently have gotten them on my hips and inner thighs. if you have any solutions or home remedies that work please let me know. i really want them to go away.

Post 596

I hate stretch marks. I want to cry when i look at them and i only weigh like 110 pounds and i tried garnier creams but it didn't work so now i don't know what to do.

Post 595

I'm 16 and I have stretch marks on the inside of my legs. It is embarrassing because I can't wear short shorts because of it. I don't understand how I got them. I really want them gone but I don't know how to get rid of them. Can someone please tell me what to do?

Post 594

I'm 15 going on 16 now but I have had stretch marks since reaching adolescence. Although in the past few months I went from having the just a few small ones on my butt and inner thighs to having these huge, bright purple scars all over my calves, breasts, knees, inner thighs and sides.

Honestly, every time I see them I feel like crying. The worst part is that people have always considered me to be really petite and slim. Now I feel like I will never be comfortable with my body again. It's like finding out that you will never be able to wear pretty skirts for the rest of your life.

Post 593

Is there a way to make the white ones less deep-set?

I don't mind having white stretch marks if they are just marks, but mine are really deep. if i tighten up the skin area, will they appear less deep?

How does one tighten the thigh area?

Post 592

I am almost 17 years old and I have been noticing stretch marks since around 13-14 years of age, so same old story.

Vitamin E oil/cream does help to reduce the red/purple ones, but the white/silver ones that destroyed my thighs will not go away.

I am 5'2 and 107 pounds, so I honestly do not know why I would get these marks. I wonder, does anyone know of any cures besides surgery that can help lessen the white/silver ones? and if not, how much would the surgery cost?

Post 591

I have tons on stretch marks on my breasts. they are so embarrassing! I'm only 13! but I'm a C so my boobs grew rapidly i guess.

Post 590

I'm 14 going on 15 and I have stretch marks on my legs. how do i get rid of them?

Post 589

I'm 5'0 and 100 pounds. my stretch marks are from pregnancy. they cover nearly my entire abdominal area and side hips.

they are severe, long, and deep. the best solution, so i was told, was to go forward with abdominoplasty. for some of you, you can get the stretch marks removed surgically and use lasers to greatly reduce the appearance of your scars. after the abdominoplasty i plan on getting treatment with the ablative fraxel and CO2 laser to reduce the texture and appearance of the remaining stretch marks.

i was also told that prior the recovery process i should exercise and eat a healthy diet full of Vitamin A, C, E, zinc, and omega 3. so when i recover, it should be a nice recovery.

the vitamins are what supports collagen so hopefully collagen reproduction will be good post-laser treatment. I'll be back to post results!

Post 588

i'm 16 and am a football player. I am 5'11 and weigh 185 pounds but muscle not fat. i got stretch marks after lifting and hate them. how do i get rid of them?

Post 587

An important thing to remember is that weight gain causes stretch marks. Not meaning to sound disrespectful but if you're big and want to lose your stretch marks. losing weight might help, which it did for me.

This doesn't apply to all women but it's important to know that by taking care of your body with a healthy diet and regular daily exercise you can help keep your body in healthy shape.

Once again this advice is not for all women and there are other reasons such as hormones and puberty that cause stretch marks -- things that are completely out of your hands.

The important thing is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Post 586

As i can tell a lot of you are worried about stretch marks just like i was. There is one good way to make them less visible I'd like to share with you.

First, you put palmer's cocoa butter lotion on in the morning. Then once its night time and you're getting ready to go to sleep put Vick's vapor rub on the marks then go to sleep, but make sure you put the Vick's on right before you go to sleep because if you rub it off before you lie down it won't be absorbed as well. I hope this helps you in some way.

Post 585

i am 13 going on 14 and i have these stretch marks on my arms and sides. I am so embarrassed with these things that i haven't worn a short sleeve shirt for at least a year in public. Can someone please give me more advice because the ones that were given to me aren't working. Please help me.

Post 584

i have had stretch marks since i was ten. I am now 24, and i have no idea what to do. i am considering surgery, but am too afraid.

my self-esteem is extremely low if you must know, and although my stretch marks are light skinned, they are still obvious to see.

I have the at about 60 percent of my body. i hate that doctors seem to always think it's not a big deal and don't seem to have any real advice, but that you'll grow out of it. that is not enough for me. i don't want a lot, just a simple chance to wear a dress again.

if anyone has any recommendations besides surgery or just plain old loving yourself, please let me know.

Post 583

Being 18 almost 19 and having stretch marks is horrible! I can't wear swim suits or lift my arms up too high because my shirt will lift up and they will show.

I have them mainly on my stomach and I get people all the time asking me if I'm pregnant or if Ive had a baby just because of them. I just wish they'd go away but they keep getting worse. They are steadily creeping upwards and getting darker. The ones on my sides reach my ribs almost.

It's quite embarrassing. Especially since a lot of those people don't believe I don't have a baby. "Young and healthy girls just don't get stretch marks like yours dear. You must have had a baby." Ignorance.

Post 582

I'm a 6' average weight girl and I've had stretch marks on my breasts, lower back, and thighs for the last few years.

I've tried bio oil and cocoa butter and a stretch mark lotion, but none of those seemed to help even after a few months. Recently I've discovered extra virgin coconut oil and grapeseed oil. I have changed my diet slightly and actually take the coconut oil internally as well, but my stretch marks have definitely improved in the last month and I think it firmed up my skin as well. I realize they may never completely go away, but people, just chill, most guys don't care and stressing never helped anyone.

Drink lots of water and frolic in the sun! Just do wear sunscreen (actually coconut oil is a natural sunscreen) because from experience I've found that burned boobs equal worse stretch marks once the tan fades.

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I'm 13 (going on 14) and I weigh about 126 pounds. i have stretch marks on the upper back of my legs, on my butt, and some purple ones in my inner thighs. I've tried various lotions but none of them seem to work. Please, please, please give me some ideas or suggestions on how to at least get them not so noticeable!

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I'm 15, I'm 5'11" and fairly slim and i have stretch marks from my knees to above my hips. They're hideous and i absolutely hate them. Every time i look at them i feel like killing myself.

I know there's no miracle treatment, but exfoliating and moisturising with a moisturizer that has oil and vitamin E in it has helped quite a bit.

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i am 17 years old i'm about 5"8 and weigh 130 pounds. i have stretch marks on my brest hips and inner legs. i am pretty happy with my body except for the nasty scars. i'm very self conscious about them and if i can't find something to cure them. i will not be seen in a bathing suit again which kills me!

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I'm 15 years old, and i have stretch marks on the sides of my legs, my stomach, under my arms, the sides of my hips, my breasts and on the middle park of my back. i just want to know if there is any possible way for these to fade or go away as they are really noticeable. any tips?

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I do know something that will help you. I've had success with this, but it takes time.

ou will need:

1x 2mm derma roller (buy online for 10.00gbp).

2x bottles of rescue oil (same as bio oil but cheaper online)

1x Large bottle of cocoa butter (about 2.00 gbp)

1x family tub of multivitamins (must contain zinc and vit E)

Okay so take the vitamins as directed and drink lots of water every day.

Follow carefully: Every other day, after a bath rub a little of the oil on the stretchmarks, massage upwards toward your heart. Then take the derma roller and roll it across the area four times in each direction (I always think NSEW like a compass). Your

marks may pink up or swell a tiny bit but this is good, trust me.

After you are done rolling, rub on more oil and let it sink in for a minute.

Then smear on a generous coating of the cocoa butter which helps hold all the moisture in as it heals. I noticed quite a big difference after a week then it just got a little better each time.

Be patient. After six months I have faded them about 60-70 percent and they are eight year old marks.

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i am 52 years old with two children and six grandchildren. if i have a stretch mark i earned it. 36 years married to the same man -- i don't think he cares. love, sheila

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I'm an 11 year old girl. i weigh 92 pounds and I'm 5'4. i have stretch marks all over my breasts and on my thighs. please help me.

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am almost 17 and i av stretch marks at my hips, breasts and legs. started noticing them in november. i need to get rid of it so am going to try bio oil. probably it would work. i really need to start wearing short skirts again. --bev.

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I'm 16 and I've had stretch marks for as long as i can remember. yes, like the rest of you i hate them. i hide them constantly but i accept i have them.

I tried bio-oil and it was useless. I think we need to face it that we can never get rid of them and stop pinning our hopes on the newest 'miracle cure'. I've got stretch marks on my legs all the way down to my knees and on my 'love handles'. they do keep appearing more every day which makes me feel like rubbish, but no matter what i do they are part of me.

I do hate them with a passion but i am beginning to

accept them more. I will accept that they will eventually fade. I cover my legs up with tights to hide the marks which still allows me to get them out but mask my stretch marks.

Hey, its not solving the problem completely but it's a way of coping with them. I will have to find someone that can accept my stretch marks as a part of me but for now I'm riding this tough time through and trying to love my marks because they're part of me.

But for now girls, try to grow and love your stretch marks. They shouldn't stop you from living a full and happy life, well at least mine aren't going to stop me. good luck to you all.

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I'm 14 almost 15 and i have stretch marks on the top of my legs and they are huge. i don't know what to do with them and my mum said they will fade away but i have had them for two years now. it's embarrassing to have these big purple marks on my legs.

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I'm fourteen and I have stretch marks.

I have them on my boobs, butt, hips, stomach, and just recently the sides of my knees, and arms. :( I'm really embarrassed about them.

I'm 5'6 and about 180 some pounds. I've used cocoa butter, it doesn't work for me. Plus to make matters worse, this year we're going to the beach and it's going to be my first time there, and I will be too ashamed to swim, and get in a two-piece bathing suit. I hate it.

Also I wear makeup over them, so that I don't have to wear a jacket. I've had them since I was about 11 or 12. No one has ever noticed them. I've always been good at hiding them, but now I just wear my jacket 24-7 or long sleeve shirts.

Could anyone please give me some advice on how to fade them, or something? Thanks.

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I am 18 years old and i have stretch marks and they are getting bad. i need to know how i can get rid of them. Stretch marks are making my life hell and i want to be happy with my body. so how can i get rid of them?

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Everyone, please don't stress over stretch marks, but if you're really worried about them i highly suggest bio-oil. It's awesome and it will take a while to get rid of the stretch marks but believe me, it's worth it. It's also useful for pimple scarring and other symptoms. Anyway good luck.

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i am 13 and weigh about 132. i am really not fat. i just have big thighs. I was reading all these comments and like most, i am also self conscious! it really stinks to have stretch marks on the backs of my legs and i have only tried stretch mark lotion but no success.

i was reading one of the comments above and it said to brush it with a old toothbrush and so i did. i brushed them with my cocoa butter lotion and the toothbrush and i think it's really working! Really! i think I've found a solution.

I'm going to mexico this summer and i hope now i can wear shorts! And also i can now begin in volleyball again. Woohoo! i would really recommend it. and it's free!

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I'm 15 and 5'4 and about 132 pounds, which is normal weight but i have stretch marks on my inner thighs and some on my sides. It's so embarrassing and I don't understand why I have them if I'm not overweight. Its very depressing to me especially when my bigger friends don't have any marks!

Could someone please tell me some kind of home remedy to make them less noticeable?

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I'm 14 and i have dark stretch marks on my thighs. it's embarrassing because i feel like i cannot wear shorts or a bikini. i want to try a cream or anything that can help me but how do i know which ones work and which ones I'm going to waste my money on? i don't want to just go out buying random creams. so which ones work?

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Hey I'm 14 (about to be 15) and i have stretch marks. i am so embarrassed about them. i always wear jackets and in the summer time i don't wear shorts i am so embarrassed about them. i just want them to go away.

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i am 15 years old. I weigh 107 and am 5"2'. Everyone always compliments me on my shape and body, and guys always stare at me, but i am embarrassed about wearing shorts or skirts.

I've been having stretch marks on my inner thighs and buttocks. just recently i noticed I'm getting them on the back of my legs too.

yesterday my aunt pointed them out and i felt so embarrassed.

I'm not sure what to use to prevent any more. any ideas? help!

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Well, I'm 13 (14 in one month) and I came here because I have stretch marks on my thighs (upper and the back of them. Under my butt). I've had them since I was 11 or 12. I weigh 107 and I'm 5'4".

I never really thought about it really. They're pale now (I've had them for a while) Then I started thinking about it and worrying. Then after I came here, I saw so many other people with the same problem. I realized that many other people have the same problem--guys too.

I've read other comments and to sum it up I learned that everyone will grow. Our bodies will change over time. So yeah, I've learned a lot today. I have to accept my self for who I am. No one is perfect.

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I am 19 and have had stretch marks for more than seven years now. I used to hide inside rather than going to the pool or the beach.

But now, I could care less about them. Especially since my sister had a baby, I don't feel as bad about myself anymore.

To top it off, I am with a wonderful guy who understands and could care less. In fact, he did my tattoo over some on my right hip. If you really want to get rid of them, try Bio-Oil. That stuff was amazing for my scars.

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I'm a 14 year old girl around 5ft6' tall and of average weight. But i got stretch marks on my boobs, back of knees and inner thighs. The breast ones faded over time and the ones on my inner thighs disappeared after sunbathing.

The ones on the back of my legs were the most annoying though. in p.e I was worried people would see. I tried moisturizing and exfoliating but they were too tough to get rid of.

A friend told me recently to use an old toothbrush that I never use anymore and to scrub the stretch marks and then apply lots of moisturizer. But not to scrub too hard or it will hurt! I've been doing it for a week and the difference is so amazing! :D good luck everyone!

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As a tyke I was quite the little porker and had bad stretch marks. As I thinned out they went away on their own, but now that I've started putting on weight again they have come back, though with a little exercise and some moisturizer I'm sure they will fade.

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People, I'm a 21 year old guy about 6ft 1, never been overweight, and work out daily but guess what? I still have noticed stretch marks. I jumped a lot in height in high school and started working/lifting on a daily basis. I noticed marks about a year or so ago.

Having some stretch marks hasn't changed my life or affected it in any way, and seeing a girl with marks doesn't lessen my opinion of her in any way either.

Actually, i don't know any guys who care about stretch marks. my point is, it's such a miniscule thing to worry about in life. Don't waste your time, please. Life's too short.

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I'm 14 years old and i used to think that there were not a lot of people my age with stretch marks. Ever since i got them at 13 i have been so embarrassed with my body. At the moment i use cocoa butter and bio oil and they have helped them to fade. As well as this i have been looking into chemical peels, but i think it would be too painful. Any ideas? thanks

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I'm 14, and I have stretch marks on my boobs and I get really embarrassed. I am average weight and height. I talk to my mom, my friends, and my boyfriend about them.

I know several of you are insecure and worried. I am too at times, but some people say they will just fade. If you have stretch marks from growing it is fine. If people say stuff to you about it they are plain stupid. It is your body anyway, not theirs. They need to get a life and are self-conscious about themselves.

If a guy doesn't like you because of that then he really doesn't care about you and you need to move on. My boyfriend is

about to be 16 and is mature enough to understand that everybody usually gets them.

I love my body and myself. It took about a year to realize that stretch marks were not going to control me and make me not participate in my favorite sport, swimming.

I am using body lotion, cocoa butter, and vitamin e (it helps make the skin stretchy). Some of my older stretch marks are going away but I keep getting new ones.

If you try it, this stuff will help if you keep using it. My newest ones are purple but my older ones are starting to get white.

My boobs grew in one year from an 32a to a 36c. At first i didn't have marks but then I started seeing them and if you put lotion or cocoa butter on any part of your body that is growing when it hurts or itches the lotion and butter will help.

I hope that what I just told you helps you out.

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i am 18. Obviously i have stretch marks -- otherwise i wouldn't be on this page, but to all you teenagers worried about your stretch marks on your boobs, on your thighs, or on your butt, guess what? Don't be embarrassed! Almost every woman who has more than an A cup gets them! those are a normal part of puberty!

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As a 12 year old I was quite slim and short, but over the summer I grew tons and gained some weight, My BMI is healthy for my height but I grew stretch marks, and I've had them for over two years now.

When I go swimming I can't just be comfy and wear a swim suit, instead I have to wear a tank top and swim trunks so I look ridiculous.

I look at other people and I get so jealous, I just want them to go away :(

But I can't get any surgery or laser removal. I don't want to get my dad involved. My mam knows and she bought me a cream but it didn't make a difference.

Please, does anyone know a natural/free solution I can use?

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OK, so i'm 14 and i have my stretch marks for a few months, and it's really strange because i didn't have any and like six months ago i woke up one morning and they were just suddenly there. they are really noticeable.

i have them on my thighs, breasts, back, hips, and knees and there is quite a lot of them in all those places.

i am so conscious all the time that my top will come flying up and people will see them, and now i don't want to get a boyfriend, because they would see, or even feel them when things moved on a bit further.

i really need help. i am not fat, and i don't

know why i got them, none of my friends have them, and when they suggest going swimming, or going to the beach i simply can't go. they must be thinking something by now. please help me, i have used lotions and it's not working. any suggestions?

I'm thinking of surgery to get rid of them. At the moment i hate them, and i cry myself to sleep at night just thinking about it. help!

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im 15 and i stretch marks under both my arms, shoulders, lower back, back of my lower calves, and both sides of my hips.

I weigh about 93 kilos. i was 83 before, but i gained like 10 kilos in like two months. i'm bodybuilding, but haven't really started to do some cardio yet.

my stretch marks are really bad and if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

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Okay, all of the girls on here just need to take a deep breath.

I'm 22 years old and know what you're going through. Most of you sound like me. I was never overweight but i wasn't a twig like most of you. You will grow and there is nothing you can do about it.

I had stretch marks on my thighs, my hips and a little on my stomach. As i got older they seemed to just go away. I didn't use expensive creams or anything. I was happy with my body because it's who i was.

You may not realize it yet but you're lucky to have the body you do. Most of you sound like you will grow out of it, like me.

Post 551

I'm 14 and i started to get them when i was 13 I'm only 100 pounds. I've never been over that weight before.

i don't know why i have them on my boobs, butt, and now I'm starting to get them on my upper thighs. i can't wear anything low cut, and my boobs are only a size 34c!

it just doesn't make sense to me why I'm getting them. i had them really bad but they're fading slowly, but more are appearing. i don't know what to do about them. i try not to think about them because it makes me feel really insecure. what do i do about them?

Post 550

I am 13 and i have stretch marks on the back of my legs. it is really embarrassing because when i put my school uniform on everyone can see them. i feel very self-conscious a lot of the time i am at school and i just hate them!

i have tried everything: bio oil, cocoa butter, and I've exfoliated. i just wish one day they will go away!


Post 549

It hurts me to see so many young people on here worried about their appearance. Stretch marks will happen with most people. I am 31 years old and have four children and my sister has three children and not one stretch mark! It just depends on your skin.

I did not have stretch marks before my first child, but I did have a very low self esteem due to other issues. Just know that there will always be someone prettier/more handsome than you; bigger/skinnier than you and even someone in a worse situation than you.

Accept your body and slowly you will see yourself for who you truly are. Again I am 31 and still have issues with my body

, I use Palmer's coco butter stretch mark cream and my stretch marks are not that bad.

They make wonderful clothes that can pretty much cover anything, but it hurts me to see such young children out here worried about stretch marks.

Post 548

I'm 14, and I'm average weight. I have stretch marks on the back of my thighs, there not really really bad but I'd say if I walked around in shorts people would notice them. In P.E (gym class) I wear over knee socks, so thankfully no-one has seen them. The only people that know about them is my big sister and mam.

I've lost weight, and they haven't showed any signs of fading I also use lotions daily! When I think about them I get really upset and depressed, I just really want them to go away! Please, Please help me! I feel helpless when it comes to them and I'm the only girl in my year that has them. Everyone else seems to be happy with their bodies!

Post 547

bio-oil doesn't work. why is everyone on here just griping? aren't we supposed to be posting things we think people should try or not try? somebody has to have success in getting rid of stretch marks. Tell us about it.

Post 546

Just to let you all know that when I was 13 years old I gained weight. It was bad but then I lost it all in eight months.

I had stretch marks on the top of my breasts, my hips, and stomach. I thought they were never going to go away. I would cry because boys didn't like me. But what I realized is they faded when I was lost weight. When I lost all my weight they were gone.

But when I always talked to my mom she said your body changes, you grow and your skin changes. They will most likely go away. Just try to lose weight and keep your body healthy. Put lotion on every day.

Post 545

I'm 18 and I have stretch marks in my inner thighs (but it's not too bad) and on my sides but just on the lower part near my bikini line.

I've had the ones in my thighs since I was 12 and the ones on my sides since I was 15. I'm 5'1" and about 155 pounds. I've gained and lost weight so much for the past 1 and a half years.

last summer I was 135 pounds and right now I've lost 10 pounds. When this all started I was 123 pounds.

My stretch marks aren't all that bad. But I know when I lose weight they're going to be really bad and I'm probably going to get more. But I'm not too worried because I know what I'm going to do (make sure my skin stays tightened and put shea butter on it). So I'm really all right. I just have a weight problem.

Post 544

I'm 14 years old and weigh 160. I'm not fat just very bony i have them on my hips and i tried everything. i need help!

Post 542

I'm 14 and I have stretch marks all over my butt and inner thighs. I'm not overweight either. I weigh about 112 and stand 5'3. According to a chart my health teacher showed me, I'm under weight.

I've been using lotions and things to keep it moist. I haven't had them for long. Less than a year. I have a very low self esteem and now when I change in the locker rooms I hide from everyone and always wear basketball shorts or sweat pants. I really wish the stretch marks would go away but I know they don't. I need them to be less visible so I can boost up my confidence

Post 541

I'm 14, 5.7" and weigh somewhere around 135. I don't think I'm really fat, maybe a little pudgy but I don't care. [:

I've had stretch marks on my breasts, upper thighs, kind of on the sides of my knees and a few on my waist. It's really embarrassing.

They're not extremely noticeable, but I would like to know if I can make them either go away or fade. Please?

Post 540

i am 12 and i have stretch marks on my inner thighs, outer thighs and they are spreading all over my hips and spreading lower and lower on my legs. i am about 150 pounds and i hate it.

i joined a gym, and I'm trying my best to get rid of them. i used to be a great swimmer, i represented my school in swimming and always placed in the top three, but my stretch marks made me stop swimming. i didn't have them six months ago. i really wish i could swim again and not be scared of what people think of me. :( i hate my body.

Post 539

Stretch marks are the least thing you should be concerned about because life stinks.

Post 538

Ive got bad stretch marks on my inner thighs, and my sides. I got the ones on my inner thighs from riding a four wheeler in shorts. At first they were barely noticeable, but now they are very large and covering most of my inner thigh, almost all the way down to my knees.

I've only used one cream, and I don't have a lot of money to spend on creams and stuff like that. So I was wondering if there were any home remedies that's anyone knows of. I really appreciate it if you tell. I'm only 16 and I will be really embarrassed this summer. They are very purple, and some days they aren't noticeable, and then other days they are very deep and red. I don't know what to do. help?

Post 537

i'm 11 years old and i have stretch marks. i only weigh 109 and I', 5'7 and really tiny like small. people never saw my stretch marks but when i look at them i just want to cry because everybody has a nice figure or they are tall and I'm none of that.

i don't beat myself up of that but i do want to get rid of my stretch marks. i have them on my thighs and under my leg where my knee is at.

i've tried so many creams and they just give me rashes but i want to say that i don't care anymore. i love myself and don't let anybody tell you you're ugly because if they do, they're just ugly inside.

so take my advice but please tell me if stretch marks can actually go away. please help!

Post 536

i am about to turn thirteen and i have stretch marks on my boobs and hips and i hate it! i think that it is very unattractive and ugly!

i want to get rid of them if i could i would in a heart beat but for now i guess i will try some cream or something. i didn't get them because I'm fat. it was because i grew too fast.

I'm tall for my age(5'6) and i weigh about 130. i work out each saturday and am trying to lose weight so that i will not get any more stretch marks but i am glad to know that there are other girls that have stretch marks and i'm not the only one.

Post 535

First of all, it's not our fault you got stretch marks from being pregnant. That happens.

We, however, did not get pregnant or anything but yet still have stupid stretch marks for no reason except for growth, which we cannot stop. unlike pregnancy. We have a reason to complain, Sorry.

Post 534

let me start by saying to all these kids on here: seriously, you guys aren't even adults yet and you're complaining about a few marks.

I'm only 19. I had a little girl when i was almost 18 and got horrible stretch marks all over my body from being pregnant. I know it's impossible to get rid of them but i would like to minimize them.

I'm still losing weight. I went from 100 pounds before I got pregnant to 160 when i had her. I am now back down to 128. I'm hoping losing weight will help but so far they have not faded. Any other ideas? has anyone tried Bio-Oil who already had stretch marks and has seen results?

Post 533

I'm 16 years old and I have stretch marks on my upper arms and stomach. I'm using bio oil for a month already and its getting a bit not so obvious. i guess it's the best for stretch marks that are scars already, but losing weight and drinking plenty of water are the best i guess. and i have a brown skin which make my stretch marks really obvious. I'm still working on how to hide it especially now that it's nearly back to school.

Post 532

I just started bodybuilding and I've never had stretch marks before but after my arms grew over four inches in circumference in less than seven months I have a bunch. I've been putting shea butter lotion and I'm not sure its doing anything but it does smell nice.

Post 531

I am 12 years old and have stretch marks since I was about 11. I am 135 pounds which I believe is obese. I have cried and cried loads of times thinking that nobody would like me. when I go to the beach or to the pool I need to wear shorts on top of my bikini. so embarrassing. I really hope these stretch marks disappear or at least lighten.

Post 530

How do i get stretch marks off? i have them on my arm and a little on my butt. and I'm 16. help.

Post 529

I'm 13 years old and only have little stretch marks on the side of my butt :] but i don't really care.

I weigh about 108 and is a competition cheerleader.

I just want to tell all the girls (or boys) out there that its not the end of the world. If you have a boyfriend (or girlfriend) then he/she shouldn't care either.

A boy/girlfriend is supposed to love you for who you are in the inside.

I was really sad at first because i thought the stretch marks on my butt was ugly! but now i know that it doesn't matter.

So get off the computer, put a bikini on, and say to yourself in the mirror, "I'm hot and everybody knows that!"

I'm pretty happy for what God gave me. How about you? :]

Post 528

all I can say is that i'm 12 and i have them on all over. it seemed like and i'm a little chubby and i was also scared of getting a boyfreind.

After awhile you don't care about them and every guy I met really didn't care. In the locker room it doesn't bother me anymore because i know i'm cute with or without them. I just use lotion twice a day and they are going away with me.

Post 527

I turn 15 next week, and i have had stretch marks since i was maybe, 11? Yes i had a major weight gain,i went from 120 to 160. I am 5'6" and i lost weight and now I'm down to 140. But i still have really bad stretch marks on the insides of my knees (I don't know what that's called), my hips and my boobs. The ones on my upper underarms have faded, and the ones on my thighs faded, except for around my bikini line. And i cannot wear shorts or anything. it's so depressing.

I mean i can live with it, yes. But when people begin to question why you cover up so much (and because of

my height i am pretty skinny still) for my body figure, it begins to get hard to explain. I

've tried vitamin E lotion, vitamin E caplets and some cream i forgot the name of. But no change. Anyone wish to help?

Post 526

I have stretch marks on the sides of my stomach and thighs. I'm only 17 years old. I don't think I'm that fat. But, then why do I have stretch marks? I have friends who are chubbier then me and have no stretch marks! and that really pisses me off! it's not fair! I want to wear a bikini so badly but i can't because of my ugly marks!

Post 525

I'm 14 years old and i have stretch marks on my hips, inner legs and breasts. I'm very tiny, 5'0 and only weigh 111 pounds, but a while back i got so depressed that i started to eat and i gained about like 20 pounds but since then I've lost weight.

One day my family went to Mexico and my dad had this rash on his head so my mom bought this cream lotion stuff. My stretch marks got nasty and i was embarrassed in P.E to change in front of other girls, so i started to use the cream and now they are barely visible. They match my skin tone so that's why no one notices them. The lotion is called Genterisol it works really good. Trust me. My confidence has gone up and i feel good. No worries. :)

Post 524

I'm 13. I weigh 51 kilos and I have stretch marks on my boobs very badly. at the moment I'm a DD. How can I get rid of them? They are very embarrassing and I find it hard to wear tank tops and bikinis.

Post 523

Avoid eating fatty foods such as burgers and mayo. Anything with too much fats. I am only 90 pounds, but that didn't stop the stretch marks from appearing. Don't eat fatty foods and apply vitamin E oil (which you can buy from any drug mart or pharmacy for not more that $10 or $20) after you shower.

Post 522

This is really embarrassing to say but from ever since i remember, i have had stretch marks on my back, and there's a lot of them on there, not only there but on my butt, thighs, side, knee, upper arm back and front, and on my breasts, so you can say i practically have them everywhere.

i cry sometimes and trust me, i wonder sometimes if i have the most stretch marks in the world. even though they are not that visible you still know that they are there and it's extremely embarrassing. all my sisters are slim and have stretch marks only on their butts, but I am average build.

i was told i grew too fast, too quick and now that I am growing up i realize i have hormone problems because i can't menstruate, so i came here to find out a cream. I am desperate. I am 17. Help!

Post 521

im 14 and have stretch marks on my boobs and thighs.. i know they won't go away but i really want to make them lighter. please help.

Post 520

I am 11 years old. I have stretch marks! I have them on my hips and my breasts. I decided to look up a cure because today everybody started teasing me because they just now noticed them. I felt really embarrassed.

My tank top had slipped down and people saw it and blurted it out. I just wanted to dig a hole and hide there for the rest of my life. You don't know how much pain it is to go through middle school and especially have a flaw that is gross or nasty to some people. I am so embarrassed.

I think i'm going to cry myself to sleep. And the fact that you people say that there is

no cure doesn't make me feel any better. i wish i could have whole new skin. I think the reason i got them is because i grew too fast. But now i see that if i pray and put some faith into it by buying some creams and trying every remedy on this website.

i will go to the end of the world to make myself happy and not anyone else. Don't forget to make you happy not any others, because as far as i am concerned you are the only one you will be with for the rest of your life so be happy and stay beautiful. :)

Post 519

A good number of you people need to stop worrying about stretch marks. You're 13 or 14 and you're worried about that? Relax. Just wait until you have to deal with razor burn and ingrown hairs and the occasional pimple. No dude is going to care, much less notice, anything like that on a blow-up doll, much less a real girl or woman.

Also, since you can stop being so superficial and wasting your time contemplating your looks, do the rest of the world a favor and read a book that wasn't and likely never will be turned into a movie -- maybe something from another country, just as a small step in the right direction.

Post 518

I am 13. I have stretch marks on my but, thighs, and breasts. (really bad on my breasts). I weigh 100 pounds and have never weighed more. my breasts are not large either, only a 32B. Whats the best thing for me to use that is cheap?

Post 517

Well I am 18 years old and I gave birth to my son 10 months ago and I have really bad stretch marks. I'm scared they are not going to come out. Is there anything I can use to get rid of them. If not all the stretch marks, then some?

Post 516

I am 12 and have very bad red and purple stretch marks on my hips, bum, breasts and upper, inner thighs. they worry me and I'm scared that i'll never get a boyfriend over them. I'm not thin or overweight but i need to lose some weight. Bio-oil does not work. what am i going to do?

Post 515

I'm 12 and i already have stretch marks on my legs. I'm so embarrassed. my friends have beautiful legs and so am i but, when my stretch marks appeared, I'm so embarrassed. very embarrassed. help please.

Post 514

These are my remedies:

st. Ives apricot face scrub and for a minute where your marks are, you can also use a green pot scrubber. use anything that will get the dead skin off!

after that jump in the tub always wash with a moisturizing soap like dove, caress, black soap, cocoa butter soap, but the best is organic soap.

after that pat yourself dry, but not all the way dry and make sure the bathroom is still steamy so your pores still be open.

if you can find vita k, it's a stretch mark lotion in a little bottle they might have it at rite aid, cvs or try to look it up on the internet because i don't

know if they sell it anymore in stores. it's cheap but when i started getting booty i had got streaks of light stretchmarks on my booty and i tried just cocoa butter. it did not do it and then i used it with the vita k and they went away.

And you know i was amazed be cause a lot people told me they don't but i don't see any of them and i have gotten more booty and they still have not come back! nivea, palmers cocoa butter for ashy (has red on the bottle) any lotion that gives you fast skin cell turnover is the best to use. but pure aloe organic style is better than the lotion. i use the lotion after the aloe. rub, rub, rub, rub. it's best to get somebody to rub for you because it can get tiring.

do not combine them together. use the aloe first then the lotion.

my favorite thing to tell I know you won't believe because it's cheap and there are so many things to use. here is a list and these you can combine after the lotion.

olive oil the best is organic, pure cocoa butter,

pure Shea butter, emu oil (health food store or where ever your organic store is), cocoa butter with vitamin skin therapy oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil.

And if you really want it to penetrate get something that's close to pure menthol like muscle rub or vicks vapor rub menthol stuff. you apply that after if it has petrolatum because it's going to seal in all the moisture. Do not take a lot of showers in one day because all you are doing is drying your skin out.

i was mad when i found that out I'm a shower person and I love to soak.

and this is one thing i do not like to do is drink water, but how i end up drinking it is to take vitamins and the best ones to take is one for skin hair and nails or collagen or vitamin b,e, d, and one glass will not do so you will have to drink water throughout the day unless you want a kidney infection lol! No, I'm serious though about the kidney infection and everything. It's a list i have tried on myself so i hope none who tried is allergic to any because this is at your risk! i hope you see results! --have a blessed year. ginnifa

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I'm 17, and i have always been a very tiny girl. I've never weighed more then 105 pounds and I'm probably 5'4. i think i started getting stretch marks on my legs when I was like 13.

i used to think they were never going to stop coming and eventually go all the way down to my ankles haha. but, it's always affected which bathing suit I choose. i always want to wear a cute bikini but always buy shorts for bottoms. i hate them so much. but i don't really care too much anymore.

Post 512

I'm 17 and have had pretty bad stretchmarks for about six years. I was an overweight child but lost the bulk of the excess weight and an now 5'7 and 130 pounds. I have stretchmarks on my hips and breasts --they're really bad on my breasts. People say that they look much better once they've faded to white, but mine are white but still extremely apparent.

I understand that they can never completely disappear, but is there any way to make them less noticeable?

Post 511

I am 18 and I've been having these marks for over three or four years. I've lost weight. i used to be 210 and now weigh around 185 lbs. These marks need to go. I need tips.

Post 510

i'm 17 about 5'8 and 215 pounds. I didn't start getting stretch mark until i was about maybe 15? I don't like them at all. They're starting to show on my stomach! ugh! Anybody know what to use to get rid of them like fast?

Post 509

For you guys and girls out there who are high-school aged. Your body is still growing and changing so don't become too obsessive over such a small thing.

I am 23 years old and grew very fast when I was that age and stretch marks formed on my lower back, my lower stomach and hips, the sides of my breasts and the underside of my upper arms. I tried lotions and tanning, and while these products do seem to have a minimal effect (especially keeping yourself hydrated and your skin moisturized is important), the greatest thing to help is time. Now most of mine are barely visible and instead of being pink/red are silvery or much closer to my

natural skin color.

For those worried that stretch marks will get in the way of you finding a boy/girlfriend, it's just not so. If somebody is only interested in you for your body, you don't need to be with them anyway. I have a fiance who loves me and my body, just the way it is.

So hang in there OK guys, its not the end of the world, I promise!

Post 508

im 12 and have had stretch marks around my boobs since age 11. In a couple of days i'll be 13 and i'm a c cup and am sick of it. help.

Post 507

i'm 13 and have stretch marks on my sides, on the outside and insides of my legs, and on my breasts and this coming january i will have had my period for 1 year (not the whole year, regularly) but i'm 5'7 and taller than every other girl or woman in my whole family- my family is mostly girls So is it normal for my age or what? I don't know.

Post 506

I am 14, turning 15 this new year. I have red stretch marks on my legs. I used to love my legs because they are long and scar free. But then I noticed red stretch marks behind my legs. it is ugly. Some people ask me if they are veins, because it looks like they are veins. Help? I guess red stretch marks can still be fixed right? :)

Post 505

A product called, 'bio-oil' is very good at fading stretch marks and scars. Definitely worth checking out.

Post 504

I'm 14 years old and i weigh 202 pounds. I lost some weight. I used to weigh 215, and I'm happy about it, but I've got stretch marks all over my body. Yes, I'm overweight but getting better. i hate my stretch marks.

I can't cure them and it is so embarrassing. i can't wear a bikini when i go to the pool with my friends and they are always wondering why. i can't even wear shorts in summer because they will appear. Please help me!

Post 503

Well I'm a 14 year old girl. i went through a deep depression because of my body, and now and then i still get insecure.

i used to cry every day and hate life because of my stretch marks. i do have stretch marks on my arms, sides of my stomach, and I'm starting to get them on my stomach,legs and thighs.

But then i realized that everybody gets them at one point in their life, and then i realized that i am beautiful no matter what! Stretch marks aren't the prettiest things to have, but you can't let that bring you down.

You have to accept yourself for who you are, and as hard as it is to accept

that, you have to try! You can't be happy with anybody else until you're happy with yourself first. i know it's hard to wear the clothes that you want because you're embarrassed, and i know you think that nobody will ever love you because of stretch marks. Believe me, i used to think that, too! But you're going to realize that you're better than that and you are beautiful in every single way. So keep your head up high and tell yourself how beautiful you are, even if it means for you to cry.

Just as long as you're happy with yourself and you love yourself, that's all that matters!

Don't let anybody bring you down! People are going to talk about you, judge you and make fun of you no matter what, but you have to show them that you are strong and their words can't hurt you! That's how life is!

If you're always living to impress everybody else, you are never going to live your own life! So just be yourself and don't worry about what other people think!

Like i said, what you think about yourself matters first. Forget what everybody else thinks!

I hope this helps because it definitely helped me. Remember: you are beautiful, strong and gorgeous, no matter what!

Post 502

I'm 13 and have stretch marks. Ugh! I've had them since I was 12 and they are so embarrassing. Since I'm a girl that makes me feel worse. I'm not overweight. I'm 5'4 and 125 pounds. I have them on my inner thighs, breast, butt, behind my legs, and I'm starting to get them on my calves. I use cocoa butter and they are somewhat fading. I hope they get lighter.

I used to love to swim. I wear a bikini but I wear swim shorts with them. I don't have them on my hips or back. I feel so depressed.

Post 501

I am 20 year old male, about 5'5, and i began to notice stretch marks when i was 14. At age 15 i was weighing 210. My biggest at 265. Now I'm at 160. I have them on my arms, stomach, sides, thighs, and buttocks. I've been using cocoa butter for years and besides radiant, healthy and beautiful skin, the stretch marks still remain. I've been using Palmer's for about two weeks now. I doubt anything will change. Any suggestions on how to get rid of old stretch marks?

Post 500

hey I'm 12 and I'm starting to become really depressed because i have stretch marks every where like on my hips, butt, thighs, lower back, calves, boobs, and even my arms.

It annoys me so much because i always were jumpers on like 40 degree days and people are always saying "oh god geez take off your jumper" and all i can say is "nah I'm cold" because they wouldn't believe me any other way :(

I definitely do not have the perfect body, and i am not skinny, although i am losing weight yet i am still getting new ones.

i have been to my doctor twice and he referred me to a skin specialist, but he said there is no way to get rid of them and i just have to wait till they go white.

so i was just wondering is there any possible way to remove them i will try anything. Please help me!

Post 499

I'm 12 and I was really fat when I was a young kid, like super fat. I lost all of the weight and I now weigh 103 and I'm 5'4. I'm definitely not overweight anymore but I have stretch marks from being fat as a young kid. Would cocoa butter work well on them?

Post 498

I'm 14 and I'm normal weight for my age, but for some reason i have stretch marks on my upper breast. It's embarrassing because i can't really wear a low cut shirt or anything. can you help?

Post 497

I'm 14 and i have them on my hips and inner thighs and I'm on the swim team and it's really embarrassing when i wear my suit because it is high on the hips so you can see those too. Can you help me?

Post 496

i had them on my hips but they're gone now. I only have one located on the front of each arm by my shoulder. i think it's from body building? I'm 5'8 15 and bench 235 and shoulder press 265. so would that be my problem? my shoulders have become a ton bigger.

Post 494

okay i am 13 years old and majorly overweight and i have stretch marks on my hips and some on my inner thighs. i have used creams and they won't go away. can you help?

Post 493

You know, I've been reading these comments about how stretch marks have "literally" ruined so many lives.

Let me put this in perspective for you. First, the models have them, too. Oh yes--the marks are just Photoshopped out of the pictures. If you saw them up close, you'd see stretch marks.

I have stretch marks everywhere it's possible to have them. And you know what? I'm grateful.

I don't have cancer, I'm not undergoing heavy-duty chemotherapy or radiation, I can walk and talk and take care of myself. I've been married to a wonderful man for over 13 years and I had the stretch marks when we got married. He loves me whether I have them or not.

Life is

entirely too short to obsess over stretch marks. I was a chubby teen and I know where you're coming from, but ladies, you don't want to look back at some of the best years of your lives and cringe because you can see you were so hung up on stupid stretch marks that you couldn't enjoy what was going on around you right then.

Don't spend these years being miserable over something that well over 95 percent of the human population has. Rise above it.

Post 492

I am 17 and have had stretch marks for ages. I've tried things like bio oil and creams but they haven't worked.

i have stretch marks on my breasts, hips, inner thighs, butt and faded ones on my back. I hate them so, so much, i can never wear a bikini and when i wear shorts i feel so uncomfortable.

i have a boyfriend and he says he loves me and doesn't care about them but i still do and I'm so ashamed of them.

I'm tall and average weight never been overweight. the reason i got stretch marks was because i grew too fast. They have ruined my life. Everyone has said to me you're so beautiful, you should

be a model and that i have such a great body but they don't know what I'm going through. i see these girls and they look so perfect with their perfect skin and it makes me sad. i just want them to go away. please help.
Post 491

I'm 16 and female, i have stretchmarks on my thighs and breasts, and they're so annoying and embarrassing. I've tried bio oil, and that really doesn't work for me. They need to be gone soon. as i love to wear bikinis and low cut tops, and i can't go swimming because of them. Help?

Post 490

I'm a female. I have had stretch marks since I was 10/11 years old. I am now 15. I was never fat but I grew too fast, so that caused them.

I hate them. They have literally ruined my life. I have them on my breasts, butt, inner thighs, lower back, arms and now i have recently started getting them on my stomach. Every day when I am showering and getting dressed, I feel disgusted with myself. It's like, "What have I done wrong to get these awful things that will never go away?"

I've have never been able to go swimming without being uncomfortable. They have brought down my confidence a lot. I can't even wear a tank top

because I am so embarrassed about my arms and i can't even wear shorts without being uncomfortable.

I feel like I'm missing out on a lot because I am so ashamed of myself. But, it makes me feel a bit better knowing I am not the only one with this problem.

I have gained a bit of weight in the past year, but even before that I had them and it's the worst thing ever. Guys ask me on dates all the time and I'm always afraid to say yes because what if he asks me to go swimming or something and he sees these nasty things, then he's not going to like me, so yeah they've ruined my life. But oh well. I'm just going to have to live with it. There's nothing I can really do. They won't ever go completely away like I wish they would. So all the other young people going through this. I totally understand what you feel like. =)

Post 489

i'm 12. i weigh 167 and i am 5'7. i have stretch marks on my breasts, like a lot. i can't even wear tank tops because people will see them. i don't like P.E. because i have to change in front of everyone and my undershirt slips down and they can see them.

Post 488

I am 16 and 5'4." I weigh about 107 pounds and I'm definitely not overweight, but I have stretch marks on my breasts and butt. I had leukemia when I was 11 and I got a couple on my butt then, however over the last two months these other ones have suddenly appeared and I hate them.

It's consoling reading about others who have them, but at the end of the day I don't know you guys and all I see is girls with perfect bodies around me. It really annoys me when people tell me i have a great body, because all I can think about is what they don't see under my clothes.

I've tried bio oil and

cocoa butter, but it didn't help. The one thing that seems to make a difference is a specific type of cocoa butter, it's Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks and it has added Vitamin E and collagen.

I'm going to try some other things too, but that seemed to make a difference. Also tanning seemed to make the couple on my breasts that actually saw the sun way less obvious.

What I've learned though, is that you have to work with them. I love clothes and showing off my body and I hate not being about to wear low-cut tops anymore, but I've learned there are heaps of great, sexy dresses that aren't V-cut and aren't made to attract the eyes to the cleavage. Like if you draw the attention to your legs or wear something that has a really low back or something, it looks just as good and you get just as many comments.

I don't know, but anyway if you have any advice can you please share.

Post 487

A couple of helpers for stretch marks.

Lightly beat a couple of egg whites and wipe onto stretch marks, leave to dry then jump in the shower and use a loofa or something and scrub the egg whites off (exfoliate). After showering, apply olive oil on stretch marks.

Another one is cut open a lemon and rub juice on stretch marks then leave for 5 to 10 minutes and wipe off and then apply olive oil.

Also, apparently chest rub works, just rub it on stretch marks before bed and leave over night then wash off in shower next morning.

And, drink heaps of water!

Post 486

I'm twelve and I got stretch marks on my bum a couple of days ago. They aren't massive but I just want to get rid of them! Nothing helps, it's so unfair. I hope they don't grow and I don't get them anywhere else because it's depressing enough already. I'm happy I'm not alone though.

Post 485

Im fifteen years old and i ve had my stretch marks on my inner thighs for about two years now. i do gymnastics so we have to wear those body suit things and it's so embarrassing for people to see them when you're practically wearing nothing.

i can't wear bikinis without having to wear shorts with it. i can hardly even just wear shorts out on a daily basis to hang out with friends or go out because my stretch marks will show.

i haven't tried anything but i tried putting cover up on it. I don't know why i did that but i thought it would hide it but it didn't.

I'm really stressed out about this because when

it comes to the end of the year for school and its hot, a lot of girls wear shorts and i can't. i don't know what to do but i need help. does anyone know exactly what will at least help me?
Post 484

I'm only 13 and i have stretch marks on my breasts, hips, lower back, inner thighs and of course behind the leg. I hate stretch marks because i cannot wear bike shorts and loads more because of this!

i wish i could find a cure for this but as people and doctors have said that there is not an actual cure for stretch marks!

i am now getting over them and cheering up as most people all over the world have stretch marks just like me!

i have never used cocoa butter and bio oil for my stretch marks. i hope to soon to reduce the purpleness of them !

Post 483

I'm only 17 and have stretch marks all over my body! I've had them since i was 13, and it's embarrassing! i can't even wear a bikini, short skirts, shorts or anything like that!

And I'm getting married next year, and too embarrassed about these marks! i need to get them off and disappear before i get married!

Anyone know any great creams or medication to take that would help? thanks a lot! and help please! =D

Post 482

i'm 19 i have them on my armpits to biceps, also on my thighs and 3-6 lines on my back (they're the brightest and biggest). I first noticed them about two years ago about three months after i bought a home multi gym. The ones on my arms came first and one day i noticed two small lines on my back and are now there after spreading even more. i think it was because of my muscles getting too big and tore my skin but thought it was no biggie and they would go away! I was wrong!

I have used bio oil, but i found it works only for a few hours or so if lucky. I found vegetable oil is just as good, so save your money and go for that instead, but i did get small spots around my shoulders though! I should have stayed lazy! haha

Post 481

Please understand that stretch marks are literally tears in the skin.

No cream is able to repair the misalignment of fibers (which is the scar appearance).

The skin would need to be totally remodeled and retextured in order to fix damage. Even retinoids are not able to repair stretchmarks.

Start supporting the bio-medical sector in regenerative medicine if you wish to see a cure for stretch marks. Encourage your politicians to send more funding and R&D that way.

Post 480

I am 16 years old. I'm a girl and my name is Britney. I started getting stretch marks when i was 12 or so. Ever since then my life has been ruined! I can't wear short shorts or a swimsuit without feeling bad.

I hate these marks and want them to go away. I haven't really tried anything to get rid of them but i will start soon. I plan to use cocoa butter or some other stretch mark creams. I don't know why i have these scars. I don't think I am fat and I'm not very tall either. I am 5ft 2in and weigh about 120 pounds and i have the marks on my butt and thighs and other places too. i hope to get rid of them. =]

Post 479

I am a guy, I'm 16, about 6ft 1. And it's extremely embarrassing for me. I get teased about it every now and again and it makes me feel even worse when you know girls notice them and then tease you and tell people.

And today I found out that you can't actually get rid of them. I almost actually cried.

Post 478

I completely understand what everyone is going through. i am currently 14 and not fat at all and still have these horrible stretchmarks on basically just my butt. it is embarrassing to wear a tiny bikini and i have a big butt so everything shows.

when i first got them i was about 12. they appeared as reddish purple then soon faded to white scar-looking lines. i am still searching for a solution. I've tried cocoa butter. i guess you can say it kind of helped but not much. these reviews gave me a little more confidence when it comes to this subject. i plan to use some of the things I've read about on this site.

i hope these

marks become very faint to where they are barely noticeable. to every young girl who has the unfortunate opportunity of having these marks, i wish you the best of luck in having these fade. i do not think any of us deserve this burden. I'm hoping i do not get any more as of now. Unce again best of luck!
Post 477

I'm an 18 year old male and I got stretch marks on my inner thighs when I was really little because I had a lot of stress and put on a lot of weight at like seven years old.

In junior high I started working out. I didn't really notice the stretch marks because I lost like, 130 pounds. Then I started working out regularly and now I can't lift any weights with my arms without them getting worse. If I do anything it multiplies the amount and they look like I just got cut open with a knife. It's bad. But I've gained solace in the fact that everyone else in the gym doesn't lift like me. I can wreck shop when I come around. But no matter how much I can lift, I still feel like a huge fatty.

Post 476

Im 17 now and have had stretch marks since i was about 10 but they got really bad when i started doing weights for rugby.

I am 6 foot 2 now and weigh 190 pounds. I'm not fat at all -- i have a good muscular body and i started using an acai berry supplement to lose the excess fat on my body and after about three weeks they began to fade (they were still there but not as bad) and i never got spots after then either.

At first i was embarrassed but I'm grand now about them and i read a comment near the top that said don't tan. This is not true! you can tan a good bit

. they won't fade straight away and will look more prominent for a while but will get darker -- but i have never got rid of them.

and to all the girls that said they get them around their breasts, that is a good thing to us lads. It means big boobs, but if you all want to know, i can speak for all lads: if you've got the personality then anything after that is just a bonus :) Don't let it get you down. Ian, Ireland

Post 475

I used the Dr. Max Powers Stretch mark cream when I got stretch marks on my shoulders from working out too much.

During my wife's second pregnancy, she used it as a preventative treatment on her belly as it was growing, and she had it had the best effects in not causing stretch marks.

She has since used it with our third and fourth children, since it's all organic and works really well to avoid stretch marks. i recommend it!

Post 474

Im 19 and i have had stretch marks since i was 10 or 11 years old! I had them on my butt and on my lower hips and they weren't that bad until i got pregnant at 17. I put lotion on at all times when i was preggo! In the morning, while at my desk at work, before bed and anytime in between.

I always had a bottle of cocoa butter mixed with a little bit of vitamin e. I made it to seven months preggo with the same amount of stretch marks i had from before but then i noticed stretch marks growing on my lower stomach and then behind my knees and all up the side of


They grew so much and so thick that now i have them everywhere! Behind my arms next to my arm pitts, behind my knees, my inner and outer thighs, my hips, my butt, under my but and god knows where else! Lol

funny thing is that i was just doing a search to find some cream or something anything to help reduce the appearance of these marks and i ran across this article and i thought it was great! Because sometimes i forget i'm not the only one suffering with this issue! And it helps to know that i am not irregular and that a lot of other people know exactly what i'm going through. Sometimes i just get so upset to see people people that have three kids and gain weight and then lose weight and they don't have one single mark. I just don't understand why i couldn't be one of them! Lol. oh well!

Post 473

when i was 9 i noticed i had stretch marks on the side of my butt and they looked so scary.

i didn't know what they were so i called them veins. lol. Now, I'm 17 and i have even more stretch marks on my shoulders, breast, upper arms, hips, thighs, behind my knees and of course the ones of the side of my butt.

it really bothers me but i have nothing to do about it and I'm not really used to showing my legs and wearing sleeveless tops so yeah.

my dad's a skin specialist and he told me it's very hard to get rid of these marks, but i didn't believe him then. Now i do.

Post 472

i also have stretch marks. they are on the inside of my leg and behind my knee and the top of my leg and my hips. i got them because i grew a lot faster. when i was in grade 6 i was the tallest and the more developed.

I'm 5 foot 8 and about 130. I've been using bio oil and it seems to help a little but i was wondering if there's anything to get rid of it faster?

Post 471

I'm 14 and i started getting stretch marks when i was 10/11 years old. I hate them, they've ruined my life basically. I can't wear t-shirts or short shorts anymore.

I have them on my stomach, top arms, and top legs and behind my knees. It's disgusting and embarrassing, especially in gym, when we have to wear shorts and t-shirts.

Anyone know anything good for stretch marks? i use palmers cocoa butter, but its not good.

any ideas? Thanks.

Post 470

I didn't see many guy comments. I feel alone.

I don't know if I'm overweight or not but I'm 16, 6'4" and about 240 pounds. I think I'm overweight and I have stretch marks on my upper arms, back, butt, just below my butt, inner thighs all the way up to my stomach, my stomach, and my thighs.

They are all really, really dark red/purple.

I've tried nothing so far because up until now no one has noticed but today a lot of people saw them and they looked grossed out.

I really want this to change because I'm trying really hard to get a paying job so I can get money for a gym and a trainer and everything like that because I think it's because I'm overweight, but right now I really have no money.

Any suggestions on how I can get these to go away, even in the slightest?

Post 469

I'm 15 and I'm 5'8 and I weigh about 130. I have never been overweight, and I have a fairly healthy diet. just last year I started to see stretch marks on my breasts and inner thighs. The marks on my breasts started out really dark red, and have faded a bit since then. Now they are starting to develop on my outer thighs. I hate them.

I am not an unattractive person, and I would like to feel comfortable in a swimsuit and showing off my legs and breasts. I also play volleyball year round and if you have ever seen a volleyball uniform, you know why I'm complaining.

It doesn't really help me feel better knowing they are

common and/or normal to have. I just want them gone! I've heard cocoa butter and jojoba oil works. and I plan to go to extremes to get them removed if necessary i.e surgery. I hope you all find remedies! Good luck! (:
Post 468

I'm 14 and i've noticed purplish lines or what you call "stretch marks" on my breast for quite a while already. After reading all these, it made me feel better because i was worried that there was something wrong with me.

i'm not ashamed of these marks. people should love you for who you are inside, not what you look like.

anyway it's normal to get these kinds of marks, right? i mean, i'm not overweight or anything.

i'm only 149cm and weigh about 45 kg.

thanks people. (:

Post 467

Just to let everyone know the only way you can get rid of stretch marks is by drinking more water. All the caffeine, coffee, soda, etc., causes stretch marks. Do not tan. Stretch marks do not fade.

Some women are lucky and blessed with good skin, but for everyone else a balanced diet. Young girls under 18, you need to take daily vitamin pills. Just because you're "skinny" doesn't mean you're healthy.

Lastly all those creams/lotions will only work on the first layer of skin which is why you do not see much result. Using something to shed dead skin and penetrate new skin cells (lemon juice) with a combination of drinking lots of water will help them fade very faster. Good luck.

Post 466

i hate the fact that i have stretch marks. I'm so embarrassed to show some parts of my body and i really need help.

Post 465

I started getting them at 10 all on my knees and now at 12, they're on my backside. My Mum started using cocoa butter on them for tummies and the next day she put Bio Oil on them.

You can't see the ones on my knees at all anymore and the ones on my butt are fading pretty fast. I'm really skinny but I've grown in height a lot this past couple of years and I guess that's the problem.

My brother also started getting them on his back when he was 14 really, really bad so thick but he doesn't care. He says there are more important things and it didn't stop him finding his true love and she

doesn't care at all so that's great.

I think being a girl I care a bit more but seriously alternating these two creams is working for me, but I do it daily. I think the good thing is we can see we are not alone and even my Aunty has them and she's so thin but she said at my age her legs were like zebras with them but I can't see them at all on her now. She says she has to keep firm and they just faded. Sucks eh?

But at least we know we aren't alone.

Post 464

i'm 18 and i was super over weight when i was younger and now i have stretch marks on my stomach, back, chest, and arms. A friend of mine had the same problem and he told me that he used cocoa butter and would go to the beach like three times a week to get a tan. He uses to have them all over his stomach and now 90 percent of them are gone. So my point is: is tanning a good method?

Post 463

I'm 11 years old and I'm at the right weight for my height and age. Why do i have stretch marks on my hips? luckily i don't have to worry about people seeing me naked but it still bothers me, And if it doesn't go away, then i may be even more upset about swimming in public.

Post 462

I'm 15 and I weigh 150 pounds. I heard that's overweight for someone my age, but I speed swim a lot and I think it's just my muscles that are adding on the weight.

I've had stretch marks since I was 12 and they started on my inner thighs. I bought cocoa butter and they finally faded a little so they weren't very noticeable. But this year they've come back; and they've gotten worse. They spread even lower down my inner thigh, below my butt, on my butt, and on my hips.

I'm so self conscious now, especially since I swim every single day. I've tried cocoa butter again and it doesn't seem to be doing me any good. But

since I've read a lot of these articles, I realized I'm not the only girl with stretch marks. It helps a little, but I'm still afraid to like a boy because I'm afraid he won't like me because of these stretch marks.

Hopefully they'll just fade away like they did a few years ago. Oh, and thanks for the help everyone. (:

Post 461

I'm 15 and I've had stretch marks since I was about 13. I've been growing pretty rapidly since then and it's really bothersome. I have a curvy figure or a 'woman's figure' and I happen to look great in a cut-away bathing suit, but I haven't had the confidence to get one on because of the marks.

Just lately, I've started moisturizing more and using a combination of fish oil and Vitamin E and taking the fish oil, along with folic acid and a multivitamin orally as well. I am also taking the birth control pill and that has made my 'tatas' get a little bigger as well.

Though the vitamins seem to help, I was wondering if taking the BC pill (since it's a form of hormone) can cause a little stretching.

Post 460

Try using a bottle of vitamin E oil. The bigger bottle, not the pure kind which is only about 1.5oz. and more expensive. At Walgreens or any drug store should sell a bottle of it. Look for it in the facial lotion and cleaners or vitamin aisle. Put it on every night or once a day but you don't have to use a lot of it. And make sure you rub it in well. A new scar can go away in about a month (4 weeks), so if you have stretch marks, it might take a little longer (especially if they are older marks) but it's worth the try! :)

Post 459

actually i'm 14 and i have found that the darker i am in the summer the less you can see them. i tan in my tanning bed a lot and noticed when i stopped they got worse so before spending all your money on lotions try a tanning bed. if you get darker then you can see them hardly at all. :)

Post 458

im 16 and i have stretch marks everywhere. it's knocked my self-esteem right down. i'm thinking of having laser treatment but it's going to cost too much, I've tried boi oil and they seem to get worse.

i thought i was the only person with this problem. i know how you girls feel. i look at my body and i don't like what i see. it's embarrassing to have sex and go swimming. its not nice. just wish there was a cure. :D

Post 457

i know exactly how you feel, i have them too. they have pushed me so far over the edge that i tried to kill myself -- bad, i know, but the best thing is to go to a doctor who knows exactly what you're going through,and have a little chat with you.

It's bad enough for girls who want to have sex or date a boy who will see you naked, so please just see a doctor. good luck girls.

Post 456

I have stretch marks on my legs, my laps, my arms and my hips. it's really irritating and it bothers me.

i don't like people looking at me different and i've been using the cocoa butter lotion for like four months now, and it seems like it's getting worse than before.

I wanted to know which one is the best thing to use to get rid of it, like quick, because i really wanted to get those away from my body. I'm a good looking girl and if i have stretch marks on my body then that is not good and i don't feel better about it.

And also i kept on praying to help me out to get rid of it, but i need something that can remove it fast you know.

Post 455

i am 12 and i have stretch marks on my stomach, breasts and legs. I'm a little overweight and I'm not the best looking girl around so its already rude that people criticize me about my weight and my looks. now they are starting to tease me about the stretch marks on my breasts.

Post 454

i have always been slim, however i did an exchange for one year and gained 15 kilos, to be expected. after losing the weight again i was left with horrible stretch marks on my hips. Very red, going white, however even the white ones are thick and scar looking. What i noticed has really helped to get rid of stretch marks is rosehip oil, also something to help disguise them is to apply rosehip oil on the areas with stretch marks and lie in the sun. it doesn't fix it but helps them to not be so obvious. hope this helps!

Post 453

For everyone asking how to get rid of them, try reading the article! It's the whole reason it was written.

Post 452

i have stretch marks everywhere - inner thighs, outer thighs, bum, boobs and literally nothing i have used has helped them. I've used all the gels and creams but with no effect. i got them from just growing too quickly and it really depresses me that i can't get rid of them as they've affected me in all areas of my life. I'm really self conscious as a result of them.

Post 451

i'm 17 now and i weigh about 115kg. I was 130kg. i've had these things on my body since i was 15 and i got them on my stomach and hips. they look goodish but i want to get a tattooed body. will it make it difficult and even if i get them white? and i am a newcomer to body building.

Post 450

i'm only 15 and i have them already and they're horrible. I can't find a way to get rid of them. they're located between my legs in my upper thigh and they're extremely embarrassing. is there any way i can make them go away?

Post 449

i am 16 years old and i have stretch marks on my hips and upper thighs. they are extremely embarrassing; is there anything that can at least fade them dramatically?

Post 448

Creams might help them to fade away, but if you really want them out you need to try other methods, and if you are like me and are not very fond of surgeries you can try out a derma roller. it is a tool that promotes the regrowth of the skin, removing all imperfection in it.

Post 447

I got severe stretch marks when i got pregnant. i put on 18 kilos, and because i was a very petite person my body didn't take too well with putting on so much weight. I literally have stretch marks from my chest down to my ankles. summer is just a month away and the thought that i'll be wearing jeans the whole summer really depresses me. I tried bio oil, but i have a new baby to look after and finding time for myself is very rare, so it was too hard keeping consistent. is there anything i can do, that is quick and not so time consuming?

Post 446

how do you get rid of stretch marks on the stomach?

Post 445

I'm seventeen years old and have never really had a huge weight issue. However, two years ago, I was put on a certain type of steroid by my doctor because of my lung problems. And now, I've been taking the medication on and off for the last two years. I didn't understand why, but all of the sudden, stretch marks were popping up all over my back, stomach, shoulders and arms. I felt ashamed and completely out of control because I simply didn't understand it. If anyone knows anything to help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Post 444

I'm currently 14, I've had stretch marks along the bend of my leg and up to my bottom for almost a year now. I haven't grown much at all since I was 10 or so, so I don't really understand why I have stretch marks. They aren't very noticeable but every time I see myself in the mirror, I can't help but feel as though I'm missing out on loving myself because I refuse to show my legs. I want to feel more confident in myself. Any help is much appreciated!

Post 443

Ive had them since i got into puberty and my breasts and hips got bigger. it happened very fast, so my skin stretched and got those horrible marks, but Ive learned that everybody has flaws, and you should be happy about the things on your body that are good, and not think too much about the ugly stuff. :p you can't really get rid of them, but they will bleach over time, and reduce in size.


Post 442

i am 13 years of age. i have stretch marks on my upper inside legs below my hip, on my bum and on my breasts. They are red and have been here for months, i am not overweight, i am 163cm tall and 50kg. I am looking for a cure since i have recently started to release when i wear shorts (which will now be more often because it summer) you are able to see them and if someone points it out it will be highly embarrassing. Any cures please?

Post 441

I do baika no jutsu a lot and I don't get stretch marks.

Post 440

I am 15 years old, and i have had stretch marks for about a year now. I have them on my thighs, breasts and butt. i don't want to get any on my belly or back as the ones i have are already horrible and don't look nice at all. I am ashamed of wearing bikinis and shorts because it shows them on my legs. i need help to get rid of them so if anyone knows anything better than surgery then could you please help me. Thank you.

Post 439

I literally grew stretch marks on my butt overnight, but I'm still a size three pants. Seriously what the hell? People who have bigger butts than me told me that they don't have stretch marks.

Post 438

I'm 22 and after having my first baby i have major stretch marks! They are everywhere! On my breasts, my thighs, my arms, my legs, my stomach. I hate them! I want them to go away because i have to hide my entire body because they are embarrassing and i don't feel pretty with them at all! Please help me so they can go away@! *Ashley

Post 437

Reading these messages and truly opened my eyes. i myself suffer from stretch marks on my hips, breast, and thighs. it kills me every day to see them. I find myself constantly asking what have i done wrong? im not fat, i don't eat that bad, what am i doing? people tell me all the time how beautiful i am and that i should pursue a career in modeling and i laugh and think, well if you only knew what i was hiding under my clothes! to you young girls out there, I've done plenty of research on this and used so many products. they never go away. it's such a common thing for teens, young adults and pregnant woman

to develop stretch marks. i look at other girls and so far I've only seen about 30 girls that don't have stretch marks. stop comparing yourself to models in magazines and girls who you think are perfect because chances are they're hiding something too. if it's not under this clothes, then under their skin. i have found one thing that helped me out a lot that i wanted to share with you. when laying out or tanning, rub affected areas with baby oil, it fades them very well however don't overdo it. in the summer is your best bet. I'm 18 now and i still hate my body, getting in a swim suit is dreadful and i avoid it as much as possible. as far as men go, I'm too self conscious at the moment, however I'm gaining more confidence and seeing now that stretch marks are very normal, and if someone can't accept you having them, then get rid of them! good luck everyone.
Post 436

I'm 17, 5'4" and weigh 100 pounds and I have them on my thighs. Please help! :)

Post 435

i'm 18 and i have stretch marks but i'm not too worried about it brcause my boyfriend doesn't mind them. he even massges over them and it feels good. he makes me feel beautiful and tells me he loves my body and it's beautiful to him. :-)

Post 434

I'm 14 and i have stretch marks on my hips,upper arms,inner and outer thigh, on my back. it's so gross and i want to get rid of the ones on my hips arms and thigh. i feel so insecure and ugly. when i'm older i'm going to get laser remover on them. it works.

Post 433

im an 18 year old male and i have stretch marks on my upper arm im not embarrassed by them at all. if anything i'm extremely proud of them. they're from hard work and dedication. i hope to compete in competitions by the age of 20.

Post 432

Okay so i have stretch marks. so what you need to group and love yourself. you shouldn't care if people like your body. all that matters is that you do, i mean i have them and i could say im a thunda and all the boys want me. so i don't care because i know it! Dues

Post 431

I just have one bit of advice for everyone having issues with stretch marks: don't use creams just by themselves, you need something that will promote the absorption of creams. There is a little something out there called Derma Roller, that accelerates the promotion of collagen on the skin, the same collagen that will regenerate the damaged skin, and acts as a catalyst for improved cream absorption.

Post 430

I'm 13 years old and I've had stretch marks since i was about 9 or 10. I have them on my butt, thighs, lower calves, behind the knees, breasts and hips. They are really embarrassing. Every time i have swimming at school i always make an excuse up for not taking part, but that's getting really old. i just really want to get rid of them so i don't have to hide them. I play soccer which doesn't help. i build more muscles and my legs stretch. it's taken me almost 2 years for me to put on a pair of shorts without socks up to my knees. It feels great to know that i'm not the only person my

age with stretch marks. So far i've used vitamin E moisturizer which i started out on, but that didn't go too well, never did a thing, but then i tried something called bio-oil, it worked for a while but then it seemed not to do anything anymore as if it's done what it had to do, but then when i was out with my mom shopping we spotted some cocoa butter formulated moisturizers, which i have been using for the last couple of months. it seems to be working and i am waiting another couple of months to see what it's like. It's took a lot to share this with all you guys. i'm not very good at telling about my flaws, but i hope i've helped in some way.
Post 428

I am 17 and i have been having stretch marks since i was 13. I have stretch mark on my breasts, outer thighs, and on my butt. The ones on my butt are the worst because there's a lot and I have recently got some red stretch marks on my butt and outer thigh. The reason I got stretch marks was because i wanted to gain some weight because i was always skinny. I used to weigh 70 pounds back then so i used to be insecure when people called me anorexic or flat chested. I have tried a cream called Bio Oil on the stretch marks on my breasts and they kind of faded but i am too lazy to keep putting it on there. I want to know if there is a faster inexpensive cream out there i can try.

Post 427

I'm 17 years old and I've had stretch marks since i was like 11. They started out on my breasts but they have faded. Now I'm even more embarrassed because they are on my stomach and sides. Is there any way to get rid of them?

Post 426

First of all I am a girl. I definitely understand what you all are saying. I have had stretch marks since I was about 10 or 11. Right now I am 15. There are stretch marks on my butt, thighs, hips, calves, breast and the side of my stomach. Man can it be embarrassing! It is so hard to go swimming. I wouldn't wear shorts at all until this summer. I used to feel like it was all people would notice about me. Keep in mind that I am african-american so my legs are brown. My stretch marks looked black on my skin so they were very noticeable. I know for some people you can’t see them but it's

if you’re looking at then. No for me it was like they had an alarm on them calling people to see them. When I was 13 my parents bought me a lotion called trilastin. I'm not going to lie -- it is expensive! For me it worked though. I had been using it for about a year and a half mainly on my inner thighs and now they are almost completely faded. I completely get that lotions and creams do not work on everyone. I tried a lotion called Celtrixa and it did nothing for me at all. So you just have to find something that works for you. Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't for you. I know from talking to other people that cocoa butter generally doesn’t have an effect, but that's just me. One last thing. I know seeing these over 400 comments make some people feel better to know that it's not just them. It also helps to look at your friends or people at school. If you’re paying close enough attention to their legs you may see stretch marks too. I may seem weird and I am not some creeper that stares at people’s legs but it is what made me not feel alone. I hoped any of what I wrote helped. If it didn't I am sorry! Good Luck! :)
Post 425

I'm 12 and have them right above my belly button and on my breasts. I'm a C. They really really bug me.

Post 424

i'm sixteen years old i've had stretch marks since i was like 13. i'm so insecure. i have them all over my butt and a few on my breasts i'm a real skinny girl with a butt and it makes me sad when they tell me i have a nice body because i seriously feel like i don't because of stretch marks. it sucks to be asked to go to the beach because i can't wear a bathing suit or anything. it's so sad to have my boyfriend be with me because i feel like he's going to break up with me after he finds out. i really wish someone can help i'm so depressed.

Post 423

I am 13 and I have stretch marks. I have them on my upper arms and on my hips. This to me is so embarrassing because I can't even go outside with a regular short sleeve shirt on. i always wear long-sleeve shirts or a jacket when I go outside. The worst part is that I have gone through five different creams and none tend to work. I am deeply upset with myself and i need serious help on how to make these stretch marks go away before my high school years. Will somebody please help!

Post 422

i'm 13 years old and i got stretch marks on my hips and breasts. i'm really skinny but i just have bad skin. i'm a 32d and have really bad stretch marks which is so embarrassing because i'm in high school which is the worst time to get them. i have my dad's skin and i have purple/red stretch marks. i tried creams and i want perfect results which i won't get so i'm trying a prescription cream which is the best way or surgery but i'll have to wait after i have kids.

Post 421

I'm 14 almost 15 and have had strech marks for as long as i can remember. Reading all these comments has made me feel so much better, like i'm not the only one. Well, i'm not about to go put on my bikini and head to the beach but i think i have a much better viww on body image and maybe will one day be able to wear exactly what i want and feel good doing so. So thanks.

Post 420

i am 13 now and i have had stretch marks since i was 11. i have grown up pretty fast and i'm embarrassed by my stretch marks on my bum and thighs. they are going onto my breasts and hips. i just want to wear bikinis and feel normal without guys looking at the top of my thighs. help me! i'm only 13.

Post 419

i need help. im 17 years old and have crazy stretch marks on my outer thighs and inner and butt what do i do?

Post 418

i'm 12 and i will be turning 13 in less than a month. i had stretch marks all over my breasts! and i'm a size 34C but i started getting them when i was an A because i didn't wear sports bras. but i have noticed when they grow they get worse and sadly the doctor said i am supposed to be a D or a DD =[[. i have been using a scar cream but it's kind of working. please help me

Post 417

Okay, I am a nineteen year old college student and have had stretch marks for the past three years. So, yes to all you young girls who have stretch marks, I understand the insecurities that are involved. But just remember at least you have your health and a good body capable of healing itself. We all have flaws, remember that! Anyway, I have been undergoing a treatment called skin needling for the past two months. The treatment, however, is a little pricey but still manageable. Wow!, have I had sensational results. It has been a completely life changing experience for me. Although the marks are sill slightly visible, the treatment comes in series of 4-6 sessions. I have only

had one and so far I am greatly impressed. The skin needling along with a healthy diet, exercise and vitamin usage has healed my body and mind in more ways than one. So if you are looking for a treatment that does indeed work and are willing to pay a little extra for it I greatly recommend skin needling. But do not order it off the internet, try to find a clinic in your area which has a licensed tattoo artist to do the procedure. Oh, and it's not invasive like laser surgery so, down time is not an issue. Good luck everyone!
Post 416

I am not overweight but am I guess you could say tall at 6'2 and a 19 year old male. I have these on the area where my shoulders and chest meet and around my hips and I found the other day that I have some on my back just below my shoulder. I was wondering how I could get rid of them.

Post 415

I did not know many teenagers are going through the same thing as me! Well i am 14 and i have been noticing stretch marks since i was 12. Since it was about 2 or 3 years, my stretch marks are pretty deep. It is silver and shiny white. I have it on my hips, thighs and knee. On the knee! I mean if i have them on my hip or thigh i am sure i can cope with it but on the knee is so embarrassing. I can't wear anything shorter than knees! I am a bit tanned so shiny white stretch marks are so obvious on my knees. I am so depressed. I want to wear skirts and

shorts without being so unconscious! Recently i started to wear shorts. whenever a guy looks up and down at me, i feel very uncomfortable. I mean i am a teenager girl! I want to be attractive and look good! Those stretch marks so horrible! I am thinking of going through a plastic surgery. But i am scared. Are there any other ways to get rid of them? Many people say cocoa butter. i have never tried it before but still i wish i could remove them in this instant.
Post 414

Im 14 years old and i have had stretch marks for a while now. i have them all over the place my hips upper arms lighter ones on my breast and on my shoulders I have read some of the other comments and the ones i read didn't mention about shoulders. i hate it because i can't even wear muscle shirts or tank tops. my mom has noticed them but she doesn't really do anything to try and help. she doesn't really believe that there's any way to reduce them. i need help. i'm young !

Post 413

i am 15, almost 16, and i have had stretch marks since i was 13. i am now currently 5'6 and i weigh about 145. i used to be *very* skinny but i then gained an excessive amount of weight. they are only on the sides of my hips but it is a lot and i just want to be able to wear a two-piece bathing suit. Please help me.

Post 412

i am 14 going on 15. 5'3" and 116 pounds. i have a ton of stretch marks on my bottom. my underwear doesn't cover it and my swim suit looks bad too. i recently have gotten stretch marks appearing on my upper thighs around the end of my bone on both sides of my legs. i am the only one i think i my family that has them and i am like the only one at school with them! i am so embarrassed! what should i do about it without going to the doctors/dermatologist, or using expensive products.over 20 dollars. please tell me and i would like the price to be under $10.

Post 411

I'm 21 years old and have had stretch marks since I was 17 due to a rape that ended up with me being pregnant. I really wish they would go away and that there is a way to fully remove them without surgery. I have been suffering from severe depression ever since and having to look at myself and see them all over makes it worse. I have tried lotions and oils, nothing seems to work. If anyone knows of anything else to try please let me know.

Post 410

Im 17, I weigh between 75-80kg and I am around 175cm tall. So I don't have any weight problems and never did. However I have faint strech marks. is there any way I can get rid of them?

Post 409

hi i am 14 5 feet 4 inches and i weight 110 lbs. i got my stretch marks when i was about 12 1/2. i didn't grow very much but i am not fat nor am really skinny. i don't know what they are from but they are really starting to get on my last nerve. they are at the light purple stage and they are somewhat going away but i play volleyball and people are always asking me what they are. Can someone help me get rid of them without spending lots of money or going to a doctor? i would like to get rid of them with some sort of lotion. someone please, please help me.

Post 408

these are just some of the things i have heard about; please tell me if you know of anything else. i'm trying to get of stretch marks on my legs, butt and breasts. i've used sudocream, vitamin b, zinc, vitamin e and you can get the liquid and rub on them it is said that it works, as well as cocoa butter. i was also told extra virgin olive oil, coffee grinds, and trilastin or bio oil. let me know if this helps!

Post 407

hey there, i'm 18 years old and i had stretch marks since i was 15 and it's really getting worse now. i used to weigh 110 when i was 15 but now I'm weighing 140. so if there is any way of getting rid of stretch marks please tell me.

Post 406

hi. i'm only 15 years old and i started getting horrible stretch marks all over my thighs and butt. it's really nasty and i hate it because i always want to wear shorts but i can't because i always think people are looking or making fun of me. i've used cocoa butter and it never worked!. can you please help me!

Post 405

i'm 14 and i'm 8 stone. i've got light stretch marks on my thighs. is it normal to get stretch marks at my age? i'm not over weight, i'm quite slim. help i hate them :(

Post 404

I'm only 13 going to be 14. I've been having stretch marks on my upper thighs for about a year and a half and i noticed i have some on my butt too. i really want to get rid of them! i can't wear short shorts. when i go to the beach i have to wear shorts but i still i feel like other people could see them. mostly if i want to sit down my shorts go up and you could see them. i don't want to worry about them anymore. next year I'm having my quinceanera and i really want to wear shorts or something but i want to show my legs. my cousin told me she has

some too so i don't feel like the only one. i have also read all of these other girls' posts too, so i feel better, but i still don't want to deal with stretch marks anymore. i want to enjoy my young teenage life, wearing shorts and feeling good about myself, not worrying about my legs or butt. does cocoa butter really work? please i would appreciate the help. :]
Post 403

Hi. I am 14 and I already have stretch marks. I'm not a heavy weight or anything but i have deep marks all on my lower side areas. I have cocoa butter but i don't know if it will really work or not, and by what I've read in these comments so far i don't think it really will work. So what should I do?

Post 402

I'm 14 and i have stretch marks on my hips, thighs, backs of my calves and behind the knee. i hate them. they get me down. i have to wear a dress for school and i just can't it is so embarrassing. i need help to get rid of themd i have tried cocoa butter, and paw paw cream. it just doesn't work or help. i love shorts but can't wear them. please someone help. and no offense, but i care about how i look and i'm not going to listen if some one tries to tell me I shouldn't worry about them. well i'm 14. of course im going to worry!

please help!

Post 401

im 16 and i have not severe but lighter stretch marks on my breasts and i felt like crap because i was wearing a tank top today and my dad noticed them and called me out to my mom to do something about them. i am a 36B and mom says that it was because they grew too fast but i want to get rid of them. i think im going to try that Sudocrem that one of you suggested. hopefully it works for me.

Post 400

I'm 13 and I've had stretch marks since I was about 11 years old! Someone help me! Maybe I'll try a lemon, baking soda, oatmeal, and cocoa butter mix! Hope it works!

Post 399

I am 15, and I have dark (like they look sort of like bruises) stretch marks on my hips, both sides. Also on my breasts. The odd thing is, is that sometimes the marks on my breasts go away completely, and then come back with a vengeance. I weigh 136 pounds, which, to be honest, I don't know if that is "fat" or "chubby". I don't think I am. Sometimes, I don't care what others think...But I want to be an actress, and these stretch marks really bother me.

Post 398

Hello, I'm 14 (not overweight). Stretch marks? Yep! I found them a few months ago and it didn't really bother me because they weren't so bad. But now as time passes they seem to be getting worse little bit by little bit and i'm traumatized! I used to wear shorty shorts and now i don't want to because i'm scared to show them. i have them on the backs of my thighs like right under neath my bum, and i have them on my inner thighs and also on my bum and hips. I have worked out but that seems to be making them worse. they go from whiteish color to a dark stage then back again. i hate wearing

a swimming suit. i have to make sure they're all covered before i step a foot outside! I don't like being around my friends when they wear shorty shorts because i would like to, but can't =[ I guess i'll try cocoa butter? i don't really want to tell my mom why i'm getting this stuff. anything you could use that every home would have it? so i wouldn't have to go to the store?

Me and my sister are 'suffering' from these stupid stretch marks. :'(

Post 397

Hey, Im 16 years old. I have really bad stretch marks on my thighs, inner thighs and butt. Its at its worst on my butt.

They're past their dark stage and they lighten up without any products, so don't waste your money ladies!

I did have some on my breasts but they faded away because I rubbed Sudocream into them which contains Zinc which is really good for your skin.

I am using L'Oreal's night cellulite gel which got rid of my cellulite, even though according to my BMI I'm underweight lol but nothing has changed my bum's stretch marks.

At times I'm really self-conscious about it and envy my friends who get away with skimpy clothing. By skimpy

I mean above the knee haha. But my boyfriend loves my body and thinks it's hot even though I've got them and that's when I don't give a hoot and get in my bikini. If some silly stretch marks were going to ruin my fun I think that's desperate. Although at times, that's me. Sudocream. Eat anything that contains zinc and vitamin B.

Hope this helps, please tell me if it did :D


Post 396

I'm 14 and i suffer from diabetes type 1 (also known as juvenile diabetes) and an underactive thyroid which caused me to gain 3 stone (42 pounds) in a month. I've got really bad stretch marks on my hips and thighs. I'm going for a month to canada next year where I'll have to wear a swimsuit and i have no idea how to get rid of them.

Post 395

Hey everyone, I'm 21 years old and have had stretch marks since I was 13 or 14. I played softball when I was 12 years old to 14 years old and then when I stopped I noticed stretch marks all over my butt and now I have a few on my inner thighs. I'm depressed about them because I haven't worn a swimsuit since I was 14 because of this. I'm not fat at all, I'm 5'7", 125 lbs. I've never been fat. So I always wondered why I had them. They are my biggest insecurity and I have basically given up all hope on ever getting over this. :(

Post 393

I am 15, 115 pounds, and i have had stretch marks on my thighs for 2 years.

i got rid of them in one month by taking complex B vitamin tablets and zinc tablets.

I was more prone to stretch marks because I am vegetarian.

Zinc is a *must*. either take supplements or find foods with a lot of zinc in them.

Good luck! p.s. Websites and people who say you cannot get rid of stretch marks are wrong! -meme15r

Post 392

i am 14 years old. yes i've got strech marks, to be honest, and am quite lucky from what i read. it seems like my strech marks compareed to what's in these articles are not as bad. but still it's bad to me. i have stretch marks on my breasts, butt and my thighs. recently i have been using cocoa butter. it's working. my strech marks have gone a bit lighter and are not as heavy as they used to be, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.hopefully in a few weeks later it should look the way i wanted it. and please if anyone has any idea of what i can use for these horrible stretch marks let me know. thanks.

Post 391

im 14 years old, and recently i have a mega-load of stretch marks, behind my knees, in the inner of my thighs, on my bum and also up my back :| i've been to the doctor and dermatologist and they said it's quite unuasual to get it all the way up my back. they are absolutely horrible! and i'm away on holiday in 3 weeks, and hate to think of my horrible bikini body. i'm about 8 stone, so not over weight for my age. everyone compliments on my figure. i have a few on my boobs too. recently i've bought bio oil. hopefully this helps them get a move on. i was also using cocoa butter for awhile, and that reduced them slighty, but remember, whatever you see! people don't see it as bad as you, because you know it's there. keep smiling! At least we have bodies!

Post 390

im 17 and have had stretch marks since the age 12. let me say i have had them everywhere. breasts, arms, arm pits, thighs, legs, behind the knees, stomach, butt, sides. as time has passed my stretch marks have faded so they are less noticeable. i used to be embarrassed at myself. sometimes i'm still insecure about them. but the thing is sadly we will always have them. i've used cocoa butter, luffas, everything. but i've learned to accept them and and embrace them. they make up me. i still do not wear "sexy" clothes, but i have found confidence in myself that i wear what i want to. i used to wear extremely long board shorts. i'm now wearing the shorter version. and from pants and long shorts to shorter shorts. just be confident and be yourself. all girls have flaws. and if anyone judges you just know they have flaws themselves.

Post 389

It's very heartbreaking reading all these posts from young girls having an insecurity about themselves so young because of society. I'm 18 and have really deep stretch marks from being pregnant. Of course i'm aware of them, I wouldn't ever wear a bikini, but I know that it shouldn't slow me down. I know I will still live a successful life, I know I can still be happy. And I also know that having stretch marks doesn't affect who or what I am. I only think about how beautiful life is, how wonderful my son is, and how selfish I am for complaining over vanity. I'm to the point where I don't care about my appearance. What is important to

me, is who I am on the inside. Not to mention, look at all these posts. It's not like only one or two people have stretch marks in the world. I guess my point *really* is, I'm grateful for everything I have whether I feel negative about it or not, I'm grateful I have it. If everyone was meant to be a size 0 supermodel we would be. We are exactly what we were made to be: thick, thin, stretchmarked, short, tall, blue eyed, or rainbow skin. It's exactly what were supposed to be. Basically i'm ranting. Instead of saying how you hate having stretch marks on your legs, be thankful you have legs to have stretch marks on. That's my attitude about it, anyway.
Post 388

I'm 15 years old. So, I recently have stretch marks on my upper thighs and buttocks. I have no idea why I got them. I haven't gained any huge weight so I'm sure it's not that. It's been really bugging me. How do I get rid of them as fast as possible? They are so noticeable. I'm so scared to wear bikinis during summer.

Post 387

Im 15, and i have stretch marks on my arms! arms can you believe that. arms -- weird, right? it's like on my shoulders/arm, if that makes sense and its really weird because with near breasts hips and thighs and that, it's sort of normal as it stretches but arms is just really weird. and i don't know because it's really annoying as its summer and hot. I want to wear nice strap shirts and such, but all you see is stretch marks so i've got to keep to t-shirts. i can't really think of anything to do.

Post 386

I'm 14 years old and i'm not at all overweight, but recently i too have noticed stretch marks appear on my breasts, bum and inner thighs. this is really upsetting me and they're getting worse, but it has put my mind at ease to see that i'm not alone and that there's nothing wrong with me. my mum has advised me to use cocoa butter. she said just rub a dollop wherever your stretch marks may be, and it will gradually lessen the appearance. i hope this helps =]

Post 385

i am 14 years old and i'm slim. i'm 5'6. i have stretch marks on my upper hips and my thigh. because of that i hardly go for swimming and it's always sad. i don't know which swim wear to buy to cover them up. i tried using shea butter and some creams. it seems to be going but its black now. that's it and i'm still bothered.

Post 384

i'm 15 years 5'5 and 135 pounds. i've had stretch marks since i was 12. my mom says that i have stretch marks because i gained a lot of weight. i was 5'2 weighing 120 when i was 12 and 5'1 weighing 114 when i was 11 so i knew that my mom was wrong and just trying to put me down. by the time i hit eighth grade i started getting stretch marks on my boobs. and by the time i hit 9th grade i started getting them on my inner thighs, butt, and calves. this is really bringing me down because i've been dealing with really bad acne ever since i was 10 and now i have to

deal with stretch marks. (sigh), well i started using cocoa butter cream, cocoa butter soap, and 100 percent pure cocoa butter stick 2 weeks ago. i hear results won't show until four weeks of using cocoa butter so i'm just crossing my fingers and praying for results. i plan on modeling one day and i can't have these ugly lines all over my body.
Post 383

Hi! I'm 15 years old, and yes i have got stretch marks! I think i started getting them when i 13 years old, i didn't really know what they were so i just looked away from the problem. I have stretch marks on my hips, bottom, breasts and upper thighs. I did have a massive growth spurt when i started year 9, from 5 feet to 5 feet 7! I weigh 134 pounds. When i was 14 years old i was extremely active and had a great athletic career ahead of me. But when i found out that my cartilage in my knee was wearing down i had to give up. Before i had to quit i weighed 125 pounds

. Has my weight gain and growth spurt had an effect on my stretch marks even more? I use bio oil which is helping but not as quickly as i would like it to. And what's even worse is that more are showing when i'm not gaining weight or nothing. I'm trying to lose weight without exercise because of my knee. is there any diet which may help?
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Hi, im 14 years old, and i have stretch marks on my bottom. I was competitive gymnast, until i tore my ac at a competition. I have been out of gymnastics since February now. This set back caused my period and a few pounds. I used to be 95 pounds, and now I am 105. Is it normal for me to have stretch marks at my age? I have grown a lot this past year.

Post 381

Hi, I'm 11 and i weigh 120 pounds, and i have stretch marks on my hips (a.k.a. lovehandles), plus i want to know how to get rid of my hip fat and my belly fat. I'm 5'1 and when i'm at the pool or the beach my hip fat hangs over my bottom and i wear two-piece bathing suits so i get embarrassed.

Post 380

i have stretch marks on my hips, breasts and lower back and the truth about stretch marks is that they will never go away but what you can do is make them less visible. what i use is vitamin c. you can buy it from any drug store. it's gooey and kind of sticky but you just take a shower at night and put it on when you're about to go to sleep and just keep using and soon you will see that your stretch marks are fading away. girls don't worry about it. you're beautiful the way you are. :) i hope that you try this and i hope it works because it did for me.

Post 378

okay so I'm 13 and i have stretch marks too. ( sad, i know but we are all in the same boat. i have them on my left upper thigh but that's it. It confuses me because my weight hasn't fluctuated. and i was wondering if it means something different if they're vertical or horizontal, mine are horizontal. I've always been very self-conscious about my legs and this didn't help my situation in the least. I've tried lots of things but they didn't help. I like to go swimming and what-not so i wear boardshorts and wear longer, more conservative shorts. if you don't like it don't flaunt it, that's my motto. I guess that's all.

Post 377

i am 14 now and i got my strech marks when i was like 12 or 13. i was only 90 or 80 something pounds and i got them on my inner thighs and there's a lot i can't wear -- really short pants or anything -- and i don't even want to go swimming because it shows and now i weigh 110 pounds and i am getting more.

Post 376

i'm 18 and 100 pounds. i've never gained more than 5 pounds a year since i was 12. i'm pretty damn skinny. i've got deep stretch marks on my inner thighs, and they just keep coming. pretty much sucks.

Post 375

hey i'm 15 and have disgusting stretch marks on my butt. i don't have them anywhere else, just on my butt, and they look really really bad. i'm currently using cocoa butter so hopefully they will fade. the comments made me feel much better knowing that i'm not the only one =)

Post 374

I hate my body. Im 13 almost 14 and i have stretch marks on my thighs and hips. I was really looking forward to losing weight and getting rid of them, but then i heard you can't? Is that true?

Post 373

Woo! So misery does love company huh? Just kidding :S. Well I'm a 16 year old girl, 5'5/5'6 and around 140 pounds. I'm not "fat" or "skinny", for sure healthy and active and a ball of insecurities, masked by a lot of humour, but all that humour's real and honest. In my school, I consider myself as more of on the "bigger" side, since I'm asian and chinese people are expected to be petite and skinny. Boy, did they go wrong with me (haha. Just kidding, mom, dad I love you. I started getting stretch marks at around 11/12. At that time I didn't know what stretch marks were, so when they appeared, I thought "what the heck

is going on?" and hoped that they would soon go away. Of course, they never have. They have faded, but you can still see them. Oh, I have them on the back of my knees, inner thighs, upper thighs, sides of my thighs O.K., so everywhere on my thighs, both hips, lower back and of course my behind. Most have now faded to white lines, but some are still red/purple. I started gaining weight rapidly when I hit puberty, so that's why I have most of the stretch marks that I have. I still seem to be getting them, but I don't know the exact reason for those ones. I keep hearing really good things about a product called "Bio Oil", so I'm thinking of purchasing that. Of course I get depressed and angry sometimes (a lot of the times..), but hey we're all human, which means we're all not perfect. I spend a lot of time sulking, especially now because it's summer haha. I know how you girls feel about the bikinis and shorts, and honestly I still don't have the guts to wear them, but I know one day I will and that's one of my goals. When that day comes that you decide to let go of your insecurities, people will look at you and think "now that's a confident person". I guess it's going to be hard for people to fully love us, when we can't even fully love ourselves. I've come to realize that I need to be more confident and this is my life, not someone else's. We should be comfortable and confident with ourselves because hey, we were given this life because we're strong enough to live it and don't ever live your life trying to please someone else. Look forward to what you have and not what you don't have (well in this case we wish to not have stretch marks). If you're dating someone and are scared that they will judge you, they clearly don't know you well enough and should not deserve you. If they keep telling you that they don't care about your stretch marks and still love you, believe them. These stretch mark monsters get the best of us and hey it's part of life (kind of ). Remember you're not alone. I still have to often remind myself that I am not perfect and never will be and if having stretch marks adds to my flaws, I'm going to learn to live with it.

So with that long post (I'm sorry. haha) I wish you guys the best and remember to breathe a little ;) For every time you think negatively about your stretch marks, think of two good things going for you. Even if it's as simple as "I had breakfast this morning." Trust me, you can easily outnumber them.

All right: now go out and put on that bikini/speedo! O.K. maybe not just yet. Thank you guys for showing me that I am not alone in this and for making me feel better about myself.

Post 372

Im 16 and I started getting stretch marks when I was in seventh grade becausei felt the need to gain weight fast. You know, in the black community being thick is better than being skinny. I got them so bad. I got them on my breasts, back of my calves, hips arms and butt. It makes me very depressed at times because of society and here in the U.S appearance is everything. I wish people were more friendly about stretch marks and cellulite.

Post 371

anon41413: See your doctor about being tested for insulin resistance, especially if you have a family history of diabetes. Try eating fewer carbohydrates and more vegetables, and do just a little exercise each day, even if it's walking for 10 minutes. Start there and increase it by five minutes every two or three weeks. Try to eat less bread and pasta and more protein. You can do it!

Post 370

i am 11 years old and weigh 195 pounds and i hate it! i have stretch marks on my hips and my arms. i have tried cocoa butter but it didn't help. i know this a website for stretch marks but i need weight loss help now! please help because i have been wanting to wear a bikini so bad!

Post 369

Im 15 turning 16 in october, and i have stretch marks on my inner arms and my inner thighs and hips. I've tried cocoa butter and vitamin E. But they haven't worked. I gained weight and then lost it quickly, so i think that's why i have the marks. So i hope this works. :D

Post 368

Sigh. I'm 16 years old, 170 pounds- 6 feet 2 inches -- all muscle, no fat

Story: Stretch marks all along my back, I look like a zebra. It started last year. I don't know the cause but I would blame doing sit-ups improperly. By curling my back instead of having a straight back when I work out I've destroyed my skin. (This is only my hypothosis). I went to the doctor and he said it was because of a growth spurt, but I've been tall my whole life, and over the past year only grown an inch.

I'm *very* insecure about my body and it's ruining my social life. I'm putting up with too much crap right now and I

keep questioning myself "Why me" as if I didn't know or it's my own fault. Right now i've got terrible acne, my nipple has a lump under it, and now zebra stripes?

Tears me apart when someone asks me to 'go to the beach with them' and I have to think up another excuse so that I don't get fingers pointed at me laughing when I reveal my disgusting figure.anyhow I'd *kill* to figure out a stretch mark solution. Thank you.

Post 367

I am just about to turn 15 and I have horrid marks everywhere. I can never wear swimsuits. I have them on the side of my knees, my calves, my upper thighs, my bottom, my lower back, and my hips. I am asian and we are supposed to be small and petite with a nice body. I'm so very insecure and nothing helps. My parents act like I'm overreacting when I tell them. I am going to high school and we have to swim in front of peers. Please someone, I'm in need of help.

Post 366

i'm 14 going on 15 and i've had them since i was twelve. they started appearing out of nowhere. first i got them on my hips. then they started spreading to my legs and my thighs. then i got them on my arms. now i can't wear spaghetti strapped shirts anymore. now they are appearing on one of my shoulders. just recently they started appearing on my breasts. i'm 5 feet five inches and 140 pounds. i just want them to go away because they're really ruining my life.

Post 365

im 15 years old. i have stretch marks on my hips and legs. i have tried cocoa butter but it's not getting rid of them.i'm embarressed when i want to wear a bikini or short clothes. is there any way to get rid of them?

Post 364

im 12 and i have stretch marks on my upper thighs inner and outer, upper arms, ide of waist, top of bum, knees, back of knees and breasts. im "5"9 and i weight round 168 pounds. I love swimming and i still wear a swimming costume but i feel embarrassed. some of my friends have them but my best friend doesn't as far as i know. I hate them. i'm worried boys won't like me because of them. i'm not really fat just a bit chubby with a big bum! I don't know when i got them but i am very tall. i'm now trying cocoa butter. i know they won't ever go away i just want them to fade. any other ideas?

Post 363

Hello im 16 and i have stretch marks on my lower stomach and my arms. the ones on my arms didn't start apearing until i started working out a lot and i believe its caused by the increase of muscle over a short period of time. the ones on my stomach apeared when i started losing weight. They suck :P

Post 362

I have had stretch marks since puberty. I really don't understand why because I'm not tall and am very thin. I read that there is no cure for them but I have lost hope. I recenly purchased a 1mm dermaroller and am starting to see some improvement. In only a week I have notice that they are more filled in. I use bio oil in conjunction with the dermaroller. If I see significant results after a month I will post it.

Post 361

i'm 15. another tragic stretch mark victim. people tell you to be confident about your body. but its hard isn't it? nor is it fair. we are completely innocent kids who got stretch marks without reason. i mean, come on! what is that? be strong girls. you can get through this.

Post 360

I have been trying out a few things and avon has something that can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. As far as weight loss goes I can give you a tip on how to lose some weight quickly if you can stand it. its for 5 days for 20lbs. drink black tea or black coffee every morning and a grapefruit for 5 days. No snacking and only drink water. plenty. eat 1-2 boiled eggs and 1 cup of grapes or pineapple for lunch and for dinner eat a chicken breast, no seasoning, with some cooked zucchini. no salt. eat a few prunes in between. No snacking, and you should loose up to 20 pounds. It's hard but it works --oh and drink plenty of water. and don't exercise. it works better if you don't. good luck

Post 359

Hello I'm 14 years old. I've had stretch marks for I don't know how long, but Ive had them for a long time. I have some on my thighs which I hate! and some on the backs of my legs but they're not that noticeable. Some on my breasts but aren't noticeable. The ones on my thighs are *very* noticeable. What should i do.:/

Post 358

I'm 13 years old and i have them on my back legs, hips, inner thigh, arms and breasts. i'm using cocoa and shea butter and its working really good, and i thought i was the only one. now that i know a lot more people have them, i'm confident about myself :] i knew that cocoa butter would work, but i gained a lot of weight over the winter, so i'm 5'5 198 pounds, i'm not fat, i'm chubby. =] and guys don't really care about them. :]

Post 357

i'm 14 years old and have noticed stretch marks on my bum, inner legs and breasts. i'm 5 foot 4 inches and i weigh 8 stone. is there any way i can get rid of them because i feel so embarrassed about them because none of my friends have them. please help :'(

Post 356

I'm 17 years old 5 ft 8 and 125 lbs. I think the reason is because I suddenly gained a lot of weight during high school. I went from around 105lbs to 120 and now 125. I only have the stretch marks on my butt. Anyone know if it's too late for me? I started having stretch mark around 14.

Post 355

I'm 11 years old and i have had stretch marks for two years. I have them on my belly, arms, breasts and lower back. I am about 174 lbs. I would love to finish sports like i have been my whole life but i can't because my body is so gross with stretch marks.

Post 354

I'm 15. wow, this is great. i had stretch marks on my thighs for the longest time and it didn't really matter to me because they weren't that noticeable. but then 2 years ago i got them on my hips, and they are extremely noticeable and embarrassing. None of my friends have them and i'm not fat at all, and i have never been. so why do i have them? but it's great to know that i'm not the only one who has them for no reason at all. but how do i get rid of them? without surgery?

Post 353

i feel so much better now knowing i'm not the only one. i'm 16, 5 feet 4 inched and about 112 pounds or so. i've had strech makes since i was 12. ;[ it stinks.

Post 352

D: i'm 13 and i barely started noticing my stretch marks on my hips. i lost my virginity to my best friend and a few weeks later i got one on my inner thigh. i don't know if that was the case or what. but i started losing weight and i told my cousin. he said it was because i was growing? any help?

Post 351

hi i am 20 year old female. I started gaining weight and i tried my best to prevent this from happening. Anyway when i was 19, i noticed some dots on my legs. now they have turned into hideous stretch marks. I cry every day now because i feel ugly. i have no confidence what so ever. and i can't afford to get thim treated. i'm ruined for life :(

Post 350

I am 14 years old. I will be 15 in a few months. I have stretch marks on my stomach and i have had them for a few years now. I am 5'11'' and play lots of sports including volleyball and basketball. I have had the marks for a few years now and I need to get rid of them! I am also very very skinny. I barely even weigh 115 pounds. I need help!!

Post 349

i'm 16 and i have stretch marks on my inner thighs, breasts and on my butt and they are slowly going down toward the back of my thighs. im a B and i weigh about 120lbs and i'm 5' 10. i don't know why i have these dumb stretch marks but i don't let it bother me

Post 348

I am 22, got stretch marks when I was 12, then more when I was 13, then more at 14, 15, 16, and 17. I have never been fat, but I did gain a small amount of weight during high school, which is most likely the reason why I got the stretch marks. Recently, I have gained a bit of weight and have noticed more stretch marks on my legs, after 4 years of not getting any new ones. If you start getting stretch marks, it is likely you will get more in the same place. They tend to just suddenly appear and the more you look at them the more they seem to appear!

My advice to you is

simple: don't gain any more weight. Do *everything* you can to exercise, stay fit and drink *loads* of water (eat well too!!). Stretch marks tend to be genetic but if you can limit weight gain, chances are your skin will stop stretching and you won't get any more. Join the gym, exercise every day!! The stretch marks on my hips and thighs have faded now and are barely noticeable. I have one awful stretch mark in particular on the side of my upper hip, and I am going to get a tattoo there to cover it up. I got really really bad ones down the back of my legs, knees and calves and there is pretty much nothing I can do about those. Yes, it is depressing, but when they formed I did not know much about stretch marks. I want you people to know that there is something you can do: live with the ones you have and stop new ones from forming with exercise!! Hopefully if you stop them early enough you can just cover the small areas affected with make up or tattoos. You may feel sad about one or two stretch marks on your hips, but trust me you will feel a lot sadder about them when they cover your entire body so stop them!
Post 347

I'm a 19 year old female. I've had stretch marks for awhile on my hips, inner thighs, breast and arms and it really bothered me and ruined my self esteem. On top of self esteem problems I've always been overweight. I hate it! Then this past year I started losing some weight and I'm not as big as I used to be kind of , and I started noticing I was getting stretch marks on my stomach! Any time I do anything with a guy I'm always terrified they're going to lift my shirt up and I hate dealing with that.. I want to get rid of them or at least make them to where they're barley noticeable. I don't know what to do :/

Post 346

hi im 14 and i have had stretch marks for a couple of years now, some of them are barely noticeable anymore but I've started getting them on my shoulders is that normal?

please help i always have to hide my shoulders now even in he summer!

Post 345

Hello. Im 14 years old and i have stretch marks in my inner thighs and some on my hips. I weigh around 115 and im very athletic and i used to love going swimming with all my friends and now i am embarrassed to and same with shorts i love wearing them but because of my stretch marks on my thighs i don't now. And i don't know anyway to get rid of them? Ive heard triLASTIN works but i want to know if it works really good before i buy it. Help me please!

Post 344

I'm 14 and have had stretch marks since I was 12. I am no way over weight I have never been I'm really athletic and sporty I used to love going swimming with my friends but now I can't because of my stretch marks they reach from my bum right the way down to the back of my knees can someone help me get rid of them?

Post 343

Hello! I am a 21 year old female, I am 5 ft 100 lbs -- very petite frame. When my husband and I had our first child recently I was very worried about stretch marks. So I always put cocoa butter and vitamin E capsules on my stomach and I got 0 stretch marks on my stomach! But.. I did not lotion my butt or my breasts. Which was stupid on my part because the last few weeks of my pregnancy my butt got very large very fast, and I breast fed my baby and your breasts become very large and full when your milk comes in. I could notice some purple lines but I wasn't too concerned about it. It

wasn't until I lost all my baby weight a month after my little girl was born that I saw how bad the stretch marks had become. I always loved my body and my butt was my favorite part, now I don't like to wear normal swimsuit bottoms. The only thing I can do to minimize the look of stretch marks is a sunless tanner! I use lorea'l selfless tanner. It has vitamin E and it doesn't make me look orange. It helps cover the stretch marks so much its a life saver. The sunless tanner helps blend the skin and makes them almost un noticeable. I love it and it helps so much, plus its good for your skin because tanning just makes the stretch marks look ten times worse! Try it you'll love it!
Post 342

Hey im a 15 year old girl. i weigh about 95 pounds. I have stretch marks on my breasts and inner thighs. I'm a size A but the stretch marks are worse on my breasts. I'm pretty petite yet i still have stretch marks and i don't get it. My best friend has stretch marks on her breasts too, so we share the same problem. You can barely see the stretch marks on my inner thighs so that's good, and no one's going to be seeing me with my bra off so no one knows i have stretch marks there, which is a plus.

Post 341

I'm 16 and have stretch marks on my inner thighs, legs, and butt. Do I wish I didn't have them? Of course, but I was never overweight. They started appearing when I turned 14 and started to grow. That was also when I joined sports. Reading all the other comments on here makes me feel a lot better about myself, because it reminds me that I'm not alone. Thanks everyone!

Post 340

I'm 12 years old turning 13 in less then 2 months. i feel so uncomfortable about my body and haven't gone swimming or to the beach at all this summer. the only time i have worn a swim suit this summer was with my best friend. i only feel comfortable with her seeing me.

my stretch marks are all over my thighs and on my hips. my mom has them all over her body after having 5 kids.

they say i got them cause i gained a lot of weight at once. i am trying to lose that weight but its really hard.

anyone know fast, easy and pain free ways to get stretch marks away?

Post 339

im 16 and my stretch marks started appearing slowly when i was in third grade. now they start at the top of my calves, all the way up to my hips and backs of my elbows. im only 5'4 and weigh 110. i have been skinny my entire life. also, my mom has them in the exact places and says my grandmother did as well. i was told by her that they are hereditary, seeing as that both of us are petite. because they are 'hereditary' is there anything i can do? i haven't been swimming in years, haven't worn shorts in years, have never played sports and i want to. these things on me hinder my life and comfort so drastically. please help.

Post 338

Hi i recently turned 13 and i weigh about 132 lbs. i started noticing strech marks when i was 12 but since this summer started i've noticed them more and more on my inner thighs and on the back of my knees. it's embarrassing because i love to wear shorts and when i hang out with my friends we wear shorts and i hate seeing myself with strech marks and them with none. when i go back to school all i want to wear is capris but with my embarrassing legs i don't think that's what will happen. i read on a website that a way to get rid of them is by rubbing vicks vapor rub on your legs

hard with a cloth but who knows? i might try some of that cocoa butter stuff but i'm really considering surgery. i don't want them to ruin my last year of middle school or my whole high school year. i hate just lookinq at my legs.
Post 337

I am 19, and i have streach marks on my inner thighs and breasts since i was 16. my breasts are from them growing so fast i know that( i went from AA to a C in the matter of 2 months!) but anyway, i am 5'5 and 105 pounds. i have never been overweight and i have not gained or lost weight in over two years. i don't know why i have these strech marks on my thighs, i have tried cocoa butter and vitamin E but they don't seem to work. any suggestions?

Post 336

Im going in the 10th grade this year and i have had stretch marks since 8th grade when I started playing volleyball. the stretch marks are on my inner thighs and they are really embarrassing. During my freshman volleyball season they have gotten worse. and now that i have hit the weight room this summer they have gotten really bad. they make me really self conscious especially when im in spandex or biki and hanging out with a guy. i am not fat or very tall just athletic. i didn't know that was such a crime but i do feel better about reading these comments so thanks!!!!

Post 335

hi i'm 14 and i have stretch marks since 13 and they are on my hips and some on my legs. now i hate wearinq bikinis because of this..i use to have stretch marks on my breast but the best thing that worked for me is pure cocoa butter. i use it 3 times a day or more and it really helps.!! [gigi]

Post 334

Hi I'm 15. I have stretch marks on my hips and now on my breasts.It doesn't really help the fact that every one in my family has big breasts and at the age of 14 i was a DD. I've tried strech mark cream and loads more cream. none seems to have worked and im going on holiday this week, which is making me nervous about wearing any bikinis because they just won't gooo! any one got anything other than cream that will make them go?

Post 333

I am 21 years old, and I have had stretch marks on my breasts, inner thighs, and hips since I hit puberty at 14. I'm 5'7" and about 140 lbs. I have never been 'overweight' but I did get very curvy very suddenly. They are faded now, but not enough. I've been using cocoa butter for years but it doesn't seem to work.

When I talked to my Mother about it, she said that she thought mine were hereditary because my aunts on my father's side had them bad and they are very thin.

I really want to get rid of them because they make me self conscious. But thank you all for being so honest. Now that I know I'm definitely not in the minority, I feel much better about myself.

Post 332

im 14 and have stretch marks on my buttocks and inner thighs since i put on weight, since then i have shed the pounds..i feel embarrassed to wear shots because of there a good remedy for them?

Post 331

Hi. I'm fourteen, 5"7 about 155 pounds. This year, I started noticing stretch marks on my breasts. Then I started seeing them on the outside of my thighs. And *now* they're on the inside of my thighs and on my hips. What should I do?

Post 330

I'm 12, I have many stretch marks on the back of my knees,around my whole back,my butt,my stomach and only 3 on my chest. I had some on my inner thighs but they are now a lighter whitish yellow and barely noticeable unless you look right at my thighs haha.I'm 5'7 and above 150 lbs due to the overweight runs in my family.Anyway I have tried cocoa butter and vitamin e for about 2 months. Some are disappearing but take weeks just for one to be gone.I am going to buy some bio oil and see how that works out.

Post 329

I'm 14 and had my stretch marks since around 9 when I was made fun of for being anti-social, I've lost a lot of the weight I've gained over the years but I'm embarrassed to wear tank tops or shorts so I really need a remedy, quick!

Post 328

Hi everyone! I felt a lot better after reading the queries and comments section here..

after all nearly everyone in the adolescent stage has them.. I am 19 and I have these stretch marks all over my shoulders, waist line, buttocks, belly and thighs.. But I am pretty sure that I will not be conscious of them if I lose my weight, get a little more fair complexion (I am fair though!) and go easy with life.. Thank you all who looked on the positive side and helped me think positively about it.. and I am sure I won't have a guy going for my looks rather than my heart.. Thanks again!!

Post 327

TriLASTIN SR stretch mark cream is the only product that works. I have been using heaps of creams on my scars. My friend and I both tried it together and we had very similar results within 4 weeks we took photos each week to see the changes and there is a *huge* difference. Forget all the other rubbish stuff that doesn't work this TriLASTIN will give you good results.

Post 326

I have been doing some research.

CIT(Collagen Induction Therapy) using needling and rollers seems some what promising. Especailly with the right topicals(usually home made vit c and other minerals).

Just be careful not to do it too often or you can do more harm than good.

Post 325

Why do celebrities look so flawless if everyone gets stretch marks? What do they use?

And how can I get that?

Post 324

im almost 14 and i have strech marks on my inner thighs, hips, breasts and outer thighs. I've used creams to make them less noticeable but they didt work. some days they'll be light, some days they'll be red. what can i use to make them go away?

Post 323

hey, im 15 5"2 and weigh 6 stone... i too have stretch marks, like most of you guys who have posted comments and questions... i came on this site seeking help etc, but seeing these comments particularly from people the same age as me, has really comforted me. sure, im going to keep trying to get rid of them, but nobody's perfect.. we all have our flaws! good luck everyone, x

Post 322

hey im 17 at the moment. i weigh 112 but my weight goes up an down dependin on my mood but because of that i have strech marks on my thighs...i have a big butt an a small waist that i would love to show off but my confidence is low because of my stretch marks..but listening to your stories made me realize that we are only human and no one is imma be happy an you should be too..not saying that I'll give up on trying to get rid of them but that my confidence won't go down if they don't.

Post 321

I really want to remove my stretch marks. I love wearing shorts. Now I can't. I'm umcomfortable with my body. I wear long short whenever go to the pool. Please help me. Im barely going to a 14. I've had them since 12.

Post 320

I'm 13 and I have stretch marks from my waist down to the back of my knees. I got them when i was like about 12. I don't really want to go into surgery. So I will try cream and stuff like that. And I'm scared if I get more or it will really damaged my skin enough that it will rip.

Post 319

hey folks, im 14 and i hate my body. im not that self conscious cause i wear short shorts and i wear bikinis. im only 125 and 5'4. i have them on my breasts, inner thighs and a few on my hips, and don't get me wrong i want to get rid of them. i just don't know if i will ever really accept the fact that they will be there forever.

im going to try these and get back to you guys, thanks a lot :)

Post 318

i am now 23 years old....i delivered my daughter 2 years ago, at 21 years of age. my weght has always been an issue i have fluctuated since the age of 14 between 115 to my heaviest about 150 keep in mind i am only 5'1". Prior to becoming pregnant i lost about 25lbs...I was so excited to wear a two piece again, and then pregnancy came and I thought no biggie ill just lose the weight. I ballooned up to 180lbs gaining about 54 pounds on my short lil frame. Now I look disgusting. I can't stand myself, I look like a freak, or just a mutant its terrible I cry about it everyday i can't stand

to look at my self. or anything it has literally taken away all my happiness. when i hear these young girls talk about a couple here and a couple there I think no1 has any idea what i am going through mine are EVERYWHERE my calves,my boobs, my butt, my thighs inner and outer my hips my belly, my upper arms and arm pits not one part of my body is not riddled with these disgusting marks. I feel like i will never be happ again and im like what is the point in being here. I am really depressed i don't want to do anything or go anywhere. I live everyday hoping maybe one day ill get money and get a tummy tuck where the marks are the worst...or i don't know I am ready to throw in the towel completely I am sickened with myself. and people will say i at least got my daughter out of it but i don't enjoy any time with her really because my being miserable is consuming me...please just give me some type of advice/ hope because at this point i don't want to live
Post 317

I am a 17 year old male who also has stretch marks. They are on my back, legs, knees, arms, and now starting to form on my stomach. I am 6'4" and 200lbs. I have tried many different types of creams and each has shown it's slight improvements but none with any real significance. I have joined the military and am really embarrassed and stressing over the fact that I have to be naked and shirtless in front of other people. They are constantly on my mind and I can't seem to get over it. I work out daily now but am afraid to build to much muscle or lose weight because I don't want more to appear. Some words of encouragement please.

Post 316

Im 17 and I just had a baby in Dec. He is the best baby ever. But he weighed so much when I was pregnant that I got stretch marks. They look really terrible like Freddy was trying to come out. I need help in getting rid of them. I hate them and I can't ever wear a bathing suit. My mom says they look so terrible I should not go

Post 315

I'm 14, and have had stretch marks for about three years now. I'm *very* tall, and have stretch marks on my legs and buttocks. any way to prevent this in the future? (I grow every 4 times a year....)

Post 314

I have lots of them at the very bottom of my back and on my butt :( No woman is going to want to go near me when i'm in this kind of condition - July 9th 2009

Post 313

Read this. It will help!!!!!!!

Skin is like a rubber band, once it gets dried out and then stretches, it will leave marks!

I've had stretch marks since I was about 13, but I also weighed a lot compared to what I would have liked to, 150 lbs, and all weight gain does to stretch marks is makes them worse. I was 15 when I got pregnant. and all that did was make them twice as bad and in more places. Stretch marks do heal. whoever tells you they don't is dumb. I thought the only way to get them away would be surgericaly, but with a baby I had no money for that. But mine are soooo faded they're

almost gone. keep skin moisturized so they don't expand. there are three creams you will need to get if you want your stretch marks faded/gone. and you will need to use them each every day at different times. also exfoliating the stretch marks makes them much less noticeable because it takes off layers of dried skin. the three creams are palmer cocoa butter formula(massage lotion for stretch marks)for the morning; vitamin E cream for around noon; and pre vitamin E oil for before bed. these can be purchased anywhere. Target,walgreens,walmart, Even Family dollar.

Hope it helps :) --Morning:Pa

Post 312

I'm 11 with stretch marks on my butt and boobs. I've never really cared, cause no one right now will see them, and I've never been fat. I went through a growth spurt when I was 10, 4'6 to 5'8, and I weigh 99 lbs. Point, I think if you have them on your butt, it means you just have a really big butt, which to some guys is a good thing ;P

Post 311

I started getting stretch marks when i was about 12 or 13. They were very tiny and not very noticeable and they were on my hips so i could cover them easily. But now I am 16, and they have gotten much larger and more noticeable. I don't know what caused them because I have never had any sort of rapid growth spurt (I'm only 5"1'), I've never been pregnant, and I have never had severe weight gain (I am a slight bit chubbby, but I've been like that my whole life) If anything, I've lost weight! Can someone please explain this to me??

Post 310

Hello, I'm 18.

I don't care about my stretch marks anywhere else

but I really want to get them off my shoulders.

It was my junior year in high school when I gained them. I'm too embarrassed by them. I want to wear sleeveless shirts because its summer time.

stretch marks are oh so ugly. I'm going to keep hiding them just because I am that self conscious.

Post 309

I can't believe I have stretch marks.

Everyone's always told me I have nice skin but *ugh* and then I had to get stretch marks on the outer sides of my hip and butt. I just got them out of nowhere when I was a skinny mildly curvaceous 15 year old. It makes me so sad every time I see them, especially since I'm still young and not a large lady.

Post 308

well im only 12 years old. im a black female and i have stretch marks on my outer thigh. i feel really annoyed by them when im at a beach or water park and i have never been fat but i did run a lot. people say that we should just deal with them and its just not that simple. no one wants these big tiger stripes on their legs. its an embarrassment but i have noticed that cocoa butter lotions and baby oil have lightened them up. the cocoa butter works after a while but moisturizing is an instant success. no one deserves these ugly lines, especially not girls. boys can deal better because they are not trying to

look cute in a bikini and it looks like they have built up muscle and stuff. i think the reason i have them is because i built up muscle in my legs from racing kids up and down the street just about every day. i even pray that they would go away and another part to my story is that they were inherited from my mother because she ran track. people always say i had legs for track but i guess later in life they will fade real well like hers did
Post 307

im 16 years old 5'0 100 pounds im quite small for my age but i have stretchmarks on my inner thighs, i haven't had any rapid weight gain, i probably gain about 5 pounds a year in total and this year i haven't gained any weight at all, but my stretch marks are getting bigger and bigger! somebody please help next year im gradding and were all supposed to go to the beach next week and i can't were a bikini!! help please :)

Post 306

im 15 years old, 5'5 and 115 pounds.

i have stretch marks on my inner thighs

& some on my breast! i have had them

for awhile because i lost much weight.

it is seriously no big deal, they *will* eventually fade. i know its hard but love your


Post 305

I'm an 18 year old male who somehow got them randomly. I have never taken steroids or any other drug. I'm athletically fit and not over muscular, just right and somehow they formed on my right side of my torso in horizontal lines. Any ideas?

Post 304

I have them on my boobs and the tops of my Legs...

I developed early for my age and they look horrible. I hate going swimming because they don't look nice. How can I make them look less visible ): S.o.s

Post 303

Hi i am 19, and when i was 16 i hit a growth spurt and went from 5'5 to 6'3 and got insane stretch marks on my back. it looks like i was whipped, i don't really care too much about it, but if there is an easy way to remove them i'd go for it

Post 302

Facts about stretch marks:

1. They will not go away.

2. Stretch marks will fade from red/purple color to white or silver lines.

3. Tanning DOES NOT help healing them. Tanning makes skin dry, which rather helps getting them.

4. Losing weight might make you look better, but won't change the look of your stretch marks (not much, anyway).

5. Cremes and lotions DO NOT help, as they won't even reach the lower part of your skin, which is really torn apart.

6. Stretch mark is simply a torn skin. it is white because you can see your own fat through your skin. So think now.. How does a lotion help healing where there is nothing to be healed? It's

just a hole in your skin.

All I can advise you to do is *get skinny*. Make yourself look flawless, it will raise your confidence.

Do *not* tan, hell no! Your skin tans, but not your stretch marks (fat does not tan). So you'll make them more noticeable.

So scrub your skin though, you will make your skin get rid of dead cells and possible tan, which will make stretch marks less noticeable.

And last thing - do not forget that people don't actually know about your stretch marks and do you really think they will care that much to stare close at them and count them or something? Well, no.

Just suck it up and live with them. Be perfect in other ways, in every other possible way. And another hint - men don't notice such things. They notice your curves, not the skin on it. Duh, people, believe in yourselves and live on. You are all beautiful in your own way, don't go crazy about such ****. Cheers! :)

Post 301

i'm 15 okay i have strech marks in my boobs my legs my hips and my butt and trust me is not preety you know i want to wear a bikini to but i can't because of this things and no im not fat i used to be when i was little when i was 8 but now im not but still a girl my age are not supposed to have these things but listen they can go away..all these things that they announced like products and creams things like that don't work. I've tried all of that stuff and nothing and if you get like a laser surgery or something they will go away but first who has

that kind of money..? not me... and they will come back so the best way is to exercise people say they won't go away but trust me if you exercise they will go away maybe like in a month or 2 but they will because your working out which means your burning fat so there going to go away because strech marks are from being fat. maybe it's because you don't do anything you just sit around at home so you get them.. but just workout real hard trust me..

im doing it im still not there but i am working my tail off and there kind going away and it has just been 3 weeks...

Post 300

i have stretch marks and i hate them but you have to face the fact that you have them but so does everyone else even boys do so i don't get why every cares that much

Post 299

I've just turned 16. I have stretch marks all over my legs, my hips and breasts. I've had them since I was about 14. They're thick, long and red/purple. I have so many I've completely lost all confidence in myself.

There's no good reason why I have them - I haven't had any drastic weight change. Basically I can never wear anything that shows on my body below the top of my chest. I have to completely cover up. I think someone needs to think of a breakthrough cure as stretch marks can have huge negative effects on everybody.

I want to be able to wear shorts, bikinis, skirts, short dresses again and not have to wear thick black

tights. I find it really depressing as all other girls my age that i know do not have them nearly as bad as mine. I use bio oil and cocoa butter. Still not much of a difference though. I'm going to give lazer a go as I'm seriously desperate to get rid of them so i can get on with my life. I don't want to have to accept them. There must be a way to get rid of them!
Post 298

I am 19 years old. I used to weigh 95 lbs but just recently gained 10 lbs because of my birth control. I have had stretch marks since I was 14 or so and they get worse and worse. I apply cocoa butter everyday it doesn't not seem to work and since I gained 10 lbs they got way worse. I'm a college student and I can't afford much. Its to the point where I don't want to wear a bathing suit.

Post 297

i'm a 13 year old girl. i've had stretch marks since i was 12. i'm trying so hard to try to get rid of them but nothing works. i'm 160 high. my weight is 50. that means i'm average weight so please help me.

Post 296

i am only 15 years old and i have had stretch marks since i was about 12! i hate them sooooo much and want to get rid of them! i have them on the inner thighs and inner knees. i know it's weird but it's true. i've told my mom and she does nothing to help me. she says that they will just go away on their own, but they have gotten worse! i don't know what to do anymore. i have searched the internet and i am recently trying vix vapor rub, so i guess we will see if that works.

Post 294

I am a 16 year old female. I'm 5'11 and about 135 lb. My weight is normal for my height, so i'm not fat. I grew really fast and really tall and realized i was getting stretch marks. I really want to go to the beach this summer. I've tried coco butter, mederma and palmers, but none of them have really seemed to work. Any other ideas? Not laser!

Post 293

i too deal with this depressing issue. i am a slim 5ft 128 lb female. i have them on my thighs, calves, breasts, under arms, butt, inner and outer thighs and sides of my stomach. here are a few tips to help not get rid of them but hide them

i have done fraxel and everything else and wasted thousands of dollars and days at work to get rid of these. however instead i have learned to live with them, here are my tips (covermark usa)its called leg magic and i use it to dab and conceal all my stretch marks for the summer or when i want to wear certain clothes it is best used when dabbing it

in the stretch mark not rubbing it and then using a powder over it to get that flawless look, for girls who can't afford it just use a regular make up concealer but use a concealer stick since it is more thick and then use regular colored powder for fair skinned you can use baby powder. For summer do not tan, the stretch marks will not tan but do use sunless tanner sprays. for those who want to wear a bikini go for it. just use a sheer see through sarong you will be able to show off the bikini but still not see the stretch marks, also instead of shorts wear a sexy sun dress for the upper body stretch marks use the concealer and powder.

when being with that special person use flattering light such as a dim evening light, girls another thing i do to hide them is open toe nylons that are skin tone or again shear looking, with shorts or a short skirt and then match with cute high heels and my toes are open, no one will even notice you are wearing nylons, hanes has them. most of all remember everyone has them or at least everyone has some part of their body they wish they could change, no such thing as perfect, and another tip is exfoliate with a skin brush and lots or lotion will help. hope this helps at least one person.

Post 292

please someone help. i am 14, 5 ft. 5, weigh about 123(not fat, but not really skinny)and i have stretch marks in my inner thighs, sides of my butt, outer sides of my thighs, and some on my boobs. i have fair skin and i hate my body with these things and i've tried so much, but can anyone please oh please help me with my problem?

Post 291

I am 22 years old and have had stretch marks since I was 15/16 I think, however I actually got them from dramatic weight loss, so I would just advise that any dieting you all are doing to do sensibly and carefully over a healthy period, to prevent these sorts of stretch marks because they are scars for life.

At the time I wasn't majorly bothered by them but now having two kids and being so young I feel so self-conscious wearing a bikini, because people look at me and don't expect I have stretch marks. I am a woman now but yet it has really only now decreased my confidence. I plan to start using bio oil and hope I see some improvement as I know they will definitely not disappear!

Post 290

I am only 13 but I have stretch marks almost everywhere. It's really horrible and embarrassing. Please help...

Post 289

I'm a 14 year old female and I have stretch marks on my hips, calves, inner thighs, and a couple on my breasts. I have had them for only a few months now. I'm only 5 ft. and about 90 pounds. I have been thin all my life. I hate my stretch marks! It's almost summer and I'm really self conscious about them.

My mom took me to the dermatologist and they started me on laser treatments. It isn't that painful, and it does reduce the color and texture of my stretch marks. However it is a little pricey. I also use *lot's* of moisturizer and special creams the derm. gave me. I am seeing improvements!

I still cry all

the time from my stretch marks, but I am learning to live with them. I am popular and really, no guys really care! All the girls/guys who has this realize that life is too short to let stretch marks put you down!
Post 288

im 16 years old. i first got stretch marks when i was 15 and half. i got stretch marks when i gained 10 pounds last summer! they are on my love handles which are kind of (fat)well i just started using palmers coco butter cream and it *really* works I've only been applying it once a week and they're almost gone. yah!!

Post 286

Hi i'm a 16 year old male. i'm 6 foot tall and 240 pounds. i'm not fat but i'm not skinny. I am a very athletic guy. I play three sports, but yet i have stretch marks under my arms and arm pits, also on my waist. What can i do to get rid of them?

Post 285

mmm im 14 years old and im not fat and im not skinny im more in between and i got these ugly pink stretch marks on the inside part of my thighs and they look horrible! i can't wear shorts or a bathing suit without people noticing them!! i also got a patch coming in on my leg and not very noticeable ones coming in on my right love handle. i need advice or help to help me get rid of them! please help me!

Post 284

Okay so I'm 13, I'm 5.6 and like a half, and I'm not fat. Sure, I'm not a skinny little stick, I'm a little bit flubbery, but I'm the normal weight range for my height. I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, major ones on my breasts, and now I'm getting them on my love handles. I neeeeed a way to get rid of them, and soon. Summer's like already here and I want to be able to wear shorts and a bikini and stuff. *Help!*

Post 283

I'm 16, I have stretch marks and I have had them for a long time now it seams and I am reading about all of this stuff that you can do and I just started with the vapor rub and lemon thing today. I am really hoping that it will work because I want to get rid of them by next summer when I go to the beach with friends and stuff. And when I look at myself in the mirror I lack confidence in myself and I just want to have a nice body with no stretch marks. Any Help/Advice?

Post 282

I have read and read and read. Pretty much everyone is so young and got stretch marks from growing spurts. I got stretch marks from my first pregnancy. I was 95#'s at the age of 19, jumped to 140#'s within 24 weeks of pregnancy(all the weight I got was within 2 weeks of 24 weeks along, not from the start). Never heard of anything at that time regarding putting lotion and whatever on your stretch marks. I got stretchmarks that go every direction possible. They are dark, dark, dark. I am now 34 years old and I tan about 3 times a week. Since I started tanning my stretch marks seem that they have lightened up, but I believe

because my skin is darker they haven't changed.

I personally don't believe that the older you get the lighter they get. Mine never reduced in color or even size.

I am currently trying Cocoa butter 100% and it has reduced the size and color of them. I still don't care for wearing shorts and swimming suits due to this. But hopefully in a few weeks I see more of an improvement. Good luck all! And Young ones don't fret over the stretch marks. If a guy comments on your stretch marks in a negative way then they really aren't the man for you!!

Post 281

I am 15. I have stretch marks on my calf, all over my thighs, hips, breasts, shoulders, back and arms.

It was because I was fat and had lots of growth spurts.

Vics rub does help lessen the appearance and although it does sting a bit it does work.

Everyone cheer up, no one has as many as me!

Post 280

I'm 17 years old and have had stretchmarks for a few years now. First I got them on the inside of my thighs and then on my stomach but I wasn't alone as some of my friends used to complain that they had them there too. I wanted to get rid of them as I was going on holiday and so I bought Loreal Stretchmark Corrector just because it was on special at the time and it worked for me, they faded and now you can hardly see them.

Post 279

I'm 28, I have 1 child, I got stretch marks very very early on. I didn't do anything about them, my daughter is 2 now and I've just found Bio-Oil and after only using it once a day for 3 weeks, I can definitely see a difference. You're supposed to use it twice a day and only notice results after 3 months so I definitely recommend this product.

In the UK, Bio-Oil, for a 200ml bottle is nearly £20, I was recently on holiday in South Africa and for the same size bottle cost the equivalent of £6 for exactly the same product. I've got 2 bottles as we're looking to try for our second baby, this time

I'm going to use Bio-Oil every day!

Bio-Oil was recommended to me by my brother in law who had a nasty road traffic accident, an operation to fix his leg left him with a huge scar, he used Bio-Oil every day and his scar is nearly not noticeable!

Post 278

I'm 19 and just had a baby a little over a month ago. Of course I have stretch marks but a few of mine r so deep they are like scars but all of my stretch marks are purple. About the *oatmeal* how do you make it? Are you using the eatable oatmeal like quakers or is there a special kind you have to buy? Do you mix anything with it? If so, what do you mix it with?

Post 277

i am 17 years old,

i have been using a lot of things on my stretch marks and nothing works... i have stretch marks on my back, hands and butt. i don't know what to do and i have prom next year and i would like to show my skin but i don't know what to do about it. please help me!

Post 276

I am 14 turning 15 and i weight 223 pounds. I have stretch marks on my belly, back and starting to get them on my upper arms and my upper thigh.

I really have tried to lose weight but it is kind of hard. Ever since i have moved overseas i have gained a lot of weight which is what caused them, i think.

I am really active. I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball. I do 20-50 sit ups every night. I do every thing i know. I do some research every now and then but i need adivce/help.

Post 275

You Girls are all so young to be worrying about stretch marks, guys don't care about them. if you want to reduce the appearance of them use Bio- oil. Moisturizing at least twice a day helps to lighten them, or put fresh lemon juice on them twice a week and it will reduce all the 'white lines'.

You should be happy with your bodies, stretch marks are completely normal. Hope this helps. Good Luck

Post 274

im fourteen about to turn fifteen. im in the ninth grade and i have really low self confidence when it comes to going to the beach and bathing suits; basically anything short and revealing. anyway, i have stretch marks on my breasts and on my inner thighs. the ones on my breasts are a little darker than the other ones, but i don't like wearing bikinis at the beach because i feel like people can see them.

but i have tried using cocoa butter but it's not working at all. fruits and veggies don't work, i've tried almost everything. the tanning bed has made them fade quite a lot but now they're almost gone and i can only see them when i stretch out, they're almost skin color now, i'm happy. bio oil and tanning oil (in the tanning bed, of course) has helped a bunch. well girls i hope i helped! good luck to all.

Post 273

For one,anon30057, You guys are too young to be worry'n about a 12 year old having stretch marks on her chest. She's 12, guys shouldn't be looking at that anyway.

I'm 15 years old. I have stretch marks on my thighs. I got them about 2 years ago when I had a sudden grow. I really haven't tried anything to get rid of them, but I want to try something. I just want to know what's the best thing to use?

My stretch marks aren't like most girls..They aren't red. They are white but they still stand out..I need help and fast.

Post 272

OK im 14 5'6-5'7 and i weigh now 135 pounds but when i was younger i use to be *a lot* fatter and i lost all that weight cause i was tired of being over weight and the stretch marks. so now i have these old stretch marks. they're the color of my skin but still noticeable and i want to be able to wear my short shorts and 2 pieces without being like ewww i have all these stretch marks and everyones going to see...i'm way too young for this laser stuff but i want to know an easier way of getting rid of them or making them not noticeable...any help ?

Post 271

I'm 13 years old and I started getting stretch marks when I was about 11 1/2. I hate them so much. I'm planing on losing weight but I would like to wear a two piece without freaking out about my stretch marks.

I'm way too young to have stretch marks. I want to be able to wear short shorts or shirts that can show my tummy when I lose weight. I would like to be able to call myself pretty.

I haven't tried to get rid of them yet only because they weren't that bad. But now they're getting worse. I really would like to get rid of them the fastest way possible.

Does anyone know?

Post 270

I am 18, about 5'10 and weigh about 165 lbs. I am a wrestler and avid weight lifter. I currently am about 9-11% body fat and began developing stretch marks on both of my upper arms. They are not very noticeable, but they are getting larger. Is there anything I can do to prevent them from spreading farther, I currently use cocoa butter every night and that doesn't seem to be helping too much...

Post 269

i'm a 19 year old male. not even overweight. i have stretch marks on my knees and my sides where i guess people would call "love handles" and i have some on the back of my thighs kind of behind my calves and it's just bothersome when i wear shorts.

how do i get rid of these or at least lessen the appearance of them 'cause it's embarrassment being a guy with stretch marks?

Post 268

I'm 18 years old, and since i was like 13 I've always had stretch marks on the insides of my thighs and on my love handles. now they are faded and don't bother me.

here's the sad part, last summer i noticed this scar looking thing on my stomach. i thought it was a bruise at first, then i noticed it started getting longer. and i realized it was a stretch mark! i freaked out! over the school year (which was my freshman year at college) *it got so dark and long!* its horrible! *now i have two* and i see another one forming! i blame gaining the freshman 15, but honestly, i thought only pregnant woman get stretch

marks on their stomach.

i've seen girls who are *way* heavier than me, and their stomach is stretch mark free. i don't understand. right now i'm on a strict diet, and it's going really well. i plan on losing around 30lbs, but i'm worried that these *horrible* marks will always be noticeable.

i started applying cocoa butter every morning and night and i'm just waiting now to see if the weight loss and butter makes them vanish .ughh

Post 267


i'm only 14, 5' and i weigh 115. i have stretch marks on my inner thighs, back of my thighs and back of my calf muscle and on my butt... i've never been overweight... i was a little chubby for a little bit but i was never overweight... none of my friends have stretch marks... i'm wondering how or why i have them?

anybody know how to get rid of them?

Post 266

I am 18 years old and I have recently gained about 50 pounds. Along with the weight I got a lot of stretch marks. They are all over my thighs, hips and butt. I have been using vitamin e oil, cocoa butter and lotions for pregnant women, but nothing works. I saw some of you talking about bio oil, what is that and where can I get some?!

Post 265

hello. I'm 15 getting ready to turn 16 and I've had stretch marks since i was about 12. I've always had a really sexy body though. people have always told be that they wish they had a body like mine because it's perfect and I'm it's not. you have no idea. it really bothers me that i never get to wear bikinis or short shorts like all the other girls my age do. i i have them on the back of my legs (behind my knees), on my love handles, on my legs, some on my left arm, and on my breasts, but I've always had the biggest boobs in my school. I'm a size 34

D. well I'm not overweight. I'm 5"2 and 125 pounds so I'm healthy. i just don't understand it.

my boyfriend of almost 2 years doesn't act like it really bothers him because he said that it makes me, me and that's all that matters. he says that he loves me just the way i am and nothing will change that. he also says that he doesn't even notice them. i don't know though. they aren't red anymore like they were when i first got them. they are kind of white and i guess they aren't that easy to see. well I'm on a diet right now and I'm aiming for 110 by eating healthy, exercising and not drinking soda.

i was wondering if you could get them lasered off completely? if i have to I'll save up to get it done. i just want to be able to wear a bikini again.

Post 264

I started noticing stretch marks on my upper arms and breasts when I was going through puberty. It wasn't that noticeable so I still wore sleeveless tops. After a few more years (16yrs old) I gained more weight and started seeing them on my stomach, on my shoulders, the ones on my arms and breasts got more severe, practically everywhere.

I started losing weight at around 17yrs old and I reached my "happy (healthy) weight- really nice." People around me started noticing how I looked, but still, I couldn't wear everything I wanted due to the marks; It's terrifying to wear swimsuits, deep necklines, and sleeveless tops. I was afraid to be seen naked as well.

I'm getting

married now, and my fiance really doesn't mind my stretch marks. I've ranted to him about it when we were just friends, hundreds no, thousands of times but he keeps assuring me that its fine and when we started dating he said they're not a big deal at all.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, it's still kind of sad that I can't wear a two piece with pride but that doesn't mean I'll continue to see myself as ugly and unworthy of love.. or always keep that fear of nonacceptance and abandonment. I probably would get some kind of surgery in the future... probably after I have like a bunch of kids. The trick is to try preventing new ones from forming for now. Also I think it's likely that in the future some type of new procedure will be 100% more effective, like something that could repair torn skin fibers.

Post 263

I'm 12 and just recently, as in the beginning of last year, I noticed some little faded red marks.

They weren't much but they were there and as the year progressed, they casually got bigger. I've tried vitamin "E" and lots of moisturizes, lotions, etc.

I don't want these things my whole life. I'm young.

Right now I'm on the verge of turning 13. Can anyone maybe suggest some more ways to make them go away?

P.S to you people, coco butter doesn't work, sorry.


Post 262

So I'm almost 18, and I had my baby when I was 16 and I was 98 pounds before I had her, So my breasts grew huge, which caused these horrible stretch marks. They are 100% noticeable and I can't wear tank tops, not even bikinis. I feel like since I'm still so young I should have this flawless looking body. I don't have low self esteem but these stretch marks do make me self-conscious.

I tried Bio Oil & it didn't help at all. So I don't recommend it. I can't afford professional treatment for them right now, so any help on how to really get them less noticeable without spending a ton please please let me know cause that'd be great!

Post 261

I'm 14 and have stretch marks *everywhere*. Summer is coming up, and I don't know what to do! I have them on my stomach, upper arms, and breasts. And that's the worst place to have them when you're trying to wear a swimsuit or just a tanktop. I'm going to have to wear long sleeved shirts all summer if I can't get rid of them.

I'm embarrassed to ask for anything to help them from my mother, because she already rags on me for needing to lose weight. Ive been exercising, and I'm hoping to lose some.

They're big and bright red, totally noticeable. Do I use this bio oil stuff? or some kind of lotion? Please help me, im embarrassed.

Post 260

i'm 22 and noticed my stretch marks all of a sudden. i was *so* self-conscious about them and was always paranoid around my boyfriend, but to be honest, as you can all see, about 95% of women have stretch marks. so just feel comfortable with yourself.

my boyfriend didn't even care about the stretch marks, to be honest, that's not what they fall in love with, or shouldn't, and if they do then they gotta go!

i use palmers cocoa butter and bio oil and my stretch marks have faded a lot and i've also lost a little weight which has helped a lot, so try that out.

Post 259

Duuuuude. So I'm only 16 and am only 5' and I only weigh like 97 pounds. Stretch marks make no sense at all! I clearly haven't gone through a major growth spurt or gained weight. It sucks. I have them on my butt, sides, and thighs and I'm not sure what to do. I've been using mederma but after reading all these comments, uhh.. no one seems to have even tried it and it hasn't really been working for me! Ugh I guess I'm going to try bio oil, or that crazy whole routine someone posted because if that doesn't work, then what would?! haha well in any case I love those inspirational posts because clearly acceptance is the only cure, but for now, that's not an option yet! wish me luck! and good luck to everyone else!

Post 258

I've had my stretch marks for over 6 months now. At first, I died when I saw them. I am 13 now but in the past year I gained a whole 8bunch of weight*! I haven't tried anything to get them off, just because I am pretty confused about the whole thing, but I have noticed that when I started exercising some of the stretch marks faded. I came to the conclusion that the best way to get rid of *my* stretch marks was by exercising and watching what I am eating. I am still in the process of recovery but, hey, everyone has their flaws. Who cares what the world thinks?! The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself! And if anyone ever gives you a hard time because you look a little different they'll have to mess with all of us!

Post 254

my girlfriend has a problem...she is only 12 years old turning 13 in May and she hates the stretch marks on her chest area, she looks like she is about 18 years old in her bra size.

i wanted to know how to get rid of them for her because she cries about it too much, so i looked it up and some of it is too complicated, i need a private thing just for us, would just adding some hand lotion, moisturizer, or something like that work if continuously rubbed?

Post 253

i have just read the comment about "pregnant woman who don't get stretch marks get lost" and when i was pregnant i was a little naive. i put bio oil over my bump everyday, but nowhere else, so when i had my baby i had stretch marks on my calves, thighs, bum, breasts, but none whatsoever on my bump. i went from a size 6 to a size 12. i had a big baby! so i totally agree with creams and if there is anyone reading this who has just found out they are pregnant try bio oil!

i am having a lot of trouble getting rid of the stretch marks i have and wish i had been a little smarter and smothered my whole body in the stuff.

Post 251

I'm 15 and a few months ago I noticed that I had quite bad stretch marks on my front and inner thighs.

They were really noticeable and I felt really self-conscious about them. I used to wear two pairs of tights if I wore a skirt so that people wouldn't see them.

Anyway, my mam bought me some *bio oil.* It's not very expensive. I put it on every night and after a few weeks my stretch marks had faded! I've been using it for a couple of months now and the marks on the front of my thighs are almost gone. The ones on my inner thighs are still noticeable, but they have faded a lot and I feel better about myself. I'm going to keep using it until they're gone.

Hope this has helped!

Post 250

Hi people,

I am 15 years old now and I had gotten stretch marks from when I was 12 years old. I got them on my inner thighs, love handles (that I hated the most!) and the back of my calves.

At first, since I was young, I didn't really care about them, but when I started to go to high school it started to bother me because I didn't have the confidence like some of the other girls changing out in the open and I had to hide myself in a toilet cubicle to get changed for P.E. But I guess I was a little curvier than the other people.

From then I thought maybe if I

lost some weight the stretch marks wouldn't have skin to be on so they wouldn't show. I wanted to try those creams but I was kind of too embarrassed to get them and I wasn't really into that kind of stuff.

So I ended up losing 5kg which I think is about 10lb(not sure). Anyway, what I noticed as I lost, the red color from them faded into white and they were much smaller in length than they used to be. I also noticed the more berries whether they are strawberries, blueberries etc. really helped reduce the appearance of the marks and almost made them disappear.

So avoid the things with a lot of oil for a while try a period of two weeks and eat lots of fruit and especially berries daily! And I think this should help dramatically and you should see some results.

And really it shouldn't really bother you. Stretch marks are obviously really common! Just look after yourself and ignore them. Like who you are even if they get on your nerves. Sometimes it is only natural.

Oh and if your scared that your boyfriend or anyone else is not going to love you or leave you because of stretch marks, well they don't deserve you and they are a creep whoever they are.

I hope I have helped =)Sorry this is so long and please tell me anyone who has tried what I did and how it went?

Post 249

Is it just cocoa butter cream/lotion? Like the ones from vaseline or something? and do the marks keep growing when you get older?

please someone answer this for me! thanks

Post 248

Please don't fret, girls!

I just turned 21 this past week, and I began getting stretch marks when I was about 14. I've never been particularly overweight, this is just part of growing into a woman. But now, is the time to help!

My mum told me to start using cocoa butter lotion when I started seeing the stretch marks, on my love handles, my breasts and the inside of my thighs, and although it will not get rid of the ones you have, it will prevent future ones from showing up (unless you gain/lose a lot of weight).

Also, even better: They will fade. I gotta tell you, tanning is *bad for you.* Your skin will get wrinkly

over time and it exposes you to dangerous rays, which can cause cancer. *Always* wear your sunscreen! But, just as you get older, and your stretch marks get older, they will fade. I hardly even notice the stretch marks on my breasts and love handles anymore, unless I really stare close, and the ones on the inside of my thighs have become silvery white, which again, I don't really notice unless I stare closely.

Just don't worry too much about it, it's a part of life, and be excited you're becoming a woman! Wear your shorts and swimsuits with pride!

Post 247

hi im 15 years old and im trying to lose weight right now. im not happy with my body and I've decided to change the way i look. i have always been a little bigger than the rest of my friends. but worse I've had stretch marks since i was probably 13 and this summer i want to be skinny and stretch mark *free*!

right now I've been using palmers cocoa butter and its not working that great so far but im going to keep trying it =] thanks for all these stories!

Post 246

What are we supposed to do now?!

I guess I'm just never going to wear anything but jeans for the rest of my life!

We've been around as long as we have and still..*no solution*! And nobody can help what happens to their bodies! I'm 13 and I have stretch marks on my thighs and my, uhh, outer butt and I'm pretty sure you can't help that and you aren't supposed to starve yourself which is kind of what your getting at, aren't you?

OMG everybody just use your money for food and electricity to go get your stretch marks removed! Laser them off! You'd think they would get smart and *lower* the cost so maybe they would get more business and earn the money back! thanks!

Post 245

I'm 19 years old and I've always had a very thick but sexy body. I've had normal stretchmarks that women with curves get. I've never been fat and no one has told me I am. My boyfriend has told me he loves my body and I do love it. Though recently I had been doing these exercises to slim my stomach called mermaids. Where you lay down and lift your stomach as much as you can and hold for 30 seconds. By the way I'm very short about 5'1. So after doing these exercises that I thought I would have no problems. I start seeing these red lines. I didn't think much and kept doing the exercises and then realized

I was making them worse! Now I have these ugly marks that are noticeably red on my stomach and I'm so embarrassed about them.

When I think about my boyfriend seeing them in light I want to throw up cause they're bad. I've never been overweight, or pregnant. Pregnant women have had less revealing stretch marks than me. I hate having to look at my stomach everyday. To see these ugly red lines that would make anyone gasp. I use to feel sexy and now I feel very unsexy. My boyfriend hasn't said anything, but I get the feeling that it bothers him too and he just doesn't want to hurt my feelings.

So to solve this huge problem i'm going to try Cosmetyn. I've tried palmers cocoa butter and it doesn't work, trust me, for me. I've heard good things about Cosmetyn. If it does work I'll come back on and recommend it and be honest. But I'm sure all of you can sympathize with me. Sometimes I think my boyfriend might lose interest just over these stretchmarks, even though its been more than 2 years.

Can ya'll give me advice?

Post 244

Well, hey..I'm 12 and well i just received stretch marks, and well i'm not the happiest camper. I have them on my upper thighs, breasts, and butt..all my friends are stretch mark free..and i feel so left out, cause they are flawless and look at me, they starting appearing over the summer of 2008 and I still wore a bikini, but with them i didn't feel like me, sure everyone probably looked at me, but it wasn't me with them.

I look at my family and I'm the only one who has them, and i don't want to tell them about it..cause I'm afraid they will make fun of me...and of course Summer is coming and I'm super

afraid of what people will think of me, and i need answers! I looked back at the time I was in 5th grade(i'm in 7th now) and I looked so skinny and beautiful, yes i'm still beautiful. But i was wearing short shorts and I was beside all my friends and I was really skinny and stretch mark free! But now if I was to wear short shorts and stand beside my friends, they would "pop out!" and I'm afraid! I know it's not something to be afraid of, but I am! and usually we have a party after school lets out, and well i don't want to have them! Any ideas!?
Post 243

I,m only sixteen and I am very athletic and recently tore my acl in my left knee in a softball practice and before that tore my meniscus in my other knee. As a result, from all the therapy for my right knee, I have awful stretch marks from rebuilding muscles and on my left leg from the intense swelling from my acl hamstring graph. The stretch marks are worse than any picture I have seen on thighs. My butt is fine and no stretch marks what so ever, but my upper thighs are awful now any hints or something?


Post 242

Hi, I am 27 years old, I have been through a massive roller coaster going up and down with my weight. I have a 4 year old son and I have stretch marks from after I had him. I weighed 210 after I had him in 2004 and now I am a fabulous weight at 160 :-) at a size 8 *Yeeahh* it took a lot for me to lose it .. Working out and watching what I ate was what was best for me and my health. I would love to wear short shirts and stuff, but my marks make my self esteem low and I get sad. The whole toning out my stomach to get rid of some isn't working

. I prefer not to get laser treatment or any kind of Cosmetic Surgery. I have tried The Vitamin C pills and etc and nothing. What is the best way to get rid of them to have less scarring? *Please, I would like some input*. Thanks ladies.
Post 241

Well I'm 15 and have pretty awful stretch marks. They are really dark, almost purple on the inside and outside of my thighs and butt.

I'm trying to just get over it and be happy with how I look, but it's hard.

I look back at pictures of myself from a year or two ago and I was gorgeous. It's really sad to know I don't look like that anymore.

Thankfully, I have an amazing boyfriend who thinks I'm beautiful no matter what.

Honestly, it could be so much worse. I know it's hard to get over cosmetic insecurities, but there has got to be a way.

When I go on vacation I might just wear a bikini =]

Post 240

I'm 16, I've had stretch marks since I was 13. They are reddish and on my upper thighs, breasts, back of my calves. I lost a lot of weight, then decided to go back to my regular weight around 150. I can't even wear shirts that show cleavage! It sucks because I really like my breasts, but I can't show them off.

I'm dreading shorts/swimsuits. My question is how do you "massage" the scars? And what kind of home remedies can I use?

Post 239

i'm 12 and i just recently got them,and its almost spring break, in 2 weeks! and i'm really scared about being in a bathing suit, so i really need help about how to get them to go away! pleaseee help.

Post 238

I'm 21 and I've had stretch marks on my stomach, hips, and thighs since I was about 13. All you beautiful girls should know that getting them is part of becoming a woman! I used to hate mine, but now I realize they are there because of my body's natural growth into womanhood. Please don't let something so trivial get you down! Most of us have them and over time they fade. You're all beautiful women and you should never let little insecurities make you believe otherwise.

Post 237

All the pregnant women who did not get stretch marks and feel the need to brag about it on websites, seriously need to *get lost*.

Get a clue, the cream did not magically stop them. Some people get them in life, some do not.

All the people on this website who got them when they were 13 got them because that's how their body is. Do you seriously think that the other 15 girls in their class who did *not* get stretch marks didn't get them because the were slathering cocoa butter and bio oil all over their arms, legs, stomach, breasts etc every night? No. *no one does that* at age 13.

Why don't you keep your

ridiculous "advice" and bragging to yourself?

Also keep the stupid advice about getting rid of them by having a tummy tuck to yourself. People here have them on their legs. You can't get skin cut off your leg. There *is no cure* for stretch marks.

Post 236

Hey Peeps

Well I'm 16 years young and i have been cursed with stretch marks.

I've had them since the third grade. I'm not fat i just gained a lot of weight from 2nd to 3rd grade. But back then it wasn't bad at all. but once i hit puberty and gaining my "womanly figure" i noticed a lot more to form. I was really terrified about it, but it was in places that weren't visible.

Well, now they have moved to more visible parts like my calves, inner thighs, and discoloration on the top of my thigh. I've started using Shea Butter and it works but you have to use it consistently and for a wide period of time

to see great results. I saw great results in 2 months. I've been using it for about a year now, and my marks have been fading away and became less noticeable.

You just have to be patient and consistent and have confidence so no one will notice. There are plenty of swim suits that you can look stunning in that conceals your stretch marks.

Post 235

hello everyone!! i am 20 years old and have been living with stretch marks half my life now. i have them on my legs, hips, bottom, thighs, shoulders, and arms. basically, i'm covered in them! they are deeply tattooed in my skin and nothing else can be done to remove them. i have finally come to accept them and realize they aren't going anywhere. my clothes are limited to sleeves and never i would wear something to reveal them. there are lots on my shoulders, really deep, white, and long. most stretches to a whole foot!. well, i'm forever stuck with them. no hard feelings.

Post 234

I'm 15 and I've had stretch marks since I was about 12. I have them all over my thighs. I'm 5'5" and 145 pounds. I have to wear pants that are about 3 sizes too big for me, just because my thighs don't fit into the size my hips and waist do.

I mean, my family should try and make me feel better about it, but they don't. My mom constantly makes fun of me because of it. She might say she's just kidding around, but it's not funny when she makes me cry.

Anyway... My boyfriend is in Iraq right now, and I want to look better and feel better about myself when he comes home. So reading everyone's comments *really* helped!! I'll just have to try some of the advice. Thank you!

Post 233

When I was pregnant I used to put cocoa butter all over me before bed. After the baby was born I had no stretch marks. I ran out just before the second was born and had a few.

My husband said I smelled like a chocolate bar, but it prevented the marks.

Post 232

Hi everyone!

I am 18 years old and I've had stretch marks since I was 12 years old. Before I didn't really care about them but now I can't stop thinking about them. They are in my mid thy, my hips and around my butt.

I have a boyfriend who is very out going and loves to go swimming and stuff. I haven't told him about them because really I'm scared of him leaving me. I've been searching stuff and reading all these stories and in a way they make me feel better. I am going to try some of the things that you guys have mentioned and hopefully they will work.

Post 231

I'm 23 years old and had my two babies back to back! I started getting stretch marks when I was 13 years old and hit puberty- it really messes with your confidence, but remember- over time they fade and get lighter. Ps. I had a perfect tummy till I had my little ones now it's covered in them!

But I have to say that Clarin's Body treatment oil prevented me getting new stretch marks with my 2nd child and they heal beautifully! The only real way to get rid of them as such is *cosmetic surgery*. No thanks!

Post 230

Hi everyone. I'm currently 14 turning 15. I weigh about 125 pounds, and i'm very body conscious. I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, love handles, under my butt, and i'm starting to get them on my chest.

They are terrible! They have gotten worse since when i first had them. I was about 12 and i didn't really seem to care about them. But now it's all i think about, and they are red/purple most of the time.. i have noticed that heat helps, like, when i'm in the shower i can't even see them.. so i was wondering if the tanning thing actually does work? because i really want them gone, it's gotten me really depressed

and worried about what people will think of me. I'm extremely jealous of the girls who are thin, and have gorgeous skin, so i was also wondering if losing weight helps reduce them as well? I've tried cocoa creams, and they have sorta worked, but i can tell its not going to be enough.

- any other advice on what i should do?

Post 229

I have been doing some research, and a lot of the sites suggest a number of things.

First, the suggest a healthy diet above all things. This includes a lot of vitamin E.

Second, they say that lotions and other products that contain coco butter are supposedly really good on stretch marks.

Third, massaging and exfoliating the area is very important. This supposedly brings circulation back to the scaring (that's what a stretch mark is: a big scar). And just like all scaring, it will go away in time.

As far as I know, there is no amazing: "get rid of your stretch marks in three days!" kind of thing that actually works. Sunlight! Sunlight works wonders! Tanning not only

makes stretch marks less noticeable but it also contributes to getting rid of them! Please note, that natural sunlight works better and faster than artificial light (such as a tanning bed or sunlight). If you are in a geological location that does not provide a good place to tan, maybe Forks, Washington, then you might want to try a tanning bed.

Also, drinking water does not help either. It helps the cells renew themselves.

And last but not least, some women (one of them being myself) have also show a difference when they used vicks vapor rub. I'm not exactly sure what this does, I just read it and used it as an experimental thing and it actually worked! I have only been using it for about a week and I have shown a big difference! Granted, I have used all of the above as well. I am also 15 years old and the younger you are, the more liable you are to be able to get rid of your stretch marks. Your skin naturally renews itself when you are younger. I am really short, only 5"2 and it was rapid fluctuation in my weight that drove me to stretch marks on my "hip huggers" and inner thighs. Because the stretch marks on my "hip huggers" were not that bad at all, I have to look really hard to see them.

Maybe, if your situation is close to mine, you could try these steps out and they will help you too! And you could experiment if you are one of those really tall people that got stretch marks from a growth spurt, and see if it works.

Post 228

I'm seventeen and skinny as a rail. And guess what? I still have them. My best friend is the gorgeous leggy model type and it's rough sometimes. But all my life I was a twig, a little unhealthy looking actually, and when I entered high school I just grew up. I'm only 120 pounds and 5'8" but it's life.

Proper moisterization does wonders. Don't be shy. If you act embarrassed while in a bathing suit, it just draws more attention and you look uglier. Just don't worry. Use concealer ;)

Post 227

I've got stretch marks all on my outer hips and butt and I'm starting to get some on my chest. If there is any way i could get rid of them especially since most of you have gone through this experience I'd be glad to know. Even if its a natural thing i could cook up at home it would be fantastic.

Post 226

Hi everyone, I'm 18 and used to work out so I was in really good shape. I wasn't skinny but I wasn't fat at all. I started getting stretch marks in my inner thighs about 3 years ago.. and then recently I started getting them on my sides, my front belly and my arms. I gained about 50 lbs since I stopped being in shape. I am just hoping to get rid of them. Reading everyone's stories helped me feel a little better though.

Post 225

I am 27 and had two children back to back. I gained 60 lbs so with that came all the stretch marks. I would like to address this to all the teens out there who hate themselves for what the world calls a "flaw". Do not be ashamed to love who you are, regardless of little flaws on your body or face. Be proud of your femininity and beauty, regardless if anyone judges you for it. Believe me, any girl out there, even if she doesn't have any stretch marks, she has some type of flaw, since we are not all born like perfect robots. (For example, my stunning looking cousin has two different sizes of eyes, barely noticeable, but

still not perfect) And one of these days, you will find that Mr right who accepts and loves you for who you are, just like you love yourself for who you are. By the way, my hubby thinks I am a knockout, regardless of my stretch marks :)
Post 224

As a teenager I had growth spurts and also weight fluctuations. As a result I have stretch marks pretty much all over. Around my mid-section, around my armpits, etc.

I am now in my early 30's and I've always been embarrassed by it. I just learned to deal with it the best way I can. I never go swimming, don't go to the beach, don't change in public, don't wear no-sleeve shirts, etc. It sucks but that's life.

Post 223

Hi. I am 19 and I have stretch marks on the back of my knees upper thigh area and my hips and unfortunately my arms. I think they look disgusting but I have used a lot of cocoa butter for my thighs and the new stretch marks have vanished while the other darker ones have faded. My weight fluctuates all the time but that's my problem to solving it is to stay on a diet and exercise.

Post 222

I am a 15 year old girl and about 5ft11 tall. I have so many stretch marks just above my bum to about my midback, they are so ugly and I find it so embarrassing to wear a swimsuit.

Last year I used to be a keen athlete and I used to swim every morning before school for two hours, but nowadays I am so self conscious, I hate being in a bikini and swimsuit.

Just to let you know, I am not overweight and my bmi is about 20. I think I just grew up very quickly!

I also have severe stretch marks on my breasts, hips and a few on my thighs but they aren't too bad. I have to go swimming with school soon, and I am dreading all the boys seeing me! Ekkkk!

Post 221

Try strivectin... great for stretch marks. Product had done wonders for me. Anyone heard of this product?

Post 220

Hi, i am only 13 years old. I am 5 9 or 5 10 ish. I have stretch marks on my arms, lower legs, breasts, and hips. I have had Huge growth spurts, for example in grade 7 i was only around 5 2, So please tell me if anyone of you guys knows how to get rid of stretch marks, i would gladly appreciate it :) thanks.

Post 219

I am 21 years old and I've had stretch marks since I hit puberty at around 10. I had it on my inner thigh, hips. the ones on my inner thighs seems to have disappear but the other has just gotten worst and the problem is that they are black so its very noticeable. And now I've seem to have gotten some on my breast. I used coco butter when i was younger but gave up when it wasn't working. I'm going to try again because its really disgusting.

Post 218

Hi i am 14 years old, i was 4'10 in the 5th grade I am now in the ninth and I am 5'5 still growing. In 5th grade I went from my breasts being A cup, 6th was still A cup almost a B cup.7th i was a B cup going onto a C cup. My eighth grade year I am a D cup. I have stretch marks on my thighs and breasts. Now that I am in high school I am so nervous about spring break I am using rose water, and it seems to be helping I use it day and night and I see some improvement I'm not really that nervous for spring break, but I wish I had none. Can anyone tell me and things they did to get rid of them and see improvement?

Post 217

Hey Everyone, I'm 18 years old and I love my body very much. its everything i could want except that my chest grew very fast when i didn't expect it and although i have huge boobs i have marks on them on the inside. I have a wonderful boyfriend who really, doesn't care about them. i must tell everyone i never think about them at all. just remember that almost everyone gets them, some more than others, but it doesn't mean you have to worry. just be confident about yourself. i just wear a different type of bikini, the one that covers the middle of my upper chest, but is just as sexy :) what works really, don't wear a bra that is too small for you, it can increase redness i found.

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hey everyone, im a 19 year old guy who has never had any weight issues but has got stretch marks all over my stomach, some on my hips and some on the tops of my legs. the only reason i think this has happened to me was that i grew very tall very quickly when i was younger, i have been using bio oil and cocoa butter and seen some fading so it must be doing something.....but don't worry about them, a lot of people have them, they really can effect anyone and usually not as many people notice as you may think...

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Hi, I'm 12 years old and I already have stretch marks. I hit my growth spurt and I gained a lot of wait... putting me way up there on the scale. I have stretch marks all over my thighs, inner legs, my breasts, near my armpits and high up on my hips. I have cried over the fact that I am one of the only ones at my whole school who have them. Reading all of these comments have boosted my self esteem, but I still feel uncomfortable changing in front of people... I have to change in a stall in the bathroom. I can't even wear regular swimsuits... I must wear board shorts or a one with a skirted

bottom. My friends have questioned me about changing in the bathroom, and I feel terrible lying to them and telling them that I started my period. One of my friends saw the stretch marks on my arms and laughed at me. It took me a lot to be friends with her... and I am here to tell you that even your friends can be mean to you about it. I hate stretch marks. I really do.